Classification essay Hamdamova Feruza, 51- e

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Classification essay copy

Classification essay
Hamdamova Feruza, 51- E
Chemistry International University in Tashkent.
Term 2 2023-02-23
Writing Instructor :Mr Temur Shamsiddinov
February 24,2023-02-23
1. Interactive teaching methods;
2. The difference between traditional and modern methods;
3. Conclusion.
Interactive teaching methods is vital in the modern technological area. Because, there are several reasons of this. First of all, I am writing about interactive teaching methods. Interactive teaching methods means that encourage students and teachers to co-operate to admire learning. Moreover , this method helps us improve students’ natural analytical abilities and also, engage their long-time memory. Most of the instructors should have curiosity,creativity, and also other abilities like critical and analytical thinking. All of the skills are very important to teach for teachers. Because, there are obviously many ways of teaching and part of the enjoyment of being a student in a good classroom is in sharing the unique personal identity style, skill and some kind of techniques that a teacher leads to a subject. So, interactive or active teaching method is very crucial among the teachers and also students.
There are several differenciates between traditonal and modern teaching methods. Initially, traditional method means that teacher is a centre of the classroom, having said that students do not pay more attention the lesson or the subject when teacher organize the lesson. We can see that, it is very boring and old-fashioned one, because not only students do not focus on their subjet, but they also are not interested in learning new knowledge, skill or so on. On the other hand, nowadays, the majority of teachers organize their own lessons via contemporary teaching methods like as I mentioned above , some interaction activities, team-working, colloboration, peer-work and also pear works. As a result of these methods having in our lessons are leading to more and more achievements and promotions among the teachers.
To conclude, teaching via using a variety of different kind of games like, ice-breaking, bingo, team-working and so on is a key for our prestigious job. Because, the role of every teacher inpire each student through being curios , discipline,funny and intelligent.

Hamdamova Feruza 51- E Classification Essay
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