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Corporate Affairs,

Aras an Chontae,


18th May 2016.

To: Each Member of Longford Municipal District.

Dear Member,
You are requested to attend Meeting of Longford Municipal District to be held in the Longford Municipal District Chamber, Market Square, Longford, on Wednesday, 25th May 2016 at 4.00 p.m. to transact business, as set out on the Agenda hereunder.
Yours sincerely,


Anne Lee,

Meetings Administrator.


Prayer before meeting.

1. Confirmation of Minutes of Longford Municipal District Meeting held on the 6th April 2016 - copy enclosed.

2. Matters arising from Minutes.

3. Correspondence – None.

4. Management Report – Template to follow.
5. To approve a Statement of Consistency of the Draft Longford Local Economic and Community Plan 2016-2022 with the following:-

  1. The core strategy and the objectives of the Longford County Development Plan 2015-2021;

  2. The Midland Regional Planning Guidelines 2010-2022;

  3. The economic and community elements of the Draft Local Economic and Community Plan are consistent with each other.

6. (a) Nomination of three members to Regeneration Sub-Committee.

(b) Update on Regeneration Programme.

7. Update on the Taking in Charge of “Dun Darrach” Housing Estate, Dublin Road, Longford

8. Update on Roadway into the Primary Care Centre in the Flancare Environs.

9. Update on Parking at Scoil Eimear National School, Longford.

10. Update on footpath survey.

11. Notices of Motions submitted by Councillors, as listed hereunder –
Councillor Seamus Butler
“That CCTV be provided at Chestnut Close, Clonbalt Woods.

This is to counter anti-social behaviour and monitor the pedestrian access to the Drumlish Road.”

Councillor John Browne.
“In the interest of safety, I call on Longford County Council to have a Pedestrian Crossing installed on Park Road, Longford adjacent to the

"Finn & Hughes Corner Shop".

12. A.O.B.

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