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Eastman Departmental Diversity Initiative
The Eastman Departmental Diversity Initiative (EDDI) offers funding in support of diversity and inclusion activities within the school. Your department is eligible to receive up to $1500 each year towards the expenses of an on-campus visit from a guest lecturer, presenter or performer. A written follow-up summary from the department chair detailing how the department benefited from the EDDI visit, both musically and in terms of diversity and inclusion, will be requested.

  1. Complete the application form following the instructions outlined below.

  1. Identify a proposed visitor and indicate the dates for your proposed visitor’s musical presentation and diversity discussion. The diversity conversation can be public or private: a school-wide talk, a Q & A with students, dinner with the Diversity Committee and/or department, or any forum with which everyone is comfortable. Briefly explain the proposed visitor’s activities.

  1. Provide a CV, website link and/or biography for your proposed visitor.

  1. Provide a preliminary schedule for your proposed visitor’s activities and detail the audience that will be reached.

  1. Explain how the proposed visitor’s activities would benefit your faculty and students, both musically, and in terms of diversity and inclusion.

  1. Include a proposed budget of expenses to illustrate how EDDI funds would support your proposed visitor.

  1. Save the completed application file as a pdf (Dept. name, EDDI) and submit as an e-mail attachment to academicaffairs@esm.rochester.edu.

  1. Decision notifications will be sent via email. If approved, your departmental assistant should contact Amanda Sharpe at x4-1020 for instructions on how to reimburse expenses.

  1. Following the visit, department chairs must submit their written summary to the Diversity Committee co-chairs, Katherine Ciesinski and Clay Jenkins.

  1. Incomplete applications will not be considered by the Committee. Be sure all required items are included.


Eastman Departmental Diversity Initiative (EDDI)


ame: Date of application:

E-mail: Phone Number:


Name of proposed performer/visitor:
Date(s) of the proposed visit/performance:


ame or brief explanation of event (insert in text box below):

Biographical information about performer(s)/visitor(s), including web links (if applicable):

Indicate the preliminary schedule of events including specific dates, times and locations for the proposed activities when known and detail the audience to be reached (specific types and estimated number of faculty and students):


Explain how the proposed visitor would benefit your faculty and students, both musically, and in terms of diversity and inclusion:

Eastman Departmental Diversity Initiative

Air fare:




Car Rental:












Estimated expenses:


[] Revised, Sept. 2016

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