Doc.: Ieee 802. 11-00/243

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July 2000 doc.: IEEE 802.11-00/243

IEEE P802.11
Wireless LANs

Tentative Minutes of Regulatory ad-hoc meeting

Date: Tuesday July 11th 8.30am

Author: Juha Heiskala


Peter Murray
NWN (Intersil)


Vic Hayes Lucent Technologies

Chaim Shemhav nBand Communications

Masa Akahaue Sony

Juha Heiskala Nokia

Kevin M. Barry S.I.T.A.

Dennis Eaton Intersil

Marcus Gahler NextComm

Steve Helford Intersil

Bob Huang Matsushita/Panasonic

Francois Kleitz Alcatel

Reza Alavi Analog

Peter Murray Intersil

Denis Kuwahara Boeing

Barry Davis Intel

Jerry Loraine Micro Linear

C C Tsien Intel

Mark Webster Intersil

David Landeta Intersil

Carl Andren Intersil

Tim Wakeley Hewlett Packard

Jim Zyren Intersil

David Skellern Radiata

Andrew Gowans UK RA

PJ Sallaway National Semiconductor

Dave Richkas Intel
Meeting called to order 8.30am.
Roll call.
Motion 1: To approve document 00/208 Tentative agenda for the Regulatory ad-hoc as agenda for the meeting.
Mover: Denis Kuwahara

Second: Peter Murray

Pass 6/0/0
There are 18 people in the meeting room.
UK Radio Communications Agency has first meeting on 27th July on planning for the 5GHz band, anyone can attend. Agenda will be made available. Contact: Andrew J Gowans, Radio Communications Agency, direct: +44 (0)20 7211 0309, mobile: +44 (0) 7776 161813, email:

UK-RA website:

List of relevant ITU, CEPT and BRAN meetings.
CITEL is important to contribute to the ITU-R work.
Andrew Gowans will make a paper with a time scale and recommendation of how to contribute.
Jim Zyren report on FCC docket 99-231, Wide-Band Frequency hopping and DS testing.
Considering that prepatory work was on the list of group objectives, the group will start to work on a response to FCC on the DS jamming margin test. Jim Zyren and Jerry Loraine will draft a letter, available 4pm Tuesday.
Discussion on what the Gaussian interferer test means. Conclusion nobody really knows at this point.
Jim Zyren report on FCC docket 99-42 RF-Lighting devices in the 2.45GHz band.
The latest filing to FCC from Fusion Lighting will be made available and proposed response to be evoked in September meeting.
Back on WBFH, Jim Zyren discusses current FH rules.
Agenda item 4.

Presentation on RadioLAN parameters by Denis Kuwahara, document 00/150 JRG 8A-9B 13-June notes.

Presentation by Denis Kuwahara document 00/151 Working Party 7C-16-June-notes, that joint task group on earth exploration satellite and RLAN bands has been formed.
Agenda item 3, response to ETSI BRAN on DFS and TPC.

David Skellern will look into the papers and presentations by Mika Kasslin and draft a response.

Meeting adjourned 9.30am. July 11 2000

Regulatory ad-hoc July 12 2000 reconvene 08:30

Review of Tuesday meeting by Vic:

Revise Agenda
Motion to approve agenda:

Move: Ecclesine

Seconded: Caldwell
Vote: all approve:
1: Review draft comment letter 00/216 to FCC on ET Docket No. 99- 231 by Jim Zyren.
Edits done by members of the ad-hoc committee.
Motion :to approve letter: moved by Kawahara

Second: Zyren

Vote: all approve
3: David Skellern showed initial draft response to the ETSI Bran letter doc. 802.11-99/129 with suggestion on sending a partial answer promising more responses later.
4: Not discussed in this session.
5: Organise work for WRC2003

Dennis says that we should contact companies to make requests for spectrum needs known to ITU.

Andrew Gowans indicated that our requests should go via 8A 9B. He will provide information to assist in directing our requests to the correct committees. He will pass requests to the Rapporteur.

The 802.11 representative to 8A has to be designated.

Prepare a position paper to JRG 8a-9b to input into WP 7C on 802.11 WLAN parameters.
Motion to prepare:

Moved Murray

Second Ecclesine

Pass: all approve.

Motion: To nominate a Liasion officer from 802.11/15 to JRG 8A-9B Task 4 and to encourage participation by individuals supported by ITU-R sector member. ( link to radio communications).
Moved Ecclesine

Second Murray

Pass: all approve.
6: Discussion on who and how membership is obtained and if there is a volunteer to be the 802.11 representatives.
A Gowans shows doc 000/??? on the new ITU make up. Gives info on the Study groups. Can be obtained from the WEB.
Also shows meeting schedules, and explains intricacies of membership and relationship between committees.
Meeting adjourned until 4 pm at 10:15

Wednesday July 12 2000

Informal preparation of the RLAN parameters paper

Thursday July 13 2000

Reconvene: 08:30

Vic brings up new documents he obtained referring to the ITU-R (IEEE 802.16l-00/16).
2: The RLAN parameters to JRG 8a – 9b document work by Denis continues. It will be completed off line and then placed for review on the web site. Th plan will be to attend the revalent ITU-R meetings.
3: Response to ETSI re 00/129

David Skellern presents draft of Liaison response to ETSI Bran letter doc. 802.11-99/129.

Vic Hayes entertains a motion to recommend to 00/241 to the chair of ETSI Bran re: One standard.

Shown in May 2000 letter


Motion approved.


4. Liaison to ETSI-BRAN re one standard

5. Revision of ex-parte letter on 99-231

Motion on reconsideration of letter 00/216d2 to FCC.


Approved 3/0/0
Motion to modify wording 00/216d3.


Approved 3/0/0
Motion to approve document 00/216d3.

Approved 3/0/0

6. Mode of operation with ITU-R (resolution 9)

We reviewed the resolution. Vic will enquire whether we need to make an MOU with ITU-R.
Meeting closed at 11:15

Tentative Minutes Regulatory ad-hoc page Heiskala, Nokia/Murray, NWM

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