Curriculum Vitae

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Updated: May, 2017

Curriculum Vitae
Michael Kook Shim

Associate Professor

Department of Philosophy

California State University

5151 State University Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90032-8114

Office: 323-343-5942

Cell: 323-356-9881



BA, Philosophy, Vassar College, 1995

MA, Philosophy, State University of New York at Stony Brook, 2001

Dissertation Fellow, Philosophy, University of Wuppertal (Germany), 2000-2002

Ph.D., Philosophy, SUNY Stony Brook, 2003

Areas of Research Specialization

Phenomenology, Husserl

Areas of Research Competence

Philosophy of Mind

Philosophy of Perception

Modern Philosophy

Areas of Teaching Competence

Critical Thinking



Sept. 2013-present Associate Professor, Dept. Philosophy, California State University, Los Angeles, California

Sept. 2007-June 2013 Assistant Professor, Dept. Philosophy, California State University, Los Angeles, California
Sept. 2006-May 2007 Visiting Assistant Professor, Dept. Philosophy, Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
Sept. 2004-May 2006 Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellow, Dept. Philosophy, Fordham University, Bronx, New York

Sept. 2003-July, 2004 Visiting Assistant Professor, Dept. Philosophy, John Carroll University, Cleveland, Ohio

Jan. 2003-May 2003 Visiting Instructor, Dept. Philosophy, Denison University, Granville, Ohio
Oct. 2000-Dec. 2002 Dissertation Fellow, Collegium philosophiae Transatlanticum: Subject and Person in the Modern Era, Fachbereich Philosophie, University of Wuppertal, Wuppertal, Germany
Sept. 1999-June 2000 Research Fellow, Dept. Philosophy, SUNY Stony Brook, Stony Brook, New York
Jan. 1998-June 1999 Teaching Assistant, Dept. Philosophy, SUNY Stony Brook, Stony Brook, New York


Leibniz’s Idealism and Husserl’s Monadology

Directors: Donn Welton (Stony Brook), Manfred Baum (Wuppertal)

Readers: B. Jeffrey Edwards, Robert Crease

Available on:


Articles and Book Chapters

  1. “Husserl’s Spatialization of Perceptual Consciousness,” Experiential Reason: Perception, Affectivity, and Volition in Husserl’s Phenomenology. Phaenomenologica, eds. R. Rubio, R. Walton, S. Taguchi (Springer, 2017)

  1. “The Ego,” Handbook of Phenomenology, eds. B. Hopkins, C. Manjolino, D. de Santis (Routlege, forthcoming 2018)

  1. “Monad and Consciousness in Husserl: A Quasi-representationalist Interpretation,” Discipline Filosofiche 23 (2) (2013), pp. 175-190

  1. “Representationalism and Husserlian Phenomenology,” Husserl Studies 27 (3) (Oct. 2011), pp. 197-215

  1. “Leibniz on Concept and Substance,” International Philosophical Quarterly 46 (3) (Sept. 2006), pp. 309-325

  1. “Duality of Non-Conceptual Content in Husserl’s Phenomenology of Perception,” Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 4 (2) (June 2005), pp. 209-229

  1. “What Kind of Idealist Was Leibniz?” British Journal for the History of Philosophy 13 (1) (Feb. 2005), pp. 91-110

  1. “Presence and Origin: On the Possibility of Static-Genetic Distinction,” Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology 36 (2) (May 2005), pp. 129-147

  1. “Leibniz and Modal Realism,” Aufklärung durch Kritik, eds. Dieter Hüning, Karin Michel, Andreas Thomas (Berlin: Dunker & Humlot, 2004), pp. 95-111

  1. “Towards a Phenomenological Monadology. On Husserl and Mahnke,” Subjektivität-Verantwortung-Wahrheit: Neue Aspekte der Husserlschen Phänomenologie, eds. David Carr and Christian Lotz (Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 2002), pp. 243-259

Book Reviews and Translations

  1. Reviewer. “Walter Hopp, Perception and Knowledge,” Mind 121 (481) (2012), pp. 187-190

  1. Reviewer. “Angelica Nuzzo. Ideal Embodiment,” Journal of the History of Philosophy 8 (2) (2010), pp. 248-249

  1. Reviewer. “Zahavi, Dan. Selfhood and Subjectivity,” Husserl Studies 25 (2009), pp. 261-266

  1. Reviewer. “Carr, David. The Paradox of Subjectivity,” Husserl Studies 21 (2005), pp. 139-144

  1. Reviewer. “Cristin/Sakai. Phänomenologie und Leibniz,” Husserl Studies 20 (2004), pp. 161-166

  1. Reviewer. “Marion, Jean-Luc. Being Given: Toward a Phenomenology of Givenness,” Philosophy in Review, vol. XXIII, no. 4 (August 2003), pp. 267-269

  1. Reviewer. “MacDonald, P.S. Descartes and Husserl,” Journal of the History of Philosophy, vol. XXXVIII, no. 4 (October 2000), pp. 593-595

  1. Translator (with J. Jansen). Frank, Manfred. “Style in Philosophy: Parts II and III,” Metaphilosophy (October 1999), pp. 263-407

  1. Translator (with J. Jansen). Frank, Manfred. “Style in Philosophy: Part I,” Metaphilosophy (July 1999), pp. 145-262

Works in Progress

  1. “Conceptualism and Husserlian phenomenology”

  2. “Perception and Sensations”


  1. “Husserlian Realism and the Epoché,” Workshop in Phenomenological Philosophy, University of San Diego, April 2016

  1. “Perceptual Noema,” Workshop in Phenomenological Philosophy, Rice University, April 2014

  1. “Genetic Phenomenology in the Early Husserl,” Society for Phenomenology and Analytic Philosophy, American Philosophical Association, Pacific, March 2013

  1. “Concepts, Content and Perception in Husserl’s phenomenology,” Workshop in Phenomenological Philosophy, Boston University, May 2011

  1. “Heidegger on Being-towards-Death,” Powerful Visions Lecture Series, Huntington Library, Pasadena, CA, Feb. 25th, 2011

  1. “Representationalism and Husserlian Phenomenology,” Workshop in Phenomenological Philosophy, University of Seattle, Apr. 2010

  1. “Representationalism and Husserlian Phenomenology,” California Phenomenology Circle, University of California, Riverside, Dec. 2009

  1. Commentary on Michael Sigrist’s “Husserl’s Account of Ideal Content and Contemporary Philosophy of Mind,” Husserl Circle, Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wis., June 2008

  1. “Husserl on Personal Individuation,” California Phenomenology Circle, Cal Poly San Luis-Obispo, Apr. 2008

  1. “How does Husserl make sense? A new look at classical phenomenology,” Job Talk, Cal State-Los Angeles, Jan. 2007

  1. “How does Husserl make sense?” Job Talk, James Madison University, Jan. 2007

  1. “Language, Mind, and Classical Phenomenology,” Job Talk, Indiana University-South Bend, Feb. 2007

  1. “How does Husserl make sense?” Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy, Philadelphia, Oct. 2006

  1. Commentary on Mark Brown’s “The Place of Description in Phenomenology’s Naturalization,” Husserl Circle, Wellesley College, Mass., May 2006

  1. “On Static Phenomenology and Genetic Phenomenology,” Graduate Seminar Lecture, Stony Brook University, Dec. 2005

  1. “Hume on Utility and Sentiment,” Job Talk, U. Mass. Boston, Feb. 2005

  1. “Leibniz’s Theory of Concepts,” Post-doctoral Lecture, Fordham University, Oct. 2004

  1. “Husserl’s Monadological Reduction,” Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy, Oct. 2004

  1. “Concept and Substance in Leibniz’s Metaphysics,” Atlantic Canada Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy, Dalhousie University, Halifax, July 2004

  1. “Concept and Substance in Leibniz’s Metaphysics,” Job Talk, Emory University, January 2004

  1. “Body and Unity: Leibniz on Corporeal Substances,” Job Talk, Grinnell College, Mar. 2004

  1. “Body and Unity: Leibniz on Corporeal Substances,” Northeast Ohio Philosophy Conference, John Carroll University, Cleveland, October 2003

  1. “Objectivity in Husserl’s Theory of Constitution,” Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy, Nov. 2003

  1. “Duality of Non-conceptual Content in Husserl’s Theory of Perception,” Husserl Circle, Fordham University, New York, June 2003

  1. “Ontological Simplicity of the Monad,” Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Bonn (Germany), September 2002

  1. “Leibniz and Modal Realism,” Doctoral Review Lecture, University of Wuppertal, Nov. 2001

  1. “Intersubjectivity and Genesis as Dimensions of First Order Semantics: On Lacan’s Psychoanalysis of Frege,” Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy, Pennsylvania State University, Oct. 2000

  1. “Leibnizian Resources of Husserl’s Phenomenology,” Collegium philosophiae Transatlanticum, Stony Brook University, September 1999


Cal State-Los Angeles

  1. EEP Provie Philosophical Workshop (Honors College)

  2. PHIL 151: Knowledge and Reality

  3. PHIL 152: Human Values

  4. PHIL 152H: Classical Ethics in the Contemporary World

  5. PHIL 1520: Human Values Hybrid (new, F 17)

  6. PHIL 160: Critical Thinking

  7. PHIL 2200: Multiculturalism (Sp 17)

  8. PHIL 230: Meaning of Human Life

  9. PHIL 300: Philosophical Writing

  10. PHIL 313: Modern Philosophy

  11. PHIL 400 A/B: Advanced philosophical writing, journal editing and production

  12. PHIL 446: Phenomenology

  13. PHIL 445: Existentialism

  14. PHIL 448: Postmodernism

  15. PHIL 495/515: Intentionality and Consciousness (Graduate/Undergraduate)

  16. PHIL 500 A/B: Advanced philosophical writing for graduate students

  17. PHIL 531: Transcendental Philosophy: Kant and Husserl (Graduate)

  18. PHIL 532: Epistemology and Phenomenology (Graduate)

  19. Independent Study: Paul Castellano on Van Til

  20. Independent Study: Ben Easton on Kant

  21. Independent Study: Arturo Gaytan on knowledge

  22. MA-Thesis: Joshua Allen

  23. MA-Thesis: Paul Castellano

  24. MA-Thesis: Carlos Brocatto

Bloomsburg University

  1. Introduction to Philosophy

  2. Descartes to Kant

  3. Critical Thinking

  4. Personhood and Personal Identity

Fordham University

  1. Philosophies of Human Nature

  2. Philosophical Ethics

  3. Immanuel Kant

John Carroll University

  1. Introduction to Philosophy

  2. Major Moral Philosophers

  3. Modern Philosophy

  4. Continental Philosophy

Denison University

  1. First Year Studies

  2. Modern Philosophy



  1. Graduate Program Director, 2014-2015

  2. Comprehensive Examination Coordinator, 2011-

  3. Fiscal Committee, 2007-2011

  4. Undergraduate Advisor, 2007-2008

  5. Graduate Advisor, 2008-

  6. Assessment Committee, 2008-2011

  7. Colloquium and Brown Bag Committee, 2007-

  8. Student Organizations Advisor; Philosophy Club, 2007-2008

  9. Social and Public Relations Committee, 2007-2011

  10. Advisor, Philosophy in Practice, Student Journal, 2008-

  11. Acting Graduate Program Director, Summer, 2009

  12. Instructional Affairs Committee, 2010-

  13. Co-acting Graduate Program Director, Fall 2010

    1. In charge of Graduate Comprehensive Examinations


  1. Alternate, RTP Committee B, 2014-2015

  2. ISAC, 2008-2011, 2014-

  3. Faculty Affairs, Winter 2015, Winter 2016, Spring 2017

  4. Chair, Graduate Council, Fall 2012

  5. IRA-RAAC Committee, 2012

  6. Chair, Instructional Student Activities Committee, 2011

  7. Vice Chair, Instructional Student Activities Committee, 2008-2009

  8. Faculty Affairs Committee, Winter 2010

  9. IRA-RAAC Committee, 2010

  10. Graduate Council, 2010-2012


  1. General Education Subcommittee, Fall 2013

  2. EEP Faculty Admission Committee, Summer 2012

  3. Academic Senate Alternate, Spring 2012

  4. Honors College Preview Day interviewer, Feb. 25th, 2012

  5. Hooder, Master’s Convocation, Spring 2011

  6. CFA representative for philosophy department, 2011-

  7. WASC EER RSCA Presenter, Oct. 7, 2010

  8. Pre-WASC Brown Bag Presenter, Teacher/Scholar-model, Summer 2010

  9. Writing Proficiency Examination Evaluator, 2008-

  10. Alternate, University Library Subcommittee, 2008

  11. Alternate, Faculty Senate, Summer 2008

  12. Marshal, Honors Convocation, Spring 2008

  13. Hooder, Master’s Convocation, Spring 2008

  14. New Faculty Orientation, Junior Faculty presentation, Sept. 8, 2008


  1. Member, Editorial Board. New Yearbook for Phenomenology, 2013-

  2. Article referee. European Journal of Philosophy, journal, 2016

  3. Article referee. Êtudes phenomenologique, journal, 2015

  4. Chair. Phenomenal Intentionality. American Philosophical Association, Pacific, Mar. 28th, 2013

  5. Panel Moderator. Thirteenth Annual Southern California Philosophy Conference, Cal Poly Pomona, Nov. 6th, 2010

  6. Book referee. Springer, publisher; for S. Geniusas’s “The Origins of Horizon in Husserl’s Phenomenology”

  7. Book referee. Yale University Press, publisher; for J.N. Mohanty’s The Philosophy of Edmund Husserl, vol. II

  8. Article referee. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, journal

  9. Article referee. Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

  10. Article referee. Continental Philosophy Review, journal

  11. Session chair. Author Meets Critic: Dan Zahavi, American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division Meeting, Pasadena, March, 2008

Service Prior to Cal State L.A.

  1. Article referee. Metaphilosophy, journal

  2. ACT1/EOP Mentor. Bloomsburg University, Sept. 2006-May 2007

  3. Minority Student Mentor. John Carroll University, Oct. 2003-May 2004

  4. Faculty participant. Philosophy Club, JCU, Sept. 2003-May 2004

  5. Visiting Researcher. Husserl Archives, Katholieke-Universiteit Leuven (Belgium), June 2002

  6. Moderator. “Self-Awareness and Consciousness” by Dan Zahavi, Fichte-Husserl Conference, Philips-Universität Marburg (Germany), May 2001

  7. Field Coordinator. History of the Laboratory conference, Stony Brook and Brookhaven National Laboratory, June 1999

  8. Field Coordinator. Interpretation conference, Stony Brook, Dec. 1998

Awards and Fellowships

  1. Creative Leave, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, California State University, Los Angeles, Spring 2009

  2. Post-doctoral Teaching Fellowship, Fordham University, 2004-2006

  3. Extension of Research Fellowship, Max Kade Foundation (New York), for continued research and residence at University of Wuppertal, 2001-2002

  4. Abschlußstipendium, Nordrhein-Westfall Ministry of Education, University of Wuppertal, Summer 2001

  5. Research Fellowship, Max Kade Foundation, for research and residence, Wuppertal, 2000-2001

  6. State University of New York Research Foundation Fellowship, 1999-2000

  7. State University of New York Teaching Assistantship, 1997-1999

Professional Affiliations

  1. American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division

  2. Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy

  3. Husserl Circle

  4. California Phenomenology Circle

German (speaking, reading), French (reading), Korean (conversational)

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