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Curriculum Vitae


Research Associate

Overseas Development Institute

203 Blackfriars Road, London, SE1 8NJ, UK

Tel: +34 622 175 897

Fax: +44 (0)20 7922 0399

Nationality: British



  • 15 years of research, policy and programming on governance, rights and conflict

  • Worked with bilateral donors, multilateral agencies, research institutes and NGOs

  • Extensive country experience in Asia and Africa



MA Social Anthropology of Development

School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London


BA Social Anthropology

University of Sussex


Since 2015


Research Associate, Overseas Development Institute (ODI), London, UK

Research on issues of inclusion, gender and rights within peacebuilding, statebuilding and transition processes. Recently undertook research project on gender programming in fragile states for the OECD.

Senior Researcher, Fundación para las Relaciones Internacionales y el Diálogo Exterior (FRIDE), Madrid

Led FRIDE's research on development and governance. Designed and led a number of research projects, including on state fragility in the Sahel, gender and statebuilding, and emerging economies’ approaches to development. Provided policy advice to officials and parliamentarians and regular commentaries for international and Spanish media.


Social Development Advisor, UK Department for International Development (DFID), London

Provided social development advice within DFID’s Policy Division and International Trade Department. Supported the development of policy and programming on a range of issues, including gender equality, social inclusion, youth employment and Aid for Trade.


Researcher, Amnesty International, International Secretariat, London

Led Amnesty International’s work on Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan, with a strong focus on protection of human rights in conflict. Set research and advocacy priorities, undertook extensive field research and international level advocacy, built in-country and international networks, led a multi-country team.


Human Rights Programme Specialist, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Asia Pacific Regional Programme, New Delhi

Developed research, advocacy and capacity building programmes on governance and human rights across a number of Asian countries. Provided policy advice to partner governments and UNDP country offices.


Researcher, European Monitoring Centre on Racism (EUMC), London

Undertook research on issues of race discrimination and migrants’ rights in Europe.


2016, German Development Institute. Undertook research and developed several publications on the European Union Emergency Trust Fund for Africa.

2012-16, Norwegian Centre for Conflict Resolution (NOREF). Developed a series of reports on inclusive peacebuilding and statebuilding.

2012-2013, UNDP. Facilitated peer learning activities on gender dimensions of peacebuilding and statebuilding with women activists in the MENA region.

2012-2015, OECD DAC, INCAF. Provided expert inputs for the development of a series of publications and events on gender and statebuilding.

2012-2013, Geneva Centre for Security Policy. Provided training for security P from developing countries on issues of gender and security.

2012, UNICEF, UNWOMEN, and OCHA: Senior Gender Advisor for an evaluation of the impact of gender equality programming in humanitarian settings.


2016, ‘The European Union Trust Fund for Africa: a glimpse of the future for EU development cooperation’ German Development Institute, Discussion Paper. Bonn: DIE.

2016, ‘Women political leaders and peacebuilding’, NOREF Report. Oslo: NOREF

2016, ‘The role of ex-rebel parties in building peace’, NOREF Report. Oslo: NOREF

2016, ‘Political Parties and Peacebuilding’, NOREF Report. Oslo: NOREF

2015, ‘Gender inequality and state fragility in the Sahel’, FRIDE Policy Brief. Madrid: FRIDE

2015, ‘The road to reform: women's political voice in Morocco’, with H. Tilley, Development Progress Case Study Report. London: Overseas Development Institute

2015, ‘Political parties and the social contract in fragile states’, NOREF Expert Analysis. Oslo: NOREF

2015, ‘Fragile states: an urgent challenge for EU foreign policy’, FRIDE Working Paper. FRIDE: Madrid

2014, Editor of book New donors, new partners? EU strategic partnerships and development. Egmont Institute and FRIDE. Madrid: FRIDE

2014, Our Collective Interest, with S. Bilal et al., European Think Tanks Group. London: Overseas Development Institute

2014 ‘The EU and its partners on development: how strategic on the ground?, with C. Hackenesch, FRIDE Policy Brief. Madrid: FRIDE

2014, ‘Promoting inclusion in political settlements: A priority for international actors?’, NOREF Report. Oslo: NOREF

2014, ‘Bolstering the EU-Africa security partnership’, FRIDE Commentary. Madrid: FRIDE

2014, ‘West Africa: Continental engine or brake?’, FRIDE Policy Brief. Madrid: FRIDE

2013, Book chapter ‘Gender and Statebuilding’, in Routledge Handbook of International Statebuilding, Routledge

2013, ‘Nepal’s elections: New prospects for peacebuilding’, NOREF Expert Analysis. Oslo: NOREF

2013, ‘Engaging China on development’, FRIDE Policy Brief. Madrid: FRIDE

2013, ‘China’s impact on conflict and fragility’, NOREF Report. Oslo: NOREF

2013, ‘Pakistan’s elections: What implications for exclusion and fragility’, NOREF Policy Brief. Oslo: NOREF

2012, ‘Gender, fragility and the politics of statebuilding’, NOREF Report. Oslo: NOREF

2012, ‘Regional implications of NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan: What role for the EU?’, FRIDE

2012, ‘Exclusion: A hidden driver of Pakistan's fragility’, NOREF Policy Brief. Oslo: NOREF

2011, ‘Building a state that works for women’, FRIDE Working Paper. Madrid: FRIDE

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