Duties of a professor

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As defined by the Ontario Council of Regents, the duties of a Professor are: 


Under the direction of the senior academic officer of the College or his/her designate, a 

Professor is responsible for providing academic leadership and for developing an 

effective learning environment for students.  This includes: 



A)  The design/revision/upgrading of courses, including: 



consulting with program and course directors and other faculty members

advisory committees, accrediting agencies, potential employers and students; 


defining course objectives and evaluating and validating these objectives


specifying or approving learning approaches, necessary resources, etc.; 


developing individualized instruction and multimedia presentations where 



selecting or approving textbooks and learning materials. 



B)  The teaching of assigned courses, including: 



ensuring student awareness of course objectives, approach and evaluation 



carrying out regularly scheduled instruction


tutoring and academic counseling of students; 


providing a learning environment which makes effective use of available 

resources, work experience and field trips; 


evaluating student progress/achievement, assuming responsibility for the overall 

assessment of the students’ work within assigned courses. 



C)  The provision of academic leadership, including: 



providing guidance to Instructors relative to the Instructor’s teaching 



participating in the work of curriculum and other consultative committees as 



In addition, the Professor may, from time to time, be called upon to contribute to other 

areas ancillary to the Professor role such as student recruitment and selection, 

timetabling, facility design, professional development, student employment, and control 

of supplies and equipment. 


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