Critical Reading

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The Odyssey Test - Critical Reading

This is a guide to help you focus your study sessions.

  • Epic Hero

  • Epic Poem

  • Informational texts, PowerPoints, notes

  • Xenia

  • Hospitality

  • Nostos

  • Epic Simile- analysis- know what is going on in the plot

  • Foreshadowing

  • Conflicts: Conflict occurs when two forces work against each other. Examples include:

  • Character v. Character (this can be mental, physical, or emotional)

  • Character v. Self (a character has an inner struggle)

  • Character v. Fate (an unalterable, predetermined course)

  • Character v. Nature (weather, illness, etc.)

  • Character v. Society (laws, community, social pressures)

  • Character v. Supernatural (deities, spirits, evil beings, etc.)

  • Irony

  • Fate

  • Character Traits

  • Epithet- What do they reveal? Identification

  • Telemachus and his obedience to his father

  • Argos situation

  • Odysseus’s personality

  • Antinous’ influence on the Beggar and Penelope

  • The gods and supernatural beings

  • Locations Odysseus visits

  • Humans – Agamemnon, Alkinous, Antinous, Eumaius, Eurykleia, Helen, Iros , Laertes, Menelaus, Mentor, Nausikaa, Penelope, Phenuis, Telemachus, Teiresias, Elpenor, Phenius, Athena, Eurylokhos, Demodokus, Amphinomus, Aegisthus, Arete, Melantho, Philoetius

Yüklə 15,88 Kb.

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