Disaster information: a bibliography

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Caribbean Disaster Information Network





Edited By

Beverley Lashley


Houple Henry

Sponsored by the

European Community Humanitarian Office
June 2000

Caribbean Disaster Information Network (CARDIN)

University of the West Indies Library

Mona, Kingston 7


© 2000 by CARDIN

All rights reserved

Printed 2000


Caribbean disaster information: a bibliography / edited by Beverley Lashley and Houple Henry.

p. cm.

At head of title: Caribbean Disaster Information Network.

ISBN 976-41-0166-6

1. Emergency management - Bibliography. 2. Disaster relief – Bibliography. 3. Disaster – Bibliography. I. Lashley, Beverley. II. Henry, Houple. III. Caribbean Disaster Information Network.
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Cover and book design by Wycliffe Hoshing

Table of Contents

Forward I

Acknowledgments II

Introduction III

How To Use This Publication III-IV

Document Index 1-235

Author Index 236-247

Subject Index 248-253

Lists Of Acronyms 254-255

Addresses Of Organizations 257-257


Much of the literature relating to Disaster Management in the Caribbean has not been systematically compiled. This is particularly true of the work which has been done outside the academic domain. The CARDIN database, which will provide electronic access, remote interrogation, and links into other databases, will therefore be important to the discipline of disaster management in the Caribbean.

The CARDIN project transcends language barriers and is expected, on completion, to be representational of the work of the Region. Users will find the Bibliography easy to use. Addition of the locator for the papers is very useful. Connection to other databases ensures wide access to allied disciplines and has allowed incorporation of papers on environmental management, community development, agriculture and health, among others.
CARDIN will also promote the work of scientists, researchers and disaster management organizations of the Caribbean, and will make their work more easily accessible, thus helping to eliminate some of the challenges encountered in its establishment.
This represents a significant contribution to the disaster management literature of the Caribbean. Most appropriately, the project is the responsibility of an existing Regional Institution, which will ensure continuity. I hope CARDIN will be accepted as another valuable resource to be used in our ongoing efforts to reduce the vulnerability of the region.

Dr. Barbara Carby

Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management




CARDIN express appreciation to the European Community Humanitarian Office (ECHO) for its ongoing sponsorship of the Project. It would also like to thank all persons from various organizations within Latin America and the Caribbean who provided input or assisted otherwise with the development of Caribbean Disaster Information: A Bibliography.

Special thanks to Ms. Stephney Ferguson, University Librarian, who gave the initial guidance to the project and Mrs. Norma Amenu Kpodo, Deputy Librarian who presently supervises the CARDIN Project. Mention must also be made of the assistance of Mrs. Janet McCallum, Systems Librarian, UWI and Mrs. Donna Henriquez, UWI Library Student Assistant.
We hope that this tool will aid in the access and dissemination of disaster information throughout the Caribbean Region.

Please note however that European Commission is not liable for any use that may be made of the information contained herein.

Beverley Lashley

Project Coordinator

June, 2000


Caribbean Disaster Information: A Bibliography, is produced by the Caribbean Disaster Information Network (CARDIN), and lists documents on disaster prevention, mitigation and response included in the CARDIN database. It is a product of a regional cooperative effort with contributions from disaster organizations in the Caribbean. CARDIN embarked on this project in an effort to bolster the ability at national and regional levels to identify and capture relevant disaster related information and make it accessible and available to the global community.

It is envisaged that the bibliography will provide government agencies, planning units, insurance companies, statisticians, policy makers, researchers, teachers and students with a collection of disaster information pertinent to the Caribbean region. It is hoped that this resource guide will help to reveal gaps in disaster research and highlight areas, which need be revisited in an effort to identify appropriate measures, policies and practices to be taken in order to alleviate the vulnerability of the Caribbean region to disasters.
The Bibliography includes works authored by professionals involved in disaster related issues in the Caribbean Region. It includes technical and scientific literature on the management of natural and man made disasters. Works incorporated include: research papers, theses, books, articles that have been prepared in scholarly journals, papers presented at conferences, preparedness plans, projects and technical reports. Works in Spanish with abstracts have been included and subject descriptors in English have been used for indexing.
We hope that it will be as user friendly as anticipated and all who use it will find it a valuable addition to their libraries or information units. We trust that CARDIN’s efforts will contribute to the dissemination of disaster related information and aid in the discussion of disaster related issues.

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