Conditional sentences / Wish sentences

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Conditional sentences

Conditional sentences / Wish sentences.
1. (96-6-24)

If my friend... to our town next year I... him the sights of the city.

A) shall come/show B) comes/shall show

C) has come/is showing

D) is coming/will show E) come/shows

2. (96-6-35)

If he... here he ... help you.

A) is/would help B) were/would help

C) would be/helped

D) was/helps E) are/helping


Complete the following.

I wish I....

A) were a teacher B) do know this

C) shall go there D) have a new coat

E) ask you about it
4. (96-6-47) Choose the beginning of the sentence.

... he would have signed his name in the corner.

If he would have painted the picture

If he paints the picture

If he painted the picture

D) If he shall paint the picture

E) If he had painted the picture
5. (96-8-24)

I hoped if I... by the 10 o'clock train I... change for a bus.

A) went/shan't B) should go/hadn't

C) go/shan't D) went/shouldn't

E) go/shouldn't

Mr. Bond said if Mr. Blake... at 10 o'clock he... to see him later.

A) is busy/will come B) will be busy/will come

C) was busy/came D) was busy/would come

E) is busy/comes
7. (96-8-74)

He ... me if I... a taxi yesterday.

A) will ask/takes B) ask/take

C) is asking/shall take

D) asked/had taken E) will ask/take
8. (96-8-90)

This man... your TV today if you... him.

A) would repair/asked

B) repairs/will ash C) will repair/will ask

D) would have repaired/had asked

E) would be repaired/were asked

Choose the beginning of the sentence.

... your mother wouldn't be angry with you.

A) If you didn't get bad marks

B) If you got bad marks

C) If you haven't got bad marks

D) If you get bad marks

E) If you don't get bad marks
10. (96-9-24)
We ... if they....

A) shall not know/come

B) don't know/will come

C) didn't know/will come

D) haven't known/come E) knew/will come.
11. (96-9-36)

You... miss the train if you... a taxi.

A) will/don't take B) -/don't take

C) will/won't take D) don't/take

E) will/would not take


If you... to please an English person, be very polite about his garden

A) want B) wanted C) are wanting

D) will want E) wants

If you ... in a hurry, leave that to me.

A) will be B) were C) are D) was E) are being
14. (96-9-90)

If you... your swimming suit you would be able to go for a swim now.

A) don't leave B) weren't leaving

C) will not leave D) haven't left E) hadn't left

15. (96-9-96)

If we... English four times a week we'll learn it quicker.

A) are having B) had C) have

D) will have E) shall have
16. (96-12-29)

If you had worked more, you ... to translate this article yesterday.

A) are able B) was able C) ware able

D) would have been able E) has been able
17. (96-12-89)
If I were you....

A) I shall wait B) I wait C) I should wait

D) I waited E) I'm waiting
18. (96-13-23)

If you ... after two hares you... none.

A) run/catch B) run/will catch

C) will run/will catch

D) will run/catch E) ran/catch
19. (96-13-40)

If all the seas ... one sea, what a great sea it....

A) were/would be B) is/will be

C) would be/were D) will be/will be

E) were/will be

We ... ready when you... home.

A) are/will come B) shall/come

C) shall be/will come D) shall be/come

E) will be/came
21. (96-13-91)

Mark will play tennis if he ... his work in time.

A) finish B) finished C) finishing D) finishes

E) will finish

If you... to me yesterday, we... this article together.

A) came/shall translate

B) would come/should translate

C) had come/should have translated

D) come/having translated

E) were coming/should be translating.


... you really... me if I... away?

A) would... follow/go

B) will... follow/am going

C) she would... follow/went

D) will... follow/would have done

E) will... follow/goes

If you... in time yesterday we ... this work.

A) had соmе/would have done

B) came/would have done C) come/shall do

D) will come/shall do E) come/would do


I ... to know when you...

A) don't want/will come B) shall want/come

C) want/had come D) didn't want/come

E) didn't want/are coming

If I... my entrance exams I... the happiest man in the world.

A) shall pass/would be B) passed/am

C) passed/would have been

D) will pass/be E) pass/shall be
27. (96-15-89)

They... not object to your plan, if you... it up in time.

A) do/will make B) did/won't mаке

C) will/make D) would/don't make

E) don't/shall make
28. (96-15-143)

If the weather... fine we... to the park.

A) is/shall go B) was/go

C) are/go D) was/shall go

E) would/should go

As soon as the guests... we... our party.

A) will come/began B) comes/begin

C) will come/begin D) come/shall begin

E) come/begin

She... if she ... that she was ill.

A) won't go out/knows B) didn't go out/knew

C) hasn't gone out/has known

D) wouldn't have gone out/had known

E) doesn't go out/knows
31. (97-1-92)

They... for the examination better if they... about it earlier.

A) would prepare/knew B) prepare/know

C) prepared/knew

D) would have prepared/had known

E) will prepare/know
32. (97-2-41)

As soon as we... fire house we... to it.

A) shall build/move B) build/shall move

C) will build/shall move D) built/shall move

E) build/move
33. (97-2-42)

Tomorrow if the weather... fine we... out of the town for hours.

А) is/shall get B) will be/shall get

C) bе/will get D) were/get E) was/get


If you... tickets we... Bukhara.

A) will buy/shall visit B) bought/visit

C) buys/visited D) were buying/should visit

E) buy/shall visit


If I... you I... him.

A) am/shall help B) to be/should help

C) were/should help

D) is/should have helped E) are/shall help
36. (97-4-19)

If I... time I... you.

A) have/help B) shall have/shall help

C) shall have/help D) have/shall help

E) has/help

I... my work if you... me then. Thanks you.

A) shan't finish/don't help

B) haven't finished/don't help

C) shouldn't have finished/hadn't helped

D) don't finish/won't help

E) didn't finish/helped
38. (97-5-24)

What... you... if the train... in time?

A) will be/doing/come B) did/will not come

C) do/did not come D) have/done/came

E) will/do/does not come
39. (97-5-36)

If my brothers... time now they... help me.

A) has/helps B) have had/have helped

C) have/help D) is having/helped

E) had/would help


We.. to see you next Sunday, if I... well.

A) shall come/shall get B) come/get

C) comes/will get D) shall come/get

E) will come/will get
41. (97-6-42)

The boy... at home an hour before, if he ... his school at one o'clock last Monday.

A) would be/had left B) was/would leave

C) had been/had left D) has been/left

E) would have been/had left
42. (97-7-27)

The British people think, if you... tea... you.

A) were depressed/cheers

B) are depressed/will cheer

C) shall be depressed/will cheer

D) have been depressed/cheered

E) had been depressed/was cheered

43. (97-7-37)

The children... in the open air if the weather... better last Sunday.

A) had played/was B) played/was

C) would have played/had been

D) will play/is E) would play were
44. (97-8-22)

As soon as I... the result I... you know.

A) hear/shall let B) will hear/will let

C) hear/let D) heard/let E) have heard/let

If it... this winter, we ... skiing.

A) snow/go B) snows/shall go

C) snowed/went D) snowed/had gone

E) had snowed/had gone
46. (97-9-40)

I ...happy if I ...the university.

A) shall be/shall enter B) am/shall enter

C) am/enter D) shall be/enter

E) was/enter

If we... a letter at 8 o'clock yesterday, we... on the same day.

A) got/started B) bid got/bad started

C) would get/had started

D) had got/should have started

E) should have got/had started
48. (97-9-95)

I... next week if I can... a train ticket.

A) go/get B) shall go/got C) went/got

D) shall go/get E) was going/get

As soon as he... to see me, we ... chess.

A) will come/shall play

B) comes/shall play C) will come/play

D) comes/play E) came/play


Choose the appropriate form of the verb.

Mike... certainly if he... not busy.

A) comes/is B) will come/will be

C) will come/is D) comes/will be

E) come/will be


If the weather ...fine we ... for a walk.

A) was/shall go B) is/shall go

C) will be/shall go D) is/go E) was/went

We ... for a walk if the weather... fine.

A) shall go/will be B) go/is C) shall go/is

D) go/will be E) goes/will be
53. (97-12-45)

If I... shopping I... some food tomorrow.

A) went/shall buy B) go/buy

C) am going/would buy

D) go/shall buy E) had gone/would buy
54. (98-1-24)

Choose the appropriate verb forms from.

If I... the power I... people smoking at school and public places.

A) had/stop B) could have/would stop

C) had/stopped D) had/would stop

E) have/would stop
55. (98-2-22)

When they... about it there... much trouble.

A) finds out/be B) found out/were

C) is finding out/is D) find out/will be

E) found out/had been

I... them some money if they... me for.

A) send/ask B) sent/ask

C) will send/will ask D) would send/ask

E) shall send/ask

Choose the appropriate verb forms.

If Helen... anywhere in the world she... in India

A) lived/live B) live/would live

C) could live/would live

D) didn't live/would live E) lives/would live
58. (98-3-69)

Choose the appropriate form of the verbs

I... as soon as we... the contract.

A) shall call/sign B) call/sign

C) called/sign D) would call/sign

E) is calling/are signing
59. (98-3-81)

If you... Oxford you... some interesting old buildings.

A) will visit/will see B) visit/see

C) visited/will see D) visits/see

E) visit/will see
60. (98-4-33)

If I... you I... harder.

A) am/will work B) will be/work

C) be/shall work D) were/would work

E) am/would have worked


If you... the Prime Minister what... you...?

A) are/would have done B) were/would do

C) will be/will do D) have been/are doing

E) will have been/would be doing
62. (98-6-89)

If you... wisely you... cheerfully.

A) command/will be obeyed

B) commanded/would have been obeyed

C) had commanded/would be obeyed

D) command/will obey

E) will command/are obeyed

63. (98-7-10)

If you... in their talk they ... .

A) don't interfere/will quarrel

B) didn't interfere/have quarrelled

C) doesn't interfere/will quarrel

D) interfere /should have quarrelled

E) interfere/are quarrelling
64. (98-7-30)

If the sky... we... larks.

A) falls/shall catch B) had fallen/should catch

C) fell/shall catch D) tall/are being caught

E) tall/should catch

As soon as he Samarkand he ... us a letter.

A) get/send B) gets/sends C) gets/will send

D) got/should send E) got/has sent
66. (98-8-23)

If you... to be a friend, never borrow, never....

A) want/lend B) wanted/lent

C) wants/lends D) will want/lend

E) want/lent

If I... you I... French next year.

A) am/learn B) was/shall team

C) am/should learn D) were/should learn

E) were/learned


If you... so many lessons you... all the exams.

A) didn't miss/passed

B) hadn't missed/would have passed

C) haven't missed/would pass

D) missed/will pass

E) had missed/would have passed

If he... ill, he would stay at home.
A) is B) be C) were D) am E) are


What would you do if a millionaire... you a lot of money.

A) gave B) give C) will give

D) giving E) gives
71. (98-9-39)

If it... not so late I should go with you.

A) was B) were C) is D) be E) are

I... my work in time if you... me.

A) shall do/help B) should do/helps

C) do/will help D) have done/help

E) had done/would help

When I... school I... the University.

A) shall finish/shall enter

B) finish/enter C) shall finish/enter

D) finish/shall enter E) finish/entered
74. (98-12-36)

If I... the car myself I... you use it

A) needed/would let

B) don't need/would let

C) didn't need/wouldn't let

D) didn't need/would let

E) doesn't need/would let

This house ... better if they... it,... the grass and ... flowers.

A) will look/painted/cut/plant

B) would look/paint/cut /planted

C) looks/painted/cut/planted

D) looked/painted/cut /planted

E) would look/painted/cut/planted

If you ... harder you ... more money and now you... to buy a car.

have worked/would earn/could

had worked/would have earned/would be able

had worked/would earn/will be able

has worked/would have earned/could

worked/would earn/might

77. (99-2-28)

He might... the accident if he ... more careful.

A) avoid/was B) have avoided/had been

C) avoid/had been

D) had avoided/were E) avoids.

If you... harder last year you ... English well now.

A) worked/had known B) work/will know

C) had worked/would know

D) will work/know

E) would work/would have known
79. (99-3-41)

If you... so rude to her she... to us earlier.

A) were not/had come

B) hadn't been/would have come

C) are/would have come

D) are/will come E) are not being/would come
80. (99-4-34)
When he ... I....

A) comes/don't know

B) will come/don’t know

C) had been coming/don't know

D) had come/don’t know

E) will come/didn't know
81. (99-4-35)

If he... English well, he ... the article without difficulty yesterday.

A) knew/would have translated

B) know/had been translated

C) has known/will have translate

D) would know/will translate

E) would have known/would have translated


If I... you I ...never her.

A) am/shall forgive B) was/don't forgive

C) were/would forgive D) had been/forgave

E) shall be/would have forgiven

I wonder whether he... if nothing unexpected... him.

A) comes/detains B) will come/detain

C) comes/will detain D) will come/will detain

E) will come/detains

84. (99-5-43)

They are expecting us. They will be disappointed if we ... .

A) won't come B) didn’t come

C) haven't come D) don't come E) came


I am sure Mike will lend you some money. I... if he refused.

A) will be surprised B) am surprised

C) would have been surprised

D) would be surprised E) were surprised
86. (99-5-45)

If I had gone to the party last night, I... tired now.

A) will be В) am С) would be

D) would have been E) was

I would have sent you a postcard while I was on holiday if I... your address.

A) had B) was having C) had had

D) will have E) would have

88. (99-5-47)

If the driver... the accident wouldn't have, happened.

A) didn't B) doesn't stop C) won't stop

D) hadn't stopped E) hasn't stopped
89. (99-5-48)

Many people would be out of work if that factory ... down.

A) had been closed B) were closed

C) was closing D) is closed E) will be closed

I... living in England if the weather... better.

A) don't mind/was B) didn't mind/is

C) wouldn't mind/is D) wouldn't mind/were

E) wouldn't mind/will be


If you ... Ann tomorrow, can you tell her to phone me?

A) saw B) see C) will see

D) had seen E) shall see
92. (99-6-57)

If you... these pills yesterday you... well now.

A) had taken/would be

B) took/would be C) had taken/had been

D) took/will be E) would be/would be

If he... all right, he... with us yesterday.

A) was/was B) had been/would have been

C) were/would be D) had been/would be

E) would be/would have been

He... the picture if it... him.

A) will buy/impressed

B) would buy/impresses C) will buy/impresses

D) will buy/will impress

E) has bought/impress
95. (99-7-48)

If she ... a new dress, I... her then.

hadn't been wearing/might have recognized

didn't wear/might recognize

wasn't wearing/might recognize

wouldn't wear/would recognize

E) hadn't been wearing/might recognize

If the help... in time, the experiment... tomorrow afternoon.

had offered/would be completed

was offered/will be completed

had been offered/would be completed

is offered/would be completed

are offered/will be completed

97. (99-7-50)

If he... generous, he... the poor during World War II.

A) were/would have helped

B) is/would have helped C) was/would help

D) was/will help E) were/would help


If I... you I... it.

A) am/regretted B) am/regrets

C) were/wouldn't regret

D) is/didn't regret E) was/regret

99. (99-9-24)

If you... the dictionary yesterday I... to translate the article today.

A) had given/would be able

B) give/am able C) gave/will be able

D) will give/am able E) have given/was able
100. (99-9-26)

I... so upset, if I... you

A) am/am B) wouldn't be/were

C) was/were D) won't be/are

E) shall be/would be
101. (99-9-29)

Why didn't you do the task?

If he... everything from the start we... it earlier.

A) hadn't spoilt/would have done

B) didn't spoil/would have done

C) doesn't spoil/will do D) wouldn't spoil/did

E) spoils/shall have done

102. (99-9-30)

Our fate is in her hands now. If she... tickets we... away.

A) has bought/would fly B) buys/shall fly

C) buy/fly D) bought/fly

E) bought/would have flown
103. (99-10-28)

-... I... after the luggage or... you?

- If you... to the luggage and pay the driver I'll go in and see about rooms.

A) Shall/look/will /see B) Shall/look/will/will see

C) Will/look/shall/saw

D) Should/look/would/would see

E) Would/looked/will/saw

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