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Corinna Fales
Professional Writer and Editor since 1995


An innovative and detail-oriented organizing wizard with superb strategic, analytical, and interpersonal skills. Track record of great storytelling, from creative to technical, and the ability to write / edit an exceptionally wide range of effective communications for diverse audiences. Works independently and collaboratively. Strong work / social ethic, integrity, contagious enthusiasm, humor.

Core Competencies

  • Editing (books, articles, technical materials +)

  • Development through final copy

  • Writing (personal essays, research reports +)

  • Interpersonal ease / fruitful collaboration

  • Optimal organization

  • Interviewing skills based on psychology training

  • Critical / insightful thinking

  • Clear, lucid style

  • Project / time management


  • “Corinna Fales is a brilliant, dedicated, diligent, insightful editor who adds both the small things that make something glow with intelligence and the large things that make one think and get clearer.” Mack Lipkin, MD, Professor of Medicine and Director of the Division of Primary Care at New York University School of Medicine and Bellevue Hospital Center

  • “Corinna worked for us as a writer. Her work is insightful and elegant and she was a pleasure to collaborate with.” Margaret Honey, PhD, (currently) President and CEO of the New York Hall of Science

  • For additional testimonials, see and

Professional Positions

Columbia University 2012-present
Assistant to the Editor, Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering (JMSE)

  • Assist Columbia University professor with his responsibilities as the new editor of JMSE.

    • Interface with international authors, 18 associate editors, peer reviewers, production personnel, and editor to ensure that submissions meet JMSE standards and guidelines; and to facilitate and streamline the editorial process. Research and analyze statistics to determine why the Journal’s Impact Factor is low; present, discuss, and implement initiatives to improve it (e.g., reducing peer review time). Write editorials, tributes, and newsletter updates; previous JMSE editor called his tribute “perfect.”

City University of New York (CUNY)
Documentation Quality Assurance Specialist (Manager) 2009-12

The NYC Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) contracted CUNY’s School of Professional Studies to devise and deliver technical job training to OCSE’s 800+ employees. (“OCSE / CUNY Training Program”)

  • Developed house style guide; reviewed, edited, and approved all (45-1,000-page) procedures and training materials written by 22-member CUNY team before submitting to the client; liaised with graphic designers; prioritized assignments and synchronized with team to ensure adherence to tight deadlines and to maintain quality control and good humor.

Special Projects Writer (OCSE/CUNY Training Program) 2008-09

  • Conducted research via audiotaped interviews and available documents—then produced robust, original annual report for OCSE in collaboration with NYC HRA Deputy Director and OCSE senior management.

  • Presented the agency in a positive anti-poverty light that improved its relationship with community groups and increased its ability to collect child support in 2009.

  • Led CUNY team and worked with graphic designer to create a simple, engaging storybook to accompany the technical job training of 200+ new OCSE hires. Clear, easy storyline helped new employees to understand the child support system and the complex structure and procedures used by OCSE to collect child support.

Independent Contract Work 1996-present

Sample projects below; for additional projects, writing samples, and testimonials: http://www/

Kristen Thies, CEO, West Wind Fine Art, LLC 2012

Magazine Article Editor

  • Edited article for curator of fine art collections that was published unchanged by Fine Art Connoisseur (Oct/Nov 2012).

Fang Deng, PhD; Bridgewater State University 2010
Manuscript Editor

  • Unintended Outcomes of Social Movements: The 1989 Chinese Student Movement. (Routledge 2010, International Library of Sociology). Helped Chinese-born author organize her content for better flow and clarity—then copyedited.

David Webster, PhD; President, Webster Consulting Group, Inc. 2008-11
Research Report Editor

  • Restructured reports for Merck and other Fortune 500 clients. Key role in creating fresh, story-like style of presentation increased the consultancy’s sales.

Samana College & Research Center (SCRC), Dominican Republic 2007-10

Website and PR Writer / Editor

  • Collaborated with SCRC’s co-founders to develop the voice of their innovative study-abroad program, which is affiliated with the United Nations, US AID, historically black colleges, and Ivy-league universities. Wrote website content, proposals, news releases, and letters to government officials and to existing and potential partners. Defined and described SCRC’s unique vision and mission, and increased its exposure and attractiveness to desired investors and participants.

NYC Board of Education / Office of Systemwide Evaluation & Accountability 1999–2001
Evaluation Report Editor

  • Edited evaluation reports for review by NYC schools’ chancellor and public at large, which enabled both chancellor and public to assess the success of new initiatives the BOE had implemented. Anne Wolf, PhD, then Director of the Office, said: “Corinna has excellent editing skills. She is highly dependable and takes pride in her work and understanding our needs.”


  • “The Mother I Knew: What Alzheimer’s has changed—and hasn’t”; Neurology Now, Aug / Sep 2012.

    • Published online by hippocampus magazine: memorable creative nonfiction, March 2012.

    • “While We Await A Cure for Alzheimer’s: The Mother I Know” (Murray Alzheimer Research and Education Program, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada), for Proceedings of A Changing Melody Forum for 26th International Conference of Alzheimer’s International 2011

  • Biography of Grammy-nominated singer / songwriter for her website:; 2009

  • “Instant Help for Children and Teens with Asperger Syndrome” (Instant Help Publications 2005);

  • “Digitized Primary Source Documents from the Library of Congress in History and Social Studies Curriculum” (Library Trends, 45(4), Spring 1997); co-authored;


  • MA, Social Policy; SUNY 2000

  • BS, Social Theory, Social Structure & Change

  • Certificate: Diversity Training; Equity Institute, Emeryville, CA

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