Eddi Reader returns to Hawk’s Well as Vagabond released

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PRESS RELEASE – For Immediate Release - 29 September 2018

Eddi Reader returns to Hawk’s Well as Vagabond released

Eddi Reader is embarking on an Irish tour in February to promote her new album ‘Vagabond’ on sale from the 3rd of February. She returns to the Hawk’s Well Theatre, where she is now a regular visitor on Sunday 16th of February at 8pm, and will be supported by Dubliner Fiach Moriarty.

Growing up in Glasgow and Irvine, Eddi busked and performed at the local folk clubs before literally joining the circus in the early 1980s. After travelling around Europe with performance artists, Eddi moved to London where she quickly became a sought after session vocalist.  She famously harmonized with Annie Lennox, touring with the Eurythmics, after her time with successful punk outfit Gang of Four.

It was the short-lived but warmly remembered Fairground Attraction that really brought her into the limelight and to the attention of a much wider audience.  The single 'Perfect' and parent album First of a Million Kisses both topped the British charts.

In 2001, Eddi moved back to Glasgow, where she recorded the classic 'Songs Of Robert Burns' album which was released to international acclaim in 2003. Eddi toured this album all over the world, finding connections to the Scottish bard everywhere from Kolkata, India to Sydney, Australia. Eddi was awarded the MBE in 2006 for services to singing, and the same year she released 'Peacetime' featuring the finest traditional players in the United Kingdom and produced by Folk Musician of The Year, John McCusker. This was followed by “Love is The Way” which was Eddi’s 7th solo album, released in 2009. This album was recorded in a matter of days, featuring songs written with Boo Hewerdine, John Douglas (The Trashcan Sinatras), Jack Maher, Declan O’Rourke and a rare Brian Wilson composition

2010-12 saw Eddi playing sold out shows to promote "Love Is The Way" worldwide and also brought Eddi's Hollywood movie debut when she featured in "Me And Orson Welles" with Zak Efron and Clare Danes. Eddi plays a chanteuse in the movie and is featured singing 'Lets Pretend That There's A Moon' with the Jools Holland Orchestra.

Constant touring with her band has created a magical organic chemistry between Eddi and her players. Whilst renowned for her technical vocal ability, it is Eddi’s passion and instinct that combine to ensure she connects emotionally with her audience.

Eddi’s 10th solo album, Vagabond, is due to be released on 3 February 2014, featuring her own songs along with songs by Boo Hewerdine, Declan O’Rourke and others.

Eddi will be supported in Sligo by Dublin singer-songwriter Fiach Moriarty who released his debut record 'So i' in March 2010 to great acclaim leading Hot Press to state that 'instrumentally as well as vocally, 'So i' is exceptionally resonant and richly textured with strings bringing a sense of the sublime to several tracks. Wonderful!' . The album was immediately named 'Album of the Week' on Ireland's national broadcaster, RTÉ Radio 1.Upon the release of his debut record the young Dubliner immediately went on the road with artists of the ilk of Mary Black, Ray Davies (Kinks) and Declan O'Rourke and even appeared as a guest guitarist with Fairground Attraction chanteuse Eddi Reader for her appearance on the Late Late Show. Fiach's record and performances also garnered praise from a host of musical heroes of his including Gilbert O'Sullivan and Paul Brady.

Fiach is currently in recording for his second record, provisionally titled 'The Revolution', due for release in early 2014. Fiach recently played Sligo Live 2013.

Eddi Reader has one of the most amazing voices, no one sounds like her; she has the power and strength of a singer from another age. You don’t have to know anything about music, but something hits you as soon as you hear her sing.” Jools Holland
'A real music man with an openness and bravery I rarely hear, when I hear Fiach I enjoy every note' - Eddi Reader
'Fiach Moriarty is one of Ireland's most talented singer-songwriters with a musical sophistication rare in the genre' - Paul Brady
Tickets €20/18conc.are now on sale and can be bought from the Box Office on 071 916 15 18 or online at www.hawkswell.com

For further information contact Maeve McGowan, Marketing Manager, Hawk’s Well Theatre, Sligo, maeve@hawkswell.com 071 916 1518

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