Chris Pumphrey, Executive Director Breezy Straton

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Chris Pumphrey, Executive Director

Breezy Straton, Project Manager

Filming in Douglas County, Georgia – Douglas County owned Property

Thank you for your interest in filming in Douglas County, Georgia. We are excited you have chosen our wonderful community. In order to process your request in a timely manner and according with policy, please complete the “Intent to Film Application” found within this packet and return it via email to Breezy Straton at along with your insurance certificates. Once the application is received you will receive an Agreement for Use of Location. Once the location agreement and COI have been received by the Development Authority of Douglas County, please allow up to 10 business days for processing and approval.

Filming Requirements:

 Complete “Intent to Film” Application

 Submit Certificates of Insurance listing Douglas County Board of Commissioners, 8700 Hospital Drive, Douglasville, GA 30134 as additionally insured

 Agreement for Use of Location

Process for Filming:

  1. Submit completed “Intent to Film Application” and Certificate of Insurance to Breezy Straton at

  2. Once received by Film Office, the “Agreement for Use of Location” will be issued and filming dates will be scheduled by Film Office

  3. Technical Scout, Check-in and Check-out scheduled with Matt Laverne, Risk and Safety Manager for Douglas County Government or Breezy Straton, Film Office (please note: scouts, check-in and check-out are only scheduled Monday-Friday, 9am – 5pm)

Guidelines and Fee Schedule

Security & Site Representative Requirement: As of March 1, 2016, Douglas County requires a site representative to be hired while on county owned property. The type of site representative is determined by property being used (see below). The fee is $35/hour. The site representative will allow access and will be responsible for securing the facility. Contact information for scheduling site representative will be supplied at the issuance of location agreement.


Site Representative Required

Old Douglas County Jail

Bob Smith and/or Douglas County Sheriff’s Office (Bob Smith provides assistance at the jail – The Douglas County Sheriff’s office provides security for the location – most production companies choose to hire both Bob Smith and a rep from the DCSO)

Park and Recreational Facilities

Employee of Parks and Rec or Douglas County Sheriff’s Office


Employee of Library or Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

Old Courthouse Museum

Employee of Museum or Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

Other Facilities

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

Application fee: There is currently no application fee. However, the cost of any excessive additional legal hours needed to re-construct the Agreement for Use of Location (contract) may be added to the location contract fee.
Cleanup Costs: All county owned locations will be inspected during the pre-production and post production checks. The renter is responsible for restoring the location to the original condition of the first day of rental. If the location is not left at the original condition of the first day of rental the Renter is responsible for paying the costs associated with restoring the location and the daily rate for each day needed to restore the location. Additionally if the film office has to clean up the location following the rental, the following fees will be due:

  • Normal daily trash left at location (cups, to go containers, etc.) - $100 fee

  • Sweep and Mop the floors of the jail (must be done for every area used within the location) - $250 fee

There will be no public property bond: The rental of county owned property shall operate on the “Right of First Refusal” as is the common practice in the motion picture industry. If a piece of property is booked for a certain date with the Development Authority of Douglas County and another production company requests the same property for the same date, the first Renter will be given the “Right of First Refusal” and must commit to pay for the property whether they use it or not or the must release the location for the date in question.
Check-in and Check-out Procedures: Rental of county owned property requires the renter to be checked-in and checked-out by the Douglas County Risk and Safety Manager. The check-ins and check-outs must be scheduled during standard business hours of 9am-5pm Monday through Friday except on government holidays. The check-in may need to occur the day before rental begins and the check-out may need to occur the day after rental ends if the rental of the jail concludes after standard business hours.
Daily location fees: Any variation from the basic fees will be at the discretion of the Development Authority of Douglas County.


Daily Fee

Student Film (must submit course syllabus and COI of institution)


TV, Short Films, Commercials, etc.


Feature Length Motion Picture Production


Additional parking when needed shall be negotiated at fair market price.

Payment for location must be received 48 hours prior to filming.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be received two business days prior to first day of rental. The daily rate will be assessed for any cancellations not made prior to two business days.

Intent to Film Application – County Owned Property

Douglas County Economic Development Authority

Film Office

8512 Bowden Street

Douglasville, GA 30134


Project Title: __________________________________________________________________________________

Type of Project:

 Film

 TV

 Commercial

 Student

 Other __________

Type of Shots:

 Stationary

 Out Door Walking

 Driving

 Other __________

Must provide map of film shot locations

Name of Company/Project Contact: ________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________

Primary Phone #: ______________________

Secondary Phone #: __________________________

Email: ________________________________________________________________________________

On-site Contact or Location Manager Name: _________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________

Primary Phone #: ______________________

Secondary Phone #: __________________________

Email: ________________________________________________________________________________

Location of Filming including address: ________________________________________________________

Prep, Filming, and Strike dates are required. Start and Stop times are to be coordinated with the location Site Representative. The location agreement will begin with the first day of prep and go through the last day of strike.

Dates of Prep: _______________________________________________________________________

Dates of Filming: _____________________________________________________________________

Dates of Strike: _______________________________________________________________________

If there are additional locations, complete this form, including the next page, for each location.

Personnel On-site

# of Cast: __________________

# of Crew: _____________________

# of Extras:__________________

# of Vehicles: __________________

# of Equipment Vehicles: _________

# of Catering Vehicles:_________


Describe the proposed parking staging area(s) for catering and equipment placement. Include all public parking areas to be occupied by the production vehicles.


***There is NO PARKING within 20 feet of the gas pumps in the rear of the Old Jail Property ***

Will there be any temporary structures (tents, stages, etc.) to be constructed on-site?

 Yes

 No

Special Services from Douglas County (government, Development Authority, any entity or agency representing Douglas County, GA):

 Sheriff/Police

 Fire/EMT

 Street Closure

 Sidewalk Closure

 Park

 Other (Explain) ______________________________________________________________________

Official Statement regarding project that can be released to the media and other inquiries:


The primary routes off Interstate 20 are Exit 37 (Fairburn Road) and Exit 34 (Hwy 5) – both of these routes are inside the City of Douglasville. It is recommended that you provide a map to all individuals that will need assistance locating the parking areas and film location and directional signage is not used. However, if you choose to use directional signage, it is imperative that you follow the Sign Ordinance exactly and if you have any questions please contact Sgt. Wayne Kelley with the Code Enforcement Division at 770-920-3010.

  1. All signs must be at least 12 feet from any curb or edge of roadway.

  2. No signs may be placed on Interstate 20 or the ramps.

  3. You must have permission of the property owner before you place the sign on private property.

  4. No signs may be placed on utility poles or traffic signs of any kind.

  5. All banners must be attached to a structure and have a permit for that property.

  6. No banners may be placed on poles.

  7. No signs may be placed on any tree.

  8. No signs may be placed on any City of Douglasville property including city parks.

  9. All signs must be removed no later than 2 days after the end of the event.

  10. If you are notified of a sign violation you must move or reposition the sign as directed.

The above violations are the most common complaints we receive. Please make everyone who is affiliated with you event aware of these guidelines to avoid any confusion.

Agreements (please check):

 I confirm that I have read the content of this Intent to Film Application in its entirety and I agree to all information found within.

 I understand that if the use of county owned property is for BASE CAMP only, there will be no permitted access to any structure or facility.


Applicant’s Printed Name



Applicant’s Signature



Received By: ________________________

Date Received: ______________________

Date Approved by DADC:

Date Sent to BOC:

Date Sent to Risk Mgt.:

The Douglas County Economic Development Authority Film Office is committed to assisting production companies locate available property and navigate the protocol for filming in Douglas County. Although the Film Office only oversees the use of facilities owned by the Douglas County Government we will assist in helping find the right person to help.

Below is a list of contacts for various aspects of Douglas County.

Film Office

Breezy Straton


Site Representative at the Old Jail - Bob Smith provides assistance at the jail and the Douglas County Sheriff’s office provides security for the location – most production companies choose to hire both Bob Smith and a rep from the DCSO

Bob Smith

Lieutenant Rodney Houston. 

Cell# 678-350-1848

Desk# 678-486-1310 

Douglas County Government

Risk and Safety Management

Matt Laverne


City of Douglasville – Filming in the Historic Downtown, Road Closures in downtown, etc.

Chelsea Jackson

Douglas County Sheriff – Security for county owned property and road closures within unincorporated Douglas County

Lieutenant Rodney Houston. 

Cell# 678-350-1848

Desk# 678-486-1310 

Page of – Updated Sept. 2016

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