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Copyright Bruce Seymour
BSB LA 33 Ludwig to Lola: Letter 184

No.132 Munich 1 January 49

With kisess in thought the past year concluded and with kisses to your sweet lips the new year begins. It has to be much, much better than the past para ser besos??? A few days ago I saw Baron Frays in the street. (He's never been to see me in all the time since he returned to being intendant of the theater) and I almost didn't recognize him, he's so much older (...) before his hair was dyed 2 Jan At the first of the year I look at your picture, your miniature, your picture from Papa Plötz, your busts in marble and plaster (...) 3 Jan (...) My son Adalbert writes of his trip to Spain. (...) 4 Jan Antonia Gunther gave me for New Year's a work of your hands. Her father is thinking about establishing himself and his family in America, but she's against it. I've been to see them three or four times. They say, who hasn't seen Granada has seen nothing, and he who hasn't been to Sevillia doesn't know marvels. But I say, He who hasn't seen my Lolitta hasn't seen the prettiest, in verses and in prose the most beautiful must be praised. 5 Jan (...) one of my letters to London has the draft for February. I repeat, I don't want to make any more payments in

advance. It's not good for you because it can produce disorder. Tu fiel Luis

BSB LA 34 Lola to Ludwig: Letter No. 136

(plain paper, to Munich, LM seal) 1 Jan 49 midnight

Mi querido Louis

The first thing to occupy me in the new year is to think about you and write you, although it's not three days since I let you know I'm back in London (letter referred to here appears to be lost). I hope this year won't be as unhappy for us as the last - and that at least I'll be able to see you soon, if you haven't forgotten the love you had for me - I'm very tired all day from the trip - and everything here is more expensive than I imagined, but with very positive economies, I can live - but right now London is very sad, almost no people, everyone is in the country, and neither the Italian Theater nor the other operas are open - but for me it's almost impossible to go to the Italian Opera - the seats in the second rank cost 500 francs per night!! What money you have to have to live in luxery here - Your letter with the draft for December I received here, also the other in Geneva, but as it was necessary for me to pay three months for my house and to buy things to eat for me and the servants, I had to exchange - it's the same thing as you can consider for February - I hope that before then I'll be able to sell the diamonds and the silver - diamonds aren't very valuable at the moment, but I hope to find an honest man who will buy them for what they're worth - it's not possible and it's very dangerous to have debts - foreigners don't have any credit or only very short term and the road to prison for debt isn't long - You see, querido Louis, how necessary it was to sell my house quickly, which hasn't yet been done - when I was in Munich, Murray wrote to London to Laurie & Bedford to order me a very lovely outfit for my horses - This account is still owed to this man but I hope(?) that in a little while my house in Munich will be sold and he'll be paid - The man has been very patient up to now, but Murray, who's in Geneva, has written to him that I was here under the name of Bolton, and yesterday he presented himself to be paid - which is as impossible for me as to make gold - if you had listened to my prayers to sell my house, the man wouldn't have tormented me, but my Louis always wants to wait, and you forget that others will wait for a king but not for me - write soon, querido Louis, for New Year's I send you a kiss - your ever faithful and tender Lolitta

BSB LA 38 Ludwig to Peißner

2 January , Munich: Peißner, I just read your letter of December 29, and I plan to give you at the beginning of next summer's semester 600 Gulden. That will allow you to study a year in Giessen and complete your studies. How long after the Countess Landsfeld said to you, "Voila mon coeur, ne demandez jamais mon corps avant notre marriage" did you come to possess the same? Also again during your first stay in Switzerland? During your second stay in Switzerland? Are you certain or merely strongly suspect that L. Leibinger also enjoyed the same favors? Did you sleep with her in Blutenburg? and did you actually sleep with her, namely in the same bed, or only nearby????? Answer all these questions for me with the greatest honesty, as well as telling me if when the Countess spoke of going to Rome next spring, she intended you to go along. It is news to me that the Countess spoke of an intention to marry you. When was that? Enclose this letter, without making a copy of it, with your answer to your well-inclined Ludwig

BSB LA 39 Rufenacht to Ludwig

4 January: transmits the prospectus for Papon's Memoirs

BSB LA 39 Peißner to Ludwig

5 Jan: Allerdurchlautigst Großmächtiger König, Allgnaden König und Herr, It still seemed to me too indelicate to touch upon relationships well known to Your Majesty in so direct speech, but now I have from Your Majesty such permission.

Already in November of 1847 - I no longer know the exact date because my I lost my pocket notebook - I found myself alone with the Countess in her small bedroom and after extended caresses, she kissed me and embraced me and asked suddenly in feigned surprise "Qu'avez vous? Que voulez vous? Vous etes si rouge." Then she touched me and cleared the way for me to enjoy her, and then - to put it briefly - I felt what I had never before felt. I didn't know how it happened to me. I had to swear on my knees by the Holy Crucifix never to be unfaithful to her; she did the same. It was an awesome, holy moment. As a result, because I was still head over heels in love with her, I would at that time have given my life for her - In Switzerland I never possessed her, although she had invited me most tenderly. - I think I can maintain with certainty that L. Leibinger possessed the Countess in the first days in Lindau because I always left the Countess's soirees very early and Leibinger remained alone with her for ever longer periods, even after Härtheiß had gone - Whether something similar took place with Leibinger in the last days in Munich, I can't say with certainty, but I would guess that it is extremely likely.

In Lindau I was devestated with sorrow and the Countess was able partially to overcome my feelings with terrible scenes in which she threw herself on the floor and said "Pardonnez-moi, ta mauvaise femme," and swore to me that she didn't really want to make it with Leibinger, that she didn't love him, that it had been a silly caprice; but she didn't confess anything more to me.

In Blutenburg I lay near her on the sofa, that is, on chairs next to the sofa. In the cold room I covered her??? (die Abgemattentn???) with pillows and coats.

When the Countess told me of her plans to travel to Italy to meet Your Royal Majesty there for several weeks, she told me at the same time that she intended that I and Oscar Mussinan should travel ahead to Italy, which I, in light of the unmasking of my comrades, was quite willing to do.

I heard of the Countess's intention to marry me principally in the last two months of 1847, then the last time in Frankfurt am Main. Then may YRM learn from me, unasked, that about the middle of March I met the Countess when she came to Frankfurt, and she had me come from Plauen with the remark that if I didn't come to Frankfurt, she would come to Plauen, with which threats she always imposed her will. I stayed two days in Frankfurt at the Hotel de Paris; she was at the Hotel Landsberg. In those evenings I heard from her for the last time that she still wanted to marry me; she cried, stretched out her hand to me and swore it to me - but I rejected her hand and her oath with the remark that she might sometime regret what she had done that day. She thought herself abandoned then and I was very sorry for her; I was supposed to accompany her back to Basel from Frankfurt, but I was afraid that I would be recognized and endanger the Countess thereby, so I returned to Plauen from Mainz.

Now I have pretty thoroughly laid out my previous life to YRH. May I now make a detailed sketch for YRH my current situation, not that I am unhappy with the goodness shown me by YRH, but.....(parents have been driven from their home; he sits with two siblings in a two-windowed room; he was locked up for 24 hours on December 20th for striking a student; his father has ruined the whole family; he wants to finish at Giessen.)

Examiner (London), 6 January 1849, page 6.3

LM is in London; last Saturday she claimed her baggage from customs and signed as Marie, Countess of Landsfeld. She had arrived from Boulogne to Dover or Folkestone previously.

The Court Journal (London) page 15.3

6 January: Lola Montes arrived in London on Friday week

Sunday Times (London), 7 January 49, page 2.3

LM said to have arrived Friday night

BSB LA 33 Ludwig to Lola: Letter 185 bis


No.133 Munich 6 Jan 49

Mia querida Lolitta

More than once, alone in my apartments in the evening, I've thought, Ay, if my Lolitta were here, I've felt the desire to see you, but your phantom, I didn't want you really to be here because it would be too dangerous for you (...) (Passage asking about Papon's letters as it appears in the final version of No.133) 8 Jan (...) The last day of the year I passed your house and thought of times past. (...) 9 Jan I had a lot of suspicions that you were unfaithful to me last winter, and now I'm certain. Peißner screwed you many times. I'm giving him the means to finish his studies; that's the vengence I take on him.

Le Courrier de l'Europe (London) Page 14 col 2

6 January: Last Saturday (3 January) LM was at Nicholson's wharf to pick up her bags, signed the declaration as "Marie, Countess of Landsfeld;" she's been here for several weeks incognito

BSB LA 39 Papon file

Apparently anonymous letter in French: Sunday, 8 p.m., Sire, from my bed, all atremble, I send you this paper!!!! [Paper says "Sous presse pour paraitre par livraisons, a date de 15 Janvier 1849 “Lola Montes, Memoires accompagnes de lettres intimes de S.M. Louis roi de Baviere (la plus recent de 4 Octobre 1848), etc,” par Auguste Papon, Desouche, imprimateur-editeur a Nyon, Canton de Vaux] apportés par des amis fideles qui ne veullient pas etre nommés, faire mon bon roi ce qui la produce vous détresse et s'il est possible prevenu la ????
BSB LA 33 Ludwig to Lola: Letter 185

No.133 Munich 6 Jan 49

Mia querida Lolitta

Look to see if any of my letters are missing - I'm very concerned - tell me exactly which numbers are missing. It's very important to me to know if Senor Papon has taken any or simply has copies. I also want to know if he's in possession of the French translations I made for you of my poems in German (...) 7 Jan (...) I had lunch for the first time with my son Maxmillian at Nymphenburg, all relatives. Afterwards I looked out from my grandsons' rooms on the gardens (...) I thought how happy I was walking there with you two years ago. (...) 8 Jan I was favored to receive a letter from you, the first of the year, but the one written earlier from London that you speak of, I don't have. The letters I sent to you at Geneva have come back. I'll enclose them with this. Thanks for the greeting expressed in recognition of the new year. As far as the sale of your house, I can do nothing, it's for the court to do, that's a matter for your attorney. 9 Jan You've received three drafts for the months of the present year, and I can't send a second for February. I can believe that it's very expensive to live in London, but it's your choice to be there. 10 Jan Today there's a bal pure in the great hall intended for that. I won't be there; it seems inconvenient to be in it in the palace where months ago I was the beloved. (...) Adalbert is in Cadiz. Tu fiel Luis Don't forget to respond to my questions about Papon.

BSB LA 34 Lola to Ludwig: Letter No. 137

(Ludwig's hand? "Enero 1849") Londres el cuy..? (Jan 5th?)

Mi muy querido Louis

I haven't had a letter from you for two weeks; what's happened?, my God, are you sick? - has something happened? I'm very worried - I haven't slept for two nights - yesterday and today I was greatly agitated - You know I live at 4 Queen Street - you haven't answered four letters - you didn't write me a letter for Christmas or New Year's; what does that say? And the bad dreams I've had for three nights about you - I'm so upset I can't eat, speak, and my poor maid is the same - if you're sick, have Hirsch write - but please send me a few words - mi muy siempre querido Louis, if you knew the pain I suffer from not having received a letter from you Your very faithful Lolitta

J.A.Stargardt Catalogue No. 685, Autographs, 25-26 Feb 1975 Item 1176

Ludwig to Luise von Plönnies

8 January: Es war ein gräßliches Jahr das 1848er für mich ins Besondere denn außer dem Bewusten was mich traf wurde mir in ihm, wie in keinem andern, eine Reihe alte Bekannten...entrissen....Wer hätte in Bad Brückenau im Sommer 1847 gedacht, was sich schon im Frühling 1848 ereignen würde! Das was ist, das ist, sich darüber grämen ändert's nicht, verbittert nur uns....das Leben. Ich jage sie von mir weg die trüben Gedanken und will heiter sein. Daß ich's bin, daß ich frisch und gesund aussehe wird gefunden...
BSB LA 39 Rufenacht to Ludwig

10 January: Thank you for yours of the 5th (not in file) I could never understand the countess's relationship with Papon. She seemed to have a horror of him and yet sacrificed everything for him. Maybe he had a secret dating back to Paris. Papon was kicked out when the Count proposed marriage, but then the count's friends took him off and LM chased him to Chambry and brought him back in triumph. I don't know why she's gone to London. She apparently came back to get her diamonds from the bank and pack up twelve cases and get her horses, etc.

BSB LA 33 Ludwig to Lola: Letter 186

No.134 Munich 11 Jan 49

Mia querida Lolitta

You remember Senora Plönies at Bad Brückenau. She still lives at Darmstadt and wrote me at the New Year, she's written a book. (...) In contrast to the great court ball, I was at my wife's with just five other people. We drank tea, a gentleman told a story. Writing to you after morning prayers has been my first occupation, as is my custom. 12 Jan I got yours of the 5th; it's the second since your return to London. The one prior to the first written in that city, of which you speak, is not in my hands. The number of the present letter shows the frequency of my letters to you. Now you will understand why you didn't hear from me for so long, since I had written to Geneva after you had left. 13 Jan I hear the Foreign Minister, Count Bray, is giving a ball; I don't go to anyone, much less in this winter (...) 14 Jan The Chambers have been convened (...) 15 Jan We have a new production from Fenzl, half ballet, half pantomime, Der Zauberstern. Moller dances in it, very well, but Thierry is Colombina. She makes me think of Bad Brückenau. (...) 16 Jan Have you read Senor Papon's announcement of the memoirs he's going to publish about us? It froze again. To say that I think and think of you is superfluous from Tu fiel Luis

BSB LA 39 Rufenacht file

(Copy of letter from LM to Rufenacht)10 January, No. 4 Queen Street, London: Thanks for the first pamphlet; I have friends here with long arms who won't allow insults to an old man who can't defend himself. It's terrible what Papon is doing. Let me know what you think I should do......P.S. Greetings from the Baron; he'll be back soon, and from Marianne.

BSB LA 34 Lola to Ludwig: Letter No. 138

(Blank paper, to Munich) Londres 12 Jan

Mi muy querido Louis

I received your two letters yesterday at Poste Restante - by mistake the English maid I have in the house didn't know I'd get mail under the name Bolton and refused them - but today I rectified the error - you did very well to write the direction (address?) and what a joy for me once more to receive sweet words from your ever beloved hands - they did me more good than my pen can write - You alone and always are my sole thought (?) - you don't know what it's like alone in this great capital - no one concerns himself with me and all this time was hell for me; I thought you were sick - what a terrible time I had! If you were sick I would know nothing because your family detests me and would prevent all correspondence - if you were no more, querido Louis - what a terrible prospect for me - I could never ask anything of your family, and they would never do a thing for me - I'm lost because you don't want to settle anything on me, and people, Mr. Cockburn among others, think you have no intention of doing anything at all for me - This certitude would in a short time make me mad - because it's impossible to think much about the horros of my position without moral suffering - always, always, always, day and night, this ???? - Oh God, how I am punished for having left Munich - I see myself, if you die before me, in a charity hospital - an old acquaintance of mine, Senor Kalergi, brother of the General Kalergi of Greece is here; he's visited me several times, and you're always the subject of conversation, mi querido Louis - he asked me the same questions and is worried that you've done nothing for me - nonetheless - The other people believe you intend to leave me in a terrible position but others believe you'll do what you should do - because life is not ours and of your family, even if your son gives you his word, it's worthless - You yourself have ???? and the world isn't like you - you ask me if all my things came - yes, it's better and costs less than if I had to buy them again, and besides I couldn't sell them in Geneva, but I hope to be able to sell the big furniture here - I live very economically here and very retired from the world - after all, I haven't had the heart to go into society in my sad postion - I spend very little - for my servants and myself I spend 130 francs per week - I'm very constrained to be economical - as for my jewels, I couldn't sell them right now, they'd bring so little - but to pay for the trip and customs I have to sell some - Mi querido Louis, what a happy time when you were near me - when your dear mouth spoke to me - I can only live in the memory - I've heard Senor Papon, who's nothing more than a tool(?) of the Jesuits who they introduced as a spy into my house to do me harm - and to separate me from you - He's said he won't be happy until I'm on a bed of straw (his own words) and that you'll give me nothing, but, oh God, if you could read my open heart you would see how much love and affection I have for you - if you were no more, I hope to die - there's nothing for me in this vile, infamous world - without you this is my constant prayer & desire - addios, ever beloved Louis I am for life and until death your faithful and tender Lolitta
BSB LA 39 Rufenacht to Ludwig

13 January: We are trying to put pressure on the printer to retrieve the letters, etc. Encloses the Journal de Geneve with letter of Oscar Hurt-Binet from 12 January page 2.2-3. Hurt-Binet is a neighbor of Papon whom Papon tried to make a part of LM's entourage. He was an officer of Charles , now lives on his father's estate. Papon wants MONEY. Enclosed copy of threatening letter from "Marins d'eau douce" outlining Papon's life story, indicating he knew her in Paris.

BSB LA 33 Ludwig to Lola: Letter 187

No.135 Monaco 17 Enero 49

Mia querida Lolitta

More than once, alone in my apartments in the evening, I've thought, Ay, if my Lolitta were here, I've felt the desire to see you, but your phantom, I didn't want you really to be here because it would be too dangerous for you (...) news from Adalbert in southern Spain 18 Jan (...) news of the session and of Adalbert 21 Jan I received your letter of January 12th. I'm pleased you've gone through my letters to you, but I'd like to know the numbers. (...) news of the session and Adalbert 22 Jan (...) Is it very foggy in London; how is your health? Tu fiel Luis

BSB LA 39 Rufenacht to Ludwig

18 January: Forwards copy of "Offres et Menances." It looks hopeless with Papon. Poor Chebuliez. Murray was just here; could we use him?

BSB LA 34 Lola to Ludwig: Letter No. 139

(blank paper, to Munich) Londres 19 Jan 1849

Mi querido Louis

Senor Papon, I'm written from Geneva, intends to write a very ridiculous pamphlet as vengence that he is no longer in my house and because he has nothing true to recount he's inventing lies - he's said he'll publish letters of yours and mine - but that is also false - all your letters are in my hands, all, and he's never seen one, all were locked in my own room in my secretary (...) it has an English patent lock that was impossible to open - these are lies to get him money - and he can say nothing, he's an infamous man - a true Chevalier d'Industrie - but I beg you to have faith in me and my words - If he asks you for money not to draw attention (?), everything he can say are nothing but threats - he says too he has letters from me - he has three I wrote to him while he was in Munich, and it would give me great satisfaction if he'd really publish them - there is nothing in them but words of affection for you with the plea to ask you to pay my terrible debts in Geneva, and with great gratitude to Senor Papon for having done me that service in Munich - please don't listen to all this infamy - as well as you, he will write of me (?), but of this I have no fear - he's already been kicked out of Geneva, but for me it is a lesson I won't forget in my life and will keep me in other times from putting faith in strangers I don't know at all - I'm sending you a letter for Rossmann to ask him to sell my house - without this I'm lost - Here I'm obliged to pay for the outfit for the horses that was bought on my behalf in Munich - otherwise I could go to prison - it's very hard for me - 125 pounds sterling - a woman from Paris who's been tormenting me for a long time also came to claim her account, but it's impossible to pay, impossible - I've written a letter for Rossmann to write to her in response to a letter she is to write to him to say that when my house is sold, she'll be paid and Rossmann should know too that I've paid Laurie & Bedford - that name is on the list of creditors - querido Louis, have Rossmann reply to me, I've written three letters with no response - you say nothing of seeing me again soon, although now it's very easy, you no longer desire to see you Lolitta. Kings forget very easily it seems to me, it seems my enemies have finally triumphed over me - you asked if I've seen Mr. Cockburn - I've seen him three times but it seems to me he's not so interested in me as before, although he still has great interest in my affairs - He's always a very busy man and has very little time for himself - How easily you could travel incognito to England any way you want if you still love me - Addios, muy querido Louis believe that my heart is the same for you, although it seems to me that you don't love me so much Your ever faithful and tender Lolitta

BSB LA 39 Rufenacht to Ludwig

20 Jan: Nothing has yet appeared

BSB LA 38 Ludwig to Papon

22 Jan (draft is in file, essentially the same as final; the envelope is addressed in Ludwig's hand "A Monsieur lexxx Papon" and a handwritten notation on it says "F10000 sauvé??? à Sa Majesté/ par A.E.R." in an unknown hand (Rufenacht's???)

Monsieur je ne sais pour rien que vous etes entre dans la maison de la Comtesse de Landsfeld, je ne sais pour rien que vous etes sorti, ce n'est donc pas a moi que vous avez demander une reparation. Je veux néanmoins accorder les dix mille francs que vous desirez si vous me rendez les lettres que je vous ai addressé, celles de la Comtesse de Landsfeld et tout ce qui a rapport. Je dois vous observer qu'a ce qui regarde la clef de chamberlain, de n'en avoir plus a donner depuis mon abdication. Votre affectioné [!!!!], Ludwig (also in this file are the uncut pages of the “Offres et Menaces,” Möller's reply, and the envelope with Papon's five seals (all different) in which Ludwig’s letters to Papon were returned years later)

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