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What is EDFA

  • Type of Optical amplifier

  • Stands for “Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier”

  • Used to boost the intensity of optical signals being carried through a fiber optic communications system

  • Has a fiber whose core is heavily doped with Erbium ions

  • Works on the concept of stimulated emission

  • Operates in the C band (1530-1560) and L band (1570-1610)

Origin of EDFA (Who, When and Where)

  • Prof.David Payne and team

  • Published the research paper in the year 1987

  • At the University of Southampton, UK

Why Erbium?

  • Erbium has several important properties that make it an excellent choice for an optical amplifier

  • Erbium ions (Er3+) have quantum levels that allows them to be stimulated to emit in the 1540nm band, which is the band that has the least power loss in most silica-based fiber.

  • Erbium's quantum levels also allow it to be excited by a signal at either 980nm or 1480nm, both of which silica-based fiber can carry without great losses

How it works

Basic block diagram of EDFA

Block diagram of EDFA

Block diagram of EDFA

  • Counterpropogating Pump EDFA

Characteristics of EDFA

Characteristics of EDFA (Contd….)

Characteristics of EDFA (Contd….)


  • Commercially available in C-band & L-band

  • Insensitivity to light polarization state

  • High gain

  • Low noise figure: 4.5 dB to 6dB

  • No distortion at high bit rates

  • Simultaneous amplification of wavelength division multiplexed signals

  • Immunity to cross talk among wavelength multiplexed channels

Advantages (Cont…)

  • Do not require high speed electronics

  • Independent of bit rate (Bit rate transparency)



  • You name them………. and they are there


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  • Fiber Optic Communication Technology by Djafar K.Mynbaev and Lowell L.Scheiner

  • www.soton.ac.uk

  • www.photon-x.net/tech/edfa.htm

  • www.webopedia.com

  • www.mse.vt.edu

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