Department of Chemistry, Harvard University

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Cynthia M. Friend Personal and Professional Vita
Harvard University


Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Stanford University, Department of Chemical Engineering, 1981-82

Ph.D. Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley, 1981

B.S. Chemistry, University of California at Davis, 1977

Academic Positions:

Harvard University

Director, Rowland Institute for Science, 2013-present

Theodore William Richards Professor of Chemistry, 1998-present

Professor of Materials Science, 2002-present

Professor of Chemistry, 1989 1998

Morris Kahn Associate Professor, 1988 89

Associate Professor, 1986 88

Assistant Professor, 1982 86

Stanford University

Associate Director, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, 2011-12

Michelle Clayman Fellow, Stanford University, Spring 2008

Visiting Professor, Chemical Engineering, Spring 2001

Visiting Professor, Chemical Engineering, Spring 2004
Leadership Positions:

Stanford University

Associate Laboratory Director, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, 2011-12

Harvard University

Director, Rowland Institute for Science, 2013-present

Assoc. Director, Harvard Materials Research Science and Engineering Center, 2001-2011

Chair of the Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department, 2004-2007 Associate Dean, Faculty of Arts & Sciences, 2002-2005

Faculty of Arts & Sciences Resources Committee, 1999-present

Trustee, Radcliffe College, 1990-93

Other Experience:

Luce Foundation, Claire Booth Luce Fellowship Selection Board, May 2000-

General Motors Research Laboratory, Physical Chemistry Department, Visiting Researcher, January February 1981

Brookhaven National Laboratories, National Synchrotron Light Source, Visiting Scientist, November 1983 1988

Honors & Awards

International Awards:

Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg Fellowship, Germany, 2008

Alexander von Humboldt Senior Research Award, 2007

National Honors & Awards:

Fellow, American Chemical Society, 2010

George C. Olah Award in Hydrocarbon Chemistry, American Chemical Society, 2009

Fellow, AAAS, 2009

Langmuir Lecturer, Colloid Division of the American Chemical Society, 1995

Smithsonian Institute, Chosen Scientist for Permanent Exhibit, “Science & American Life”, 1992-present

Iota Sigma Pi: Agnes Fay Morgan Research Award, 1991

American Chemical Society Garvan Medal, 1991

Union Carbide Innovation Recognition Program, 1988 89

Presidential Young Investigator Award, 1985-1990

IBM Faculty Development Award, 1983 1985

Named Lectureships:

Rideal Lectureship, Cardiff University, United Kingdom, 2011

Dawson Lectureship, University of Kentucky, 2011

E.L. Muetterties Lectureship, University of California, Berkeley, 2010

David Mason Lectureship, Stanford University, 2010

Dorothy Crowfoot-Hodgkin Lecture, University of Zurich, 2009

Lind Lectures, American Chemical Society Southeast Section, 2008

Peter A. Leermakers Symposium speaker, Wesleyan University, 2002

Musselman Lecturer, Gettysburg College, 2000

Thomas Lectureship, University of Missouri, April 1998

Southern Lecturer, Furman University, 1996

Five College Lecturer (University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Smith, Hampshire, Mt. Holyoke Colleges), 1996

Arthur Vernon Memorial Lecturer, Northeastern University, 1996

Spicer Memorial Lecturer, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1994

Mary Kapp Lecturer, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1994

Plenary Lecturer, Kansas Academy of Arts & Sciences, 1994

Research Scholar Lecturer, Drew University, 1994

Miles Lecturer, University of New Hampshire, 1994

Procter and Gamble Lecturer, University of Cincinnati, 1993

Bernhard Visiting Fellow, Williams College, 1992

Robert Welch Lecturer (UT-Austin; Rice University; University of Texas, San Antonio) 1992

Cargill Lecturer, University of South Florida, 1992

Lucy Pickett Lecturer, Mount Holyoke College, 1991

Other Recognition:

Elected to Iota Chapter, Phi Beta Kappa, Radcliffe College, 1992

Distinguished Young Alumni Award, University of California, Davis, 1990

Professional Activities

Scientific Organizations:

U. S. Department of Energy, Review team leader for Energy Frontier Research Centers

U.S. Department of Energy panel,” Carbon Capture: Beyond 2020”, 2010

U.S. Department of Energy Committee of Visitors, Office of Basic Energy Sciences, 2008

U.S. Department of Energy panel,”Basic Research Needs (BRN) report, Catalysis for Energy”, March 2010

Chair, 2007 Gordon Research Conference on “Chemical Reactions at Surfaces”

Co-Chair, “Building Strong Academic Chemistry Departments through Gender Equity, sponsored by DOE, NIH and NSF, 2006

Co-Chair, Opportunities in Nanocatalysis Workshop, October 2005

U.S. Department of Energy Committee of Visitors, Office of Basic Energy Sciences, 2005

Council of the Gordon Research Conferences, January 2002 – 05

U.S. Representative, International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, 2000-03

Chemical & Engineering News Advisory Board, 2001-2002

56th Annual Conference on Physical Electronics Committee, 1995-96

Board on Chemical Science and Technology, National Research Council, 1992

Advanced Light Source: Users' Executive Committee, 1990-93

NSF Chemistry Advisory Panel, 1989 92

Program Chair, New England Catalysis Society, 1987 89

General & Program Chair, 1987ACS Biennial Inorganic Chemistry Symposium

NATO Advisory Panel Organic Chemistry, 1987


Faculty of Arts and Sciences Resources Committee, 1999-2011

Harvard University Benefits, Administration Subcommittee, 1996-98

Faculty of Arts and Sciences Standing Committee on Athletics, 2001-2002

The Committee on Undergraduate Studies in Applied Mathematics, 1999-2002

Faculty Council, Harvard University, 1992-95; 1998-2001

Radcliffe Institute Faculty Consultative Committee, 2000

President’s Search Advisory Committee for Radcliffe Dean, 1999-2000

Chair, Elected Docket Committee, Harvard University, 1998-2000

Standing Committee on the Core, Science Subcommittee, 1998-99

Faculty of Arts and Sciences Benefits Committee, 1996-98

Hoopes Prize Committee, Spring 1996-98

Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations Advisory Committee, 1996-97

President’s Work and Family Advisory Comm., Harvard University, 1995-97

Chair, Harvard FAS Standing Committee on Women, 1991-94

Member, Harvard FAS Standing Committee on Women of Committee, 1989-97
Editorial Responsibilities:
Accounts of Chemical Research, Senior Editor, 2012-present; Advisory Board, 2006-2011

Catalysis Science and Technology of the Royal Society of Chemistry, co-Editor-in-Chief, 2011-2012

The Journal of the American Chemical Society, Editorial Board, 2011-

Chemical Sciences (Royal Society of Chemistry), Editorial Board, 2010-

ACS Catalysis (American Chemical Society), Editorial Board, 2010-11; 2012-

ChemCatChem, Editorial Board, 2009-present

Surface Science, 2000-2010

The Chemical Intelligencer, 1997-2001

Chemical Engineering News, 1999-2001

Langmuir, 1991-2001

Journal of Cluster Science, 1990-1994
Professional Societies:
American Chemical Society

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Iota Sigma Pi

Freshmen Chemistry (Advanced group), Chemistry 10

Integrated Course in Chemistry and Physics, Chemistry 8,9

Physical Chemistry Laboratory, Chemistry 165

Inorganic Chemistry, Chemistry 40

Quantum Mechanics, Chemistry 160

Advanced Physical Organic Chemistry, Chemistry 105 A

Surface and Interfacial Chemistry, Chemistry 267

Nanoscience and Materials Science, Applied Physics 298r

Mitsubishi Chemical Company, 2005-2007

Paul Hastings LLP; 2004

Pennie & Edmonds LLP, 2002-2003

Ryoka Systems; Tokyo, Japan, 1995-2003

Kaelow and Assoc., LLP, 1998-1999

Texaco Lubricants Division, 1995-98

Advanced Technology Materials; Danbury, CT, 1988-92

Lord Corporation; Cary, NC, 1987-90

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