Community Services Request for Tender template

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[Insert your agency badge here]


[Insert service agreement title]

Request Number: [Insert]

Issued By: [Insert] – (“State Party”)

Closing Time: [time] [am/pm] [Closing time should be completed by inserting a time (usually 2:30PM). Do not add words such as ‘Western Standard Time’ or ‘Daylight Saving Time’.]

[date], Perth, Western Australia

[Please note: the text in red font represents drafting instructions. Any areas that are highlighted in yellow require the State Party to input information. Sections listed in black must be included in the Request document. Sections listed in blue are optional. For further information about how to fill out this template, please contact FaCS.]


PART A: What are the services to be purchased? 5

1.1Background 5

1.2Service Requirement 5

1.2.1Community Outcome 5

1.2.2Service Level Outcome(s) 5

1.2.3Individual Outcome(s) 5

1.2.4Statement of Requirements 5

1.2.5Quality Standards 6

PART B: Where can you get more information? 7

2.1[Mandatory/Non-Mandatory] Briefing 7

2.2State Party Contact Details 7

2.2.1General Enquiries: 7

2.2.2Technical Procurement Enquiries: 8

2.2.3Other contacts 8

2.2.4Advice on Submitting Offers 8

2.3Other Useful Resources 8

PART C: How will this Procurement Process work? 9

3.1Purpose of this Request 9

3.2Terms and Conditions of this Procurement Process 9

3.3Service Agreement Framework 9

PART D: How can you lodge an Offer? 11

4.1Lodgement Details 11

4.2Closing Time 12

4.3Late Lodgement 12

4.4Offer Validity Period 12

PART E: How will your Offer be assessed? 13

5.1.State Government Policies 13

5.2.Evaluation Criteria 13

PART F: Key Service Agreement Details 15

PART G: Guide to the Response Form 21

7.1Respondent Details 23

7.2Mandatory Requirements 24

7.3Disclosure Requirements 25

7.3.1Insurance 25

7.3.2Contractual Compliance 27

7.3.3Criminal Convictions 27

7.3.4Conflict of Interest 28

7.3.5Respondent Capacity, Association and Subcontracting 28

7.3.6Professional Standards Scheme 28

7.3.7Referee Details 29

7.3.8Financial Viability 29

7.3.9Competitive Neutrality 30

7.4Qualitative Criteria 30

7.5Price Schedule 33

Appendix 1: Order Form 36


PART A: What are the services to be purchased?

Respondents are to read and keep this part.
  1. Background

[This section should provide Respondents with information about the community need that has prompted the State Party to issue this Request. Briefly explain what the State Party is seeking and provide an overall picture of what the Respondents are being asked to do.]

[Insert a brief overview of the Service Requirement].
  1. Service Requirement

  1. Community Outcome

[The community outcome is the desired impact or change that the State Party is seeking to achieve within the community.]

[Insert description of the community outcome sought]
  1. Service Level Outcome(s)

[The service level outcome is the desired change or benefit that the State Party is seeking to achieve for end users as a result of the procurement of this service.]

[Insert description of the service level outcome(s) sought]
  1. Individual Outcome(s)

[The individual outcome is the desired change or benefit that the State Party is seeking to achieve for individuals as a result of the procurement of this service.]

Insert description of the individual outcome(s) sought]
  1. Statement of Requirements

[Clearly set out the request for services. Include specifications where appropriate.]

[Insert brief description of the work/project to be carried out]

[In respect of services specify:

(i) the target populations, including any language services requirements;

(ii) any required parameters for the services e.g. hours of operation; and

(iii) an outline of the service model where appropriate – noting that wherever possible the service model should be based on stakeholder engagement and research and collaboration and consultation with service users and potential service providers during the procurement planning phase, and that it is desirable for the service model to remain flexible for Respondents to propose innovative solutions in their Offers.]

[Insert detailed description of the specification of work/project to be carried out]

Further important details about this procurement process can be found in Part F: Key Service Agreement Details.

[If the Request is to establish a panel arrangement, include the paragraph below:]

The State Party will look to establish a panel of service providers who agree to supply services in accordance with the specifications outlined, in response to any orders submitted by the State Party from time to time. Please refer to clause 3.3 of the General Provisions for the Purchase of Community Services by Public Authorities [October 2018] Edition (the General Provisions), for more information about a panel arrangement.

[Note that where the Request is to establish a panel arrangement, an order form submitted to a service provider will provide for certain additional information or requirements to be specified on a case-by-case basis. However, to assist Respondents in compiling Offers, you should specify as many requirements as possible in this schedule, even if they are only specified on a "the State Party may require the service provider to" basis. If an order form will be utilised, include Appendix 1 as part of this Request document.]
  1. Quality Standards

[Quality standards are standards that are well established within a particular industry or necessary under Western Australian or Commonwealth legislation. Should a particular quality of service be required by the State Party that is well established within a particular industry, this should be included as part of the specification. Clearly list each individual quality standard. If no quality standards are required, delete section 1.2.5 ‘Quality Standards’.]

[Insert any relevant Quality Standards if applicable]

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