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Anger is a natural human emotion. Everyone will go through life experiencing some form of anger.
Teenagers between the age of 12 and 17 are confronted more and more each day with so many puzzling and confusing things. Sometimes due to many factors, kids lash out in anger and sometimes this can lead to unhealthy angry outbursts or even violence. Teaching kids to respond to anger is another form of education that we need to give our kids.
Our class is a highly interactive class designed to teach adolescent boys and girls their physical and emotional anger cues and to help them find healthy alternatives to outbursts and reactivity.

Parenting can be a difficult job, and now in difficult economic and social times there is even more of a strain is placed on more families. Our parenting program is designed to keep our homes a nurturing place for our children. This program is designed to provide the most recent scientific research on parent to child relationships.
This goals of our parenting class is to educate parents about the different developmental stages of a child's life, so as a parent you know what to expect from your child at different age groups. Also covered in the groups are different parenting styles, setting limits, the effects of various disciplining methods.
All classes are highly interactive, making room for participant discussion.

We promise the highest quality service at the best prices.
All classes are ran by Licensed Marriage and Family therapists that have had years of education and experience teaching parenting classes as well as anger management to both adults and teenagers.
For information regarding class times and prices, contact us.

224 W. Graham

Lake Elsinore, CA 92530

Phone: 951-318-1351

Fax: 866-340-6736



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