Development Review Committee May 13, 2014 Meeting Minutes

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Development Review Committee

May 13, 2014

Meeting Minutes

Present: John Mannillo, Paul Mandell, James McClean, Rob Clapp, Lucy Thompson, Chris Trost, Ginny Harris, Bill Hosko, Wayne Mikos, Russell Bailey, Ellen Muller, Josh Olson, Julio Fesser, Paul Bengtson, Joy Miciano, Joe Morneau, Joann Zaccardi, Reuben Morales, Scott Wende.

Meeting called to order. Introductions. Approval of agenda and minutes

Items of discussion:

Robert Street Transitway Study

Joy Miciano, Joe Morneau and Josh Olson (Zahn Associates, Dakota County & Ramsey County) presented an update on the project, highliting the three alternatives being considered, Bus Rapid Transit along Robert Street, Streetcars along Robert Street, and Bus Rapid Transit along Trunk Highway 52.

A final round of open houses will be occurring on June 3rd at 6pm at the Neighborhood House at 179 Robie Street East and then on June 5th at 4:30pm at the Dakota County Northern Service Center at 1 Mendota Road West.

The committee discussed the Project Update supplied by the guests and thanked them for the update.

Custom House – Site Plan Review

The committee was supplied with plans for the proposal and Lucy Thompson gave a short overview on some of the details associated with the project. Specifically some of the outdoor spaces they intend to develop, the Riverwalk, and the use of the south addition for storage on a temporary basis.

The committee asked that the applicants be invited to the May Board of Director’s meeting to discuss the application and action could be taken by the full board at that time.

Right of Way Vacation – Saint Peter Street

Staff informed the committee that this request was to simply clean up the title on the County’s parcel of land on the southeast corner of Saint Peter Street and Kellogg Boulevard. Lucy Thompson explained the location and its current state.

The committee moved to support the vacation of St. Peter St. adjacent to the Adult Detention Center at 12 Kellogg Blvd. W, as depicted on the map.

Business Improvement Districts (BID)

Carol Becker of Hamline University presented a PowerPoint presentation that explained the history, establishment, purpose, and success of Business Improvement Districts throughout the nation.

The committee inquired about the types of activities that BIDs could engage in, the process to adopt a BID, and the advised process for St. Paul to establish a BID. Size and scope were discussed, as was city participation in the process. Grant funding for the process of building support for a BID was discussed, as were methods to build that support through partnerships.

Meeting adjourned.

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