Diving, Synchronised 3 m Mixed Gold: Germany – 313. 50 points Tina Punzel

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European Championships, Glasgow 2018

Diving, Synchronised 3 m Mixed
Gold: Germany – 313.50 points

Tina Punzel:

We are very happy, our synchronisation was very good, even from our first practices, and now it worked during the competition. We dived before the British team so we put the pressure on them, but I only focused on our dives.”

Lou Massenberg:

Wow, it’s fantastic, I had two event is this Championship and I collect a gold medal after a silver – I’m extremely happy! We were able to control the whole competition, I admit that I watched the points of the rivals so I knew we were in a rivalry with Ross and Grace, the team of Great Britain. We started with the easy dives, but we succeed to do our best even at the difficult ones.”

Silver: Great Britain – 308.67 points

Ross Haslam:

The Germans dived really well in training, came to play today and did a really good list. We knew it was going to be a tough competition and the Germans really found their form. I leave Grace to do what she does best and I try to follow in her shadow.”

Grace Reid:

It is great to compete here in Edinburg, among familiar faces, where I learned to drive as a child and hear that Scottish accent, it helped me a lot. I enjoy very much that the championship is organised here. We are very pleased. We would have loved to take home the gold but the Germans really stepped up their game. I said to Ross afterwards that I'm really pleased it has gone so well”

Bronze: Ukraine – 291.81 points

Stanislav Oliferchyk:

The synchro is one of my favourite events. It is a little distraction from the individual events where I have to jump higher and have to do harder dives. Here, I have to adapt to Viktoriya, so that everything is synchronised and the dives are easier, so I can relax a bit. We had some problems with the entry into the water. The synchronisation went really well. We trained enough, but we need to work on our entry.”

Viktoriya Kesar:

Overall we dived quite well, but we need to be cleaner and work on the entry. Then hopefully we can do better next year.”

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