Conference Program

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Conference Program

(Draft, 8/05/2014)
14 May (Wednesday)




Participants arrival, Check-in


Transfer to the Museum


Guided tour to the Berlin Museum of European Cultures.

Address: Arnimallee 25, 14195 Berlin


Reception and dinner


Transfer to the hotel

15 May (Thursday)






Opening Plenary Discussion
Vladimir Yakunin (Russia)

Founding President, World Public Forum “Dialogue of Civilizations”

Matthias Platzeck (Germany)

Chairman of the Board, German-Russian Forum

Walter Schwimmer (Austria)

Chairman, International Coordinating Committee, World Public Forum "Dialogue of Civilizations"

Fred Dallmayr (USA)

Co-Chairman, World Public Forum "Dialogue of Civilizations"; Packee J. Dee Professor, University of Notre Dame


Matthias Schepp (Germany)

Head of the Moscow office, Der Spiegel

Room: Florence (Ground Floor)


Coffee break, Group Photo Session


Workgroup Sessions
EU and Eurasian Union: A Single or Two Different Europes?
Group #1

Room: Toskana 1&2 (1st Floor)

After overcoming the Ukrainian crisis, the EU and Russia must find a way to negotiate a free-trade zone that reaches from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Russia may not be isolated from Europe. If Russia reached out towards Europe again, countries positioned "in between", such as Ukraine, would no longer be put to the "either/or" test. The idea of a common space could contribute to taking the dialogue between Europe and Russia well beyond the economic aspect and to establishing a discussion about a future common security architecture in Europe. Based on its experience with "Ostpolitik" towards Russia, Germany is predestined within the EU to initiate a reflection on cooperation between the EU and the Eurasian Union. The concept may be in competition to the idea of the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). In the end, however, a stable Europe depends on the collaboration with both Russia and the US.

Alexander Rahr (Germany)

Research Director, German-Russian Forum

Ruslan Grinberg (Russia)

Director, Institute of Economics, Russian Academy of Sciences

Speakers and Participants
Sergey Belkin (Russia)

Editor-in-Chief, “Development and Economy” Magazine

Tiberio Graziani (Italy)

President, Institute of Advanced Studies in Geopolitics and Auxiliary Sciences (ISAG), Director of “Geopolitica”

Mussie Hailu (Ethiopia)

Founding Member, United Religions Initiative, Regional Director of the United Religions Initiative for Africa

Martin Hoffmann (Germany)

Managing Director, German-Russian Forum

Vladimir Isaev (Russia)

Professor, Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences

Hans Koechler (Austria)

President of the International Progress Organization, Full Professor, Chair of the Political Philosophy, University of Innsbruck

Yuri Kozhankov (Russia)

Professor, Department of Customs Law and Logistics, North-West Institute of Academy of National Wealfare and Public Service

Vladimir Kulikov (Russia)

Executive Director, World Public Forum "Dialogue of Civilizations"

Ana Langovic-Milicevic (Serbia)

Full Professor, University of Kragujevac, Faculty of Hotel Management and Tourism; Full Professor, Faculty of Engineering Management

Alexander Luchenok (Belarus)

Head, Department of Institute of Economics, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Welly Marguerite Lottin (Italy)

President, Associazione Interculturale GRIOT

Vitaliy Merkushev (Russia)

Director, Eurasian Network of Political Studies

Vitaly Milyantsev (Russia)

Head, Department of International Economic Relations, Institute of Asian and African Studies

Dmitry Mityaev (Russia)

Deputy Director, Council for Production Forces Research, Ministry of Economic Development

Marita Mueller (Germany)

Project Leader, "Petersburger Dialog"

Boris Prokudin (Russia)

Associate Professor, Chair of History of Socio-Political Teachings, Department of Political Science, Moscow State University

Paolo Raimondi (Italy)

Economist, Editorialist of the Italian Economic Daily “ItaliaOggi”

Aram Sargsyan (Armenia)

First Vice-President, World Armenian Congress, Director, National Centre "Dialogue of Civilizations"

Wilfried Schmidt (Germany)

Independent Consultant

Eugen Schoenfeld (Germany)

Federal Foreign Office

Siarhei Sidorsky (Belarus)

Minister for Industry and Agricultural Complex, Eurasian Economic Commission

Viktor Spasskiy (Russia)

Director, Department of Integration Development, Eurasian Economic Commission

Ulrich Steinert (Germany)

Chief Representative, "Basalt"

Dmytro Vydrin (Ukraine)

Political Scientist, Author, Advisor to 5 Presidents of Ukraine, Former Executive Secretary, Council for National Security and Defense of Ukraine

Mikhail Yakushev (Russia)

First Vice-President, St. Andrew the First-Called Foundation

Prosperity and Freedom for All – Building a New Economy for Our Shared Europe
Group #2

Room: Toskana 4 (1st Floor)

This working group focuses on the key geo-economic issues that the wider Europe confronts, including the need for strong, sustainable economic growth, diversification and re-balancing, reducing inequality and poverty as well as combining mobility with integration. Based on short interventions and lively debates, the working group will highlight the key obstacles to greater cooperation across the wider European space and explore possible policies and strategies to help secure prosperity and freedom for all.

Adrian Pabst (UK)

Senior Lecturer in Politics, School of Politics and IR, University of Kent

Patrick Taran (Switzerland)

President, Global Migration Policy Associates; Visiting Professor, Geneva School of Diplomacy

Speakers and Participants
Pavel Aleksandrov (Russia)

Director, "Galaxy" Center of Education and Business

Mikhail Baydakov (Russia)

Head, Financial Committee, WPF “Dialogue of Civilizations”; Chairman, “Millenium Bank”; Vice-President, International Congress of Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs

Vladislav Belov (Russia)

Head of the Country and Regional Researches Department, Head of the German Research Center, Institute of Europe, RAS

Come Carpentier de Gourdon (France)

Convener of Editorial Board, World Affairs Journal

Giovanni Cubeddu (Italy)

Director of CinItalia, the National Italian magazine of China Radio International

Burkhard Dahmen (Germany)

Spokesman of the Managing Board, SMS Holding GmbH

Piotr Dutkiewicz (Canada)

Professor and Director, Center for Governance and Public Management, Carleton University; Co-author "Russia: the Challenges of Transformation"

Helmut Fluhrer (Germany)

CEO, European Language Technology Group GmbH

Gabriella Gorzka (Germany)

East-West Science Center, Kassel University

Mikhail Khazin (Russia)

President, Company for Expert Consulting "NEOKON"

Raffaele Marchetti (Italy)

Professor of International Relations, LUISS University

Arun Mohanty (India)

Associate Professor, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi; Director, Eurasian Foundation

Diana Orlova (Austria)

Head, European Headquarters, World Public Forum "Dialogue of Civilizations"

Fabio Petito (Italy)

Lecturer in International Relations, University of Sussex

Vladimir Popov (Russia)

Professor, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration

Peter Wolfgang Schulze (Germany)

Professor, Political Science Department, Georg-August University, Goettingen

Erik De Vreede (Netherlands)

Member of the Board, International Association for Intercultural Education (IAIE)

Boulos Wehbe (Lebanon)

Senior Lecturer, Notre Dame University (NDU)

Sharing Knowledge, Winning Future

in a Digital (European) Society
Group #3

Room: Lombardei 1, 2&3 (1st Floor)

The knowledge society as a basis for economic and social coexistence plays a crucial role for a common European future. An inventory of the agenda of the European Union and Russia as well as of science and the practice of science transfer is intended to put the focus of the discourse on the obstacles and perspectives. Furthermore, it will also help to elaborate recommendations for the science transfer in a digitalized European society.

Jens Wendland (Germany)

Professor, Berlin University of the Arts

Tom Mahon (USA)

Journalist, Writer

Speakers and Participants
Wilfried Bergmann (Germany)

Professor Emeritus, St. Petersburg University of Management and Economics; Member, “Petersburger Dialog” Council, Vice-President, International University of Wiesbaden

Konrad von Bonin (Germany)

Member of the Board, Georges-Anawati-Stiftung, Doctor of Law

Wolfgang Coy (Germany)

Professor, Department of Computer Science, Humboldt University of Berlin

Elena Davydova (Germany)

Executive Director, European Language Technology Group GmbH

Andrej Gross (Germany)

Director, Government Relations, Deutsche Messe AG

Julia Kinash (Czech Republic)

President, Youth Time International Movement, Editor-in-Chief, Youth Time Magazine

Verena Metze-Mangold (Germany)

Vice-President, German Commission for UNESCO

Antonina Selezneva (Russia)

Deputy Head, Chair of Sociology and Psychology, Department of Political Sciences, MSU

Chanda Singh (India)

Trustee, Kapur Surya Foundation; Publisher & Editor, World Affairs Journal

Marietta Stepanyants (Russia)

Chairholder, UNESCO Chair in Philosophy; Chief Researcher, Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences 

Elena Vartanova (Russia)

Dean and Chair in Media Theory and Economics, Faculty of Journalism, Moscow State University

Oleg Zinkovski (Germany)

Head of Russian Editorial Department, RBB Funkhaus Europa




Workgroup Sessions
Coffee break


Closing Plenary Discussion



16 May (Friday)






Check-out, participants’ departure

Venue: Courtyard Berlin Mitte, Axel-Springer-Straße 55, Berlin, 10117 Deutschland, Phone: +49-30-800928-0

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