Clarify iso 9660 file names

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CP-968 Date: 2009/10/21

Clarify ISO 9660 file names Status: Final Text

DICOM Correction Item

Correction Number CP-968

Log Summary: Clarify ISO 9660 file names

Type of Modification


Name of Standard

PS 3.12-2008

Rationale for Correction:

A note in Part 12 has caused confusion about file names in ISO 9660. It is clarified.

Sections of documents affected

PS 3.12 Section F.1.2.1

Correction Wording:

Notes: 1. The above specified file ID mapping corresponds to ISO 9660 Level 1 compliance. This ensures the greatest level of compatibility across receiving systems.

2. The following is an example of the DICOM to ISO 9660 file mapping:


ISO 9660 File Name





3. The ISO 9660 File Name written on the media as described above is not necessarily the name that an application will use in interacting with an operating system or CD-R writing utility. For example, the application will generally create a directory structure, and the OS or utility will create the correct full path file names with “/” characters. Similarly, the application generally will not need to append the dot character and “;1” version identifier to the name, as these will be added by the OS or utility to create an ISO 9660 compliant File Name. In fact, if the application appends “;1” to the name, and the OS or utility supports the Rock Ridge or Joliet extensions, those characters may be interpreted as part of the application specified file name rather than the file version identifier; a further file version identifier may be appended, resulting in an incorrect file name such as “/DICOMDIR.;1.;1”.

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