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Terms and conditions of the grant are:
Applicants should be nationals of an Arab country, employed by theNational Agriculture Research Institute and registered in a recognized university in the region, in a field of agricultural studies relevant to ICARDA’s mandate and with direct relevance to the applicant’s work (Please check the list of research areas 2016/2017, in the attached brochure.)
•Applicants have to demonstrate a record of distinguished academic performance, computer skills and good command of the English language.
• Selection is on a competitive basis following international standards for candidate review and selection.
Awardees can be located at ICARDA Research Platforms and/or Thematic Research Locations or in a country where ICARDA has relevant research projects.
• The maximum period of being housed at ICARDA facilities is 6 months over two years for MSc students and 12 months over three years for PhD students. During this period, ICARDA will cover the following for the student including: international travel, insurance and a modest daily subsistence allowance to cover their local transportation to and from workstation, accommodation and meals as stated in the ICARDA training policy. This is in addition to the provision of technical facilities.
The nominees will be selected by an ICARDA assigned selection committee.
The completed application form, curriculum vitae of each candidate and all the required support documents should be emailed to Mr. Masafumi Tamura,, Technical Training Officer-ICARDA-Capacity Development Unit and to be received by ICARDA no later than 30 September 2016.

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