Computer Class Syllabus for ms office Course 10

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Computer Class Syllabus for MS Office Course (10th Grade)

School Year 2015-2016

Teacher: Mr. Murat E-mail: Room: 143

Course Description & Objectives

Computer Class curriculum includes MS Office programs this year. MS Office programs are very useful and common programs in order to analyze, organize and represent data. It is sure that students who learn these programs successfully will take advantages of them during their educational period and work life.

Topics will include:

  • Microsoft Word,

  • Microsoft Excel,

  • Microsoft PowerPoint,

  • and Microsoft Access.

At the end of this year, students will be able to prepare

  • reports by MS Word,

  • spreadsheets by MS Excel,

  • presentations by MS PowerPoint,

  • and databases by MS Access.

Grading Plan

The final grade will be computed as follows:

  • % 30 Tests

  • % 60 Class works and assignments

  • % 10 Participation

Grading policy is tentative and disobeying the classroom rules or procedures may result in grade reduction.

Course Content
Quarter 1
Microsoft Office Basics

Microsoft Word 2010

Chapter 1 Using the Common feature of the Microsoft Office 2010

Chapter 1 Getting Started with Microsoft Word 2010

Chapter 2 Editing Documents and Using Tables

Chapter 3 Creating Reports and Newsletters

Chapter 4 learning more about Mail Merge

Chapter 5 Word and World Wide Web

Word Certification Exam
Quarter 2
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Chapter 1 Getting Started with PowerPoint

Chapter 2 Working with List and Graphs

Chapter 3 Enhancing a Presentation

Chapter 4 Finalizing a Presentation

PowerPoint Certification Exam

Quarter 3
Microsoft Excel 2010

Chapter 1 Getting Started with Excel 2010

Chapter 2 Working with Function, Formulas and Charts

Chapter 3 Charting Data

Chapter 4 Advanced Functions, PivotCharts, and PivotTables

Chapter 5 Advanced Printing, Formatting, and Editing

Excel Certification Exam
Quarter 4
Microsoft Access 2010

Chapter 1 Getting Started with Access 2010

Chapter 2 Working with Queries

Chapter 3 Working with Forms and Reports

Access Certification Exam
Course Materials

Classwork materials will be provided by teacher. Students need to have only one flash drive (minimum 2 gb) in order to save their works. They will bring it to the class every day.

Procedures & Rules

Students are supposed to

  • Respect each other and the teacher

  • Come to class on time

  • Enter the classroom quietly and orderly

  • Sit only on their assigned seats

  • Listen to and follow teacher`s directions

  • Work only on given activities

  • Use devices properly

  • Raise hand when they need help or permission and wait to be called on

  • Keep their area tidy and neat

  • Put the materials (keyboard, headphones, chair…) where they belong before leaving

  • Obey all school rules

In the classroom,

  • No foods or drinks are allowed.

  • No unnecessary materials are allowed without permission.

  • Gaming, chatting, surfing, listening to music, watching videos or any extracurricular activity are not allowed without permission.

  • Disturbing the class, damaging devices in the classroom, rude words or actions will not be tolerated.


  • Praise (daily)

  • Positive note or call to parents ( Random)

  • Extra Credit (those having no warnings in a quarter)

Incentives for positive behavior will be generated weekly and quarterly for students who meet classroom and school wide expectations


Students choosing not to follow teacher`s directions or obey the rules or procedures will face consequences. According to their behaviors, these consequences may be warnings, loss of computer time, apology letter, detention point, parent contact, suspension, or referral to administration.

Please share your thoughts or problems about computer class and stay in contact with me. You can send me e-mail at any time.

Have a nice educational year and lots of fun!

I have read the following course syllabus and understand the expectations as outlined in the syllabus. In case of not following the rules, I am willing to accept the consequences.

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