Computer : a) ms word (Microsoft Windows xp professional ) skills b) ms excel

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COMPUTER : a) MS Word (Microsoft Windows XP professional )

SKILLS b) MS Excel

c) MS PowerPoint

d) Internet & E-mail

e) AutoCAD2006 (2D & 3D)

f) Adobe Photoshop CS2 &

g) 3D Studio Max

And also very well know about this above Experience, have Certificate

& Training Also U.A.E.


Course – Computer basic & Adobe Photoshop CS2.

TEL:- 03-7656101, 7666002/ FAX:- 03-7656010

P.O.BOX:-22828, AL AIN, ABU DHABI (U.A.E.)
TECHNICAL : Course – Auto CAD2006 Architecture Desktop ( 2D & 3D ).

ADUCATION AREEF Computer Institute,

TECHNICAL : Course –3D Studio Max

ADUCATION EXCEL Computer Institute,

EXPERIENCE : KTM. Engineering Consultant PLC.

In Kathmandu, nepal.

As a Auto CAD Draftsman.

From May 2001 to December 2002.

: Al Aberi Construction & Dev. Est. Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

: Palmyra Engineering Consultancy. Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Janu. 2005 to Nev. 2005 as a Architect Draughtsman.


Curriculum Vitae:



DATE OF BIRTH:- * 24-08-1980





LANGUAGE:- * ENGLISH, HINDI, NEPALI, (Good Speaking for Urdu & Arabic)


OBJECTIVE : Work as a professional in reputed enterprising organization where I can

Utilize and improve my skills to successfully meet and to be a productive

part of the company and work for the applied position, that will provide

potential Growth for the individual’s capabilities and for the company itself.

ACADEMIC : Diploma in Auto CAD. (1999 to 2001)

QUALIFICATION Kathmandu collage – Nepal.

(Affiliated to tribhuvan University.)


Board of intermediate kathmandu – Nepal.

Secondary School Leaving Certificate. (S.S.L.C. 1998) CV No: 362238



: Palmyra Engineering Consultancy. Dubai Branch, U.A.E.

Dec. 2005 to Continue as a Architect Draughtsman in Dubai.

  • G + 1 Villa on plot No: 423-1192 at Al Warqa'a Third.

  • G + 2 Villa on plot No: 263-161 at Al Mizhar Second.

  • G + M. Factory on plot No: 364-342 at Al Qose Ind. Area.

  • G + 1 Villa on plot No: 423-1273 Al Warqaa Third.

  • G + 7 Typical floor on plot No: 316-152 at Al Raffa.

  • 2B + G + 15 Typical floor on plot No – JVC14UFRP002.

  • 2B + G + M + 4 Floor on plot No – JVC14UFRP004.

  • 2B + G + 2 Floor on plot No – JVC14UFRP001.

  • 2B + G + 4 Typical floor on plot No – JVC13QMRP003.

  • G + 1 Resident Villa on plot No 376-1256 Al Barsha Second.

  • G + 3 Resident Villa on plot No 354-1660 Al Quoz First.

  • G + 1 Resident Villa on plot No 354-1659 Al Quoz First.

Drafting for all kinds of Architecture, Electrical, Fire- Fighting, Plumbing, Drainage

Elevations and Sections etc.

ATTITUDE : Ability to develop and sustain working relationship. Strong

initiative and self Motivation to success. Creative and hardworking to achieve individual goal And discharge the

duties with the satisfaction of the Manager.

I hereby acknowledge in movement about Auto CAD details are specified to me because I work as a professionally in reputed about Auto CAD where I can improve my skill to successfully. If have chance to work in your esteemed organization I will prove my level so request for company & also hope. Thanking you in anticipation and waiting for you.


Signature of Applicant.

------------------------------------ Available at your convenience------------------------------

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