Economists usually study markets. Now

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Economists usually study markets. Now, two Americans have won the Nobel Price the Economic, for not studying market.
They will share[mat sia] almost one and the half (head) million dollars for their analysis of (analgesic) Economic governance (governors).
This is study of how Economic activity is governed[it ga von] within (with in) companies, communities and other (end of the) groups.
The winners are Elinor Ostrom [e le no os dam] of Indiana (in the) university in Bloomington[lu minh ton] and Oliver Williamson of the University of California, Berkeley (all of word's Williamson (wil-li-inh-sinh) of university of California [bos- li])
The prize in [ray sin] Economic siciences(Scientist) has gone to sixty-three men since it was first awarded [the quo dit] forty years ago.
[E le no os dam] is the first woman. And like other(of the) winners over (of) the years, her training is not limited to Economics. She is professor of political science and of (the) public (publish) and environmental affairs
Today, Economic theory suggest (very success) that good resource management requires (requirement) ownership, either private or public (was publish). If not, the thinking goes, then self interest [intrinsic(in-trit)] will (was) lead to overuse and destruction [the traction (trat sinh)] of share the resources.
[] harden(hat-dinh) described [dip ray] this idea in 1968 as the tragedy of the commons (of the []ca-mon)
[Elono..] showed (show) how local decision [d-say-sinh] marking can lessen [let-sinh] the tragedy (tray-ler di). Her research has deepened [deepen] (dep-bờn) understanding of how people balance their needs with those of others ([pe-linh] [s-to nit] without) who depend on (dependent) the same resources
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