Clubs and Societies

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  • Clubs and Societies

    • Etcher’s Club
      • Carolina Art Association > Gibbes Art Gallery
    • Poetry Society of South Carolina
    • Salons and Discussion Circles
      • Laura Bragg
      • Alice Smith
      • John Bennett

  • Literature

    • DuBose Heyward
    • John Bennett
    • Hervey Allen
    • Josephine Pinckney
    • Beatrice Ravenel
    • Herbert Ravenel Sass

  • “…. I would like you in Charleston ….. To speak for the South in poetry.”

  • -- Harriet Monroe, 1922

  • Historic Preservation

  • Education

    • Laura Bragg
    • Mabel Pollitzer
  • Suffrage

    • Anita Pollitzer

Anita and the NWP

  • Anita Pollitzer and the National Woman’s Party

"The Golden Lane."

  • "A line of women dressed in white with yellow sashes and parasols, spaced four feet apart, stood along the curb beside their state suffrage banners on both sides of the street, forming a lane through which the Democratic delegates must walk . . . to the Coliseum on the opening day of the convention." 1916 Democratic Convention, St. Louis

The Band Plays On

  • Visual Arts

    • Alice Ravenel Huger Smith
    • Elizabeth O’Neill Verner
    • Alfred Hutty
    • Edwin A. Harleston

Prentiss Taylor, “Experience Meeting at Massodony AME”

  • Prentiss Taylor, “Experience Meeting at Massodony AME”

Edwin Augustus Harleston

  • Edwin Augustus Harleston

  • 1882-1931


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