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1666 Willowmont Ave.,

San Jose, CA 95124

Phone:(408) 264-4798 Cell:(408) 375-0036

Fax: (530) 309-4105 Email: ehoroupian@yahoo.com


Nine years of working experience as a Certified Court Interpreter, PR Officer, Executive Assistant, and Office Manager. ______________________________________________________________________________


MA degree in International Journalism, Department of Armenian Philology and Literature,

Yerevan State University- Yerevan, Armenia, (1999)
Junior Achievement certificate in Applied Economics - Yerevan, Armenia (1994)


Krouzian-Zekarian-Vasbouragan Day School—San Francisco, CA (2007 till present)

Special Project Coordinator—PR Officer

  • Working on KZV’s Process of WASC Accreditation (Western Association of Schools and Colleges Accrediting Commission for Schools) by preparing the school’s students’ and parents’ demographic profile

  • Leveraging KZV’s Alumni, creating, and maintaining a Database for Alumni

  • Collaborating and improving communication with different organizations with other SF ethnic and non-ethnic schools

  • Corresponding with major donors and contributors of the school and educational institutions for fostering educational purposes

  • Modernizing the KZV website, print materials, publishing pamphlets and booklets for promoting the school

  • Enrich KZV’s offerings by organizing various educational and cultural events. Inviting ambassadors, writers, artists, authors, filmmakers to the school

  • Recruiting new students for KZV by fostering a marketing campaign for the prospective parents

Lionbridge, Washington DC (2003 till present)

Certified Court Interpreter

  • Interpreting court case hearings in the Immigration and Criminal Courts of San Francisco, California and occasionally other states throughout the United States.

Armenian Rugs Society- San Francisco, CA (2002)
Office Manager

  • Organized and planned events and meetings for the Board of Executives

  • Organized an Exhibition of the Armenian Rugs in the Presidio Herbst International Exhibition Hall

  • Organized guided tours for visitors

  • Sales of literature on rugs, rugs and crafts

  • Cash handling, sales of tickets for admittance to the exhibition

  • Customer service, customer relations

American University of Armenia- Yerevan, Armenia (1998-2001)
Public Relations Officer

  • Wrote Press-releases for mass media

  • Ensured timely flow of news items by appraising printed, electronic and digital information relevant to Armenia and AUA

  • Maintained published data regarding AUA and conducted regular monthly press review and analysis

  • Designed and organized promotional campaigns to present AUA’s mission, objectives and activities

  • Organized press conferences, round table discussions and provided publicity on special events

  • Composed presentations on different facets of AUA Research Centers and Colleges, published AUA newsletter

Span Consultants” - Netherlands, Utrecht (2000)

Executive Assistant

  • Correspondence for senior consultants

  • Assistance in project proposal writing

  • Recruiting of suitable teams for proposals

  • Organizing workshops, interpreting and translating

Internet Access and Training Program, (IREX) -Yerevan, Armenia (1998)

Internet trainer

  • Consulted on end users applications of the Internet

  • Monitored the public access site and advised on technical and administrative problems

  • Assisted the Regional Coordinator in organizing seminars and conferences on new information technology

Newspaper “Aravot”- Yerevan, Armenia (1995-1998)

General Assignment reporter


  • Compiled and edited “A DECADE OF ACHIEVEMENT” book dedicated to AUA’s 10th Anniversary

  • Wrote 150 articles in “Aravot” and more than 100 articles for National State Radio station

  • Translated and published more than 50 articles for “3Noor Children’s Institute”

  • Researched and wrote a report for “Taniq” Human Rights Protection Center

  • Closely contributed to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Armenia


  • Fluent in English, Armenian, and Russian

  • Proficient in Office 2000, Microsoft Project, Quark Express, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Access, QuickBooks Pro.

References are available upon request

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