Curriculum Vitae of Nobuo nakabayashi

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Curriculum Vitae of Nobuo NAKABAYASHI

Nobuo NAKABAYASHI, Ph.D., born on March 3, 1936 in Tokyo

Emeritus Professor, (Institute of Biomaterials and Bioengineering, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Kanda, Tokyo 101-0062, Japan)

Visiting Professor, Nippon Dental University, Tokyo, Japan


Got B.S. on 1959, MS. on 1961 and Ph.D. on 1964 from Tokyo Institute of Technology

Title of Ph.D. thesis: Preparation of Reactive Polymers
Professional career;

1964-1966, Lecturer, Tokyo Medical and Dental University

1967-1968, Research fellow, Department of Chemistry, Yale

University, New Haven, Conn.

1969-1981, Associate Professor, Tokyo Medical and Dental University

1981-2001, Professor, Tokyo Medical and Dental University

1996.4-1999.3, Director, Institute for Medical and Dental Engineering

2001.4-present, Emeritus Professor

Research fields;

Synthetic polymer science, Functional polymers, Biomaterials, Dental adhesives, Artificial organs

Social activities;

The Chemical Society of Japan; The Society of Polymer Science, Japan; The Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan; The Japanese Society for Biomaterials (President;1996-2000), Associate Editor of J Biomed Mater Res (1984-2001); The Japanese Society for Dental Materials and Devices (committee member, -2001); The Japanese Society of Conservative Dentistry; Japan Society for Adhesive Dentistry (Editor in Chief 1985-1996); The International Association for Dental Research; The Japanese Society for Artificial Organs (councilor); American Society for Internal Artificial Organs; The International Society for Artificial Organs


1984: Award of Polymer Society, Japan

1988: Award of Japanese Society for Biomaterials

1993: Contribution Award for Progress of Chinese Science and Technology

1994: Wilmer Souder Award (IADR)

1995: Award of Japanese Society of Dental Materials and Devices

1996: Literature Award of Japanese Society of Artificial Organs

1997: Hollenback Memorial Prize (Academy of Operative Dentistry)

2000: Technical Award of Japanese Society of Artificial Organs

2001: Medal with Purple Ribbon (Japanese Government)

2002: Contribution Award to the Society of Japanese Society for Biomaterials

2003:Scientific Contribution Award to Polymer Society, Japan

2011:Zuihoutyujyusyou from Japanese Government based on his contribution on science and technology

More than 360 original papers on synthesis and evaluation of functional polymers, biomaterials including adhesives to dentin, membranes, blood compatible polymers; more than 120 review articles on biomaterials and dental materials; Co-author of 25 books on chemistry, functional polymers, and biomedical and dental materials. And he wrote a book “Hybridization of Dental Hard Tissues” with David H. Pashley.

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