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Documentation on Scalar Wave Technology 



Many parameters determine the functionality and natural 

resonance of a scalar wave transmission, e.g. wire length, wire 

thickness, insulation, winding direction and coil diameter. Only 

by choosing identical parameters can perfect reproducibility of 

the results be guaranteed. Realising this, I have refrained from 

publishing a manual of instructions, since this would cause the 

ability to reproduce the experimental results to depend solely on 

the skill of the individual hobbyist. The credibility of the results 

would suffer. Ultimately this is about the discovery and proof of a 

new physical principle (and not about teaching amateurs). 


All the parts that are required for operation are included inside 

the aluminium carry case alongside the Tesla coils. This is not 

only for practical purposes. If an operator wants to do without the 

function generator, for example, because he has already a 

suitable one available which operates up to 20 MHz, he should 

ensure that it is able to provide sufficient drive current. If all 

experimenters use the same function generator, all others ought 

to be able to reproduce the same results. 


Thankfully some experimenters have sent their test reports on 

scalar wave transmission to the publisher. These are included 

from the 4th edition of the documentation onwards and so are 

available to other researchers. As many suggestions are included

this greatly benefits all those concerned with the transmission of 

electrical scalar waves. 


It  has been shown that the number of possible experiments is 

virtually unlimited. This is a new, still largely unexplored type of 

wave propagation, so there is still much to discover. What would 

a discovery be worth if only the discoverer knew about it? 


Although originally I was the author of this book, from the 4th 

edition onwards I rank alongside the other authors whose names 

are given if they have agreed to being mentioned. As editor, I was 

left with the task of sorting the contributions according to the 

significant technical, physical and biological characteristics of 

scalar waves, and to comment where appropriate. 


I. Preface 




2. Notes on the experimental kit 


A part of the inventory of the Experimental-Kit has always been a 

frequency counter and other flat coils (type C with twice the wire 

length). The function generator can also be adjusted for a wider 

range of different waveforms (from 2014 with a digital DDS 

function generator). It is assumed that mainly physicists, 

engineers and those experienced in metrology will be interested in 

the Experimental-Kit. They can of course reproduce all the 

experiments given for the Demo-Kit and will receive the same 

documentation. In addition, the kit offers all the settings they 

would expect from other laboratory equipment. Test sockets have 

been specially included for metrological procedures, for example 

to measure currents and voltages.  


Nevertheless, the set is even suitable for those with no experience 

in metrology. Purchasers include doctors, lawyers, therapists, 

environmentalists, teachers, politicians and journalists - in short, 

it is intended for anyone who wants to verify or to convince 

themselves or others of the existence of electrical scalar waves. In 

the case of the digital set the optimal setting can be adjusted and 

stored, so that after each power-up the demonstration can be 

started immediately, just as we were so accustomed to the old 

analog sets.  


It is assumed that this set is purchased primarily for personal 

study and demonstration purposes. Nevertheless, it is conceivable 

that some experiments will go further than the specified 

repertoire, for example in order to study biological reactions or 

medical influences. 


The coils (of type A (7Mhz), B (14 MHz) and C (3.5 MHz)) and the 

ball electrodes as antennas may possibly also be ordered 

separately (in the shop 


  "Kit & Devices" - 

"Components"), e.g. for experiments with several receivers or with 

the coil B for higher frequencies. In this case, a suitable function 

generator would be necessary.  


Documentation on Scalar Wave Technology 



3. Aspects of experimental research 


Anyone infected by research fever will continue to build and 

tinker with their own equipment and the coils they have wound 

themselves until they have found out everything their inquiring 

mind  wants to know. For them, my set can only provide a first 

impetus. I am hoping for constructive and close cooperation from 

these experimenters, and from all experimenters in general. Only 

when all of those interested in progress pull in the same direction 

can ignorance of facts a century old and the arrogance of 

established science be overcome with the aspirational goal of 

entering into an environmentally friendly era based on scalar 

wave technology. 


Physical proof is not complete until the results of a theoretical 

derivation are confirmed by practical measurements. Certainly 

some auxiliary statements of the measurements could be given in 

individual cases if each experiment were considered in isolation

and some people are satisfied with this. 


The near-field description, for example, is one such auxiliary 

statement. Only if the experiment still works at ten times the 

near-field distance will the expert start to ponder. 

The major revelation is evidently hidden when working with 

auxiliary statements. A theory  is needed which includes all the 

aspects concerning scalar waves and reproduces all the 

properties accurately and in full. 


Such a field theory had not so far existed, so I was forced to look 

for a suitable one. The Wave Equation to which I always refer [1, 

see also page 239] provides the right answer. It originally comes 

from D'Alembert, initially formulated one-dimensionally in terms 

of time and space, and moulded into its present form by his 

student Laplace, using the three-dimensional Laplace operator. If 

this is broken down according to the rules of vector analysis, a 

field pointer is found to diverge, which in mathematical terms 

represents a scalar and gives the scalar wave its name. Now the 

Wave Equation also requires a gradient to the scalar which, 

mathematically, is a vector. 


The scalar wave therefore propagates directed like any wave. 

Everyone is familiar with this property of sound waves. 

Nonetheless, some confusing reports on the Internet assume that 

a scalar wave is undirected in order to go on to prove that what is 

not there does not exist

I. Preface 




Terms such as "scalar field" are misleading, since they more or 

less describe the opposite. That is why it is so important to apply 

the laws of physics, because laws are there to be respected


Within the chain of evidence the experiments described here form 

the experimental section in proof of the existence of electrical 

scalar waves, because only the correspondence of theory and 

practice counts as real proof. 


4. Relevant aspects of vortex physics 


The most important new component of the field description is the 

vortex of the electric field discovered by me in 1990 which I call, 

in accordance with fluid mechanics, the "potential vortex" [2]. 

These field vortexes are capable of carrying a pulse, will spread as 

a longitudinal shock wave in space and possess all the properties 

of a scalar wave. From the perspective of my books, this 

documentation is an important practical addendum. Conversely, 

the experimenter will surely find my reference books a great help. 

The book entitled "Scalar Wave Transponder" is particularly 



Before I published this and other books and articles, diverse 

aspects of my work were recorded in a collection of material in the 

three-part series of books on electromagnetic environmental 

compatibility (available under the title “Scalar Waves” from the 

shop at 


). The basics of vortex physics are not 

available in any other textbook, but are presented in the first part 

of the book, with an examination of the causes, phenomena and 

scientific consequences of the potential vortex of the electric field. 


The second book in the series includes a section on free energy 

and the interaction of neutrinos. It is mainly about the design 

details of the technical side of scalar wave energy and questions 

concerning its practical application. The operation of the Tesla 

coil previously mentioned in the first part is developed in more 

detail in the second part. The field theory from the first part is 

also  developed further and considered in the context of existing 



Documentation on Scalar Wave Technology 



5. Structure of the documentation 

The derivation of scalar waves from the Wave Equation which is 

key to understanding the experiment and a discussion of the 

properties and the consequences for information technology can 

be found in the third part of the book series that was not 

published until two years after the documentation. The reason for 

this was that until the 3rd edition the relevant chapters had been 

included in the documentation. This no longer matters in the case 

of the 4th edition onwards because the 3rd part of the collection 

is now available [3]. 

I have also held some hands-on lectures in which I have 

demonstrated the scalar wave transmission path. At the INET 

conference in Bregenz 2000, the journalist Inge Schneider took 

the trouble to make a typescript of my lecture. In this way, 

something could be captured of the live atmosphere and the 

crackling tension in the room, and I have decided to include this 

essay (in the "Review" chapter on page 250 of the German issue, 

not translated). 

Naturally the instructions for the experiments form the core of 

this documentation and at the same time are intended to serve as 

patterns for further descriptions of experiments. 


I now wish  you every success in carrying out the experiments 

yourself and hope you achieve high efficiencies. 



INDEL-Publishing Department 


   Konstantin Meyl 

Villingen, June 2000 (in German)  





and 2014 in English translation 

I. Preface 




6. Preface to the 6




New discoveries usually take decades until they finally find their 

way into practical use. Considering that I first began in 1990 with 

the publication of my work to the discovery of potential vortexes 

and to the practical use of scalar waves, I've already come quite 

far; so tell me friends in their own estimation. 


The world of electronics, however, is changing much faster than 

that of physics. Thus the Experimental-Kit is offered virtually 

unchanged since 2000. 14 years is an eternity for the 

components used, since production of the analog function 

generator chip was stopped by the manufacturer. We were forced 

to modernize the technology. 


From the year 2014 a digital DDS signal generator replaces the 

analog technology yet originally made by hand. It is a purchased 

part that is rebuilt at our premises for the operation of the 

extremely low impedance flat coils and extended. The frequency 

signal is crystal stable, up to 8 MHz adjustable and storable. For 

the connection of the flat coils (of type A or C) is a dedicated 

connection available. 


The coils (type B) with a resonance frequency of about 14 MHz are  

unfortunately not operable anymore and hence no longer 

included in the suitcase. But they will further on be offered in the 

shop (of 


) for those who use their own generators, 

which allow higher frequencies and have low enough impedance. 


Besides that the experimental suitcase and particularly the coils 

have remained the same. This is particularly important in terms 

of reproducibility and comparability of results. 


Almost unnoticed this documentation has become a volume 1. 

The planned volume 2 will be devoted to medicine and the Scalar 

Wave Device, as the "Documentation 2 for Scalar Wave Medicine". 

This is a significant aspect which is mentioned in the 

Documentation 1 for Scalar Wave Technology only marginally, 

but builds on in direct connection. 


Villingen, May 2014     



(The 6


 edition in German, 1


 edition in English) 



Document Outline

  • Documentation  on
    • II.    Description of the devices for scalar wave transmission  16
    • III.    Experiments with scalar wave transmission (Manual)   27
    • IV. Measuring reports for the Over-Unity-Effect .  70
    • V. Experiments concerning the “earthing connection”  .  90
    • VI. Experiments concerning the Transmission Path .  110
    • VII. Experiments on the shielding cage and mobile phoning.  151
    • VIII. Research on biological and medical effects  .  183
    • IX. Scalar wave reports  .  212
    • 2. Notes on the experimental kit
    • The coils (of type A (7Mhz), B (14 MHz) and C (3.5 MHz)) and the ball electrodes as antennas may possibly also be ordered separately (in the shop www.etzs.de "Kit & Devices" - "Components"), e.g. for experiments with several receivers or with the coil...
  • Descripction of the devices for scalar wave transmission
    • 5 windings/
    • Doible connection     HF coil (according to Tesla)
    • the oscillograph GND reference potential
      • Scalar wave transmission with two identical pancake coils:
    • „Transmitter“ „Receiver“
      • GND
      • Fig. 3:    The aluminium suitcase with content
        • With that you can build an energy transmission according to Tesla, as has already been demonstrated by the First Transfer Center of Scalar Wave Technology at various exhibitions and congresses.
        • Springs
        • ├─                    U, (I)
        • U
        • Generator for                       Load resistance
        • sinusoidal signal     Transmitter   Receiver
      • Fig. 3.2:  DC measurement with multimeter
      • (jumper position: “DC”)
        • It will be shown that scalar waves, normally remaining unnoticed, are very interesting in practical use for information and energy technology for reason of their special attributes. The mathematical and physical derivations are supported by practical ...
    • „Transmitter“       „Receiver“
    • Transmitter  Receiver
      • no Jumper if
      • Jumper  necessary
      • Function generator LF-   active
      • amplitude modulatable  carrier  speaker
      • audio- 10 µH 1 µF 220 ( 1 K Transmitter-PCB
      • Jumper position „DC“
      • Voltage multiplier +
      • TBA 820
      • 1 N 4148  120( 1(
      • Receive PCB +  +
      • 5K 1K  100µF 47µF 220nF   LS
      • Fig, 4.1: 10K   BC 517    1N4148
      • 5 + DC
      • 10K  receiver plate
      • LF- + with Jumper on
      • audio- 0,1 µF  10K     setting „DC“
    • HF transmitter  HF-receiver
      • no Jumper
      • Jumper   set “DC”
      • HF-Function  LF-audio  circuit
      • generator carrier  in 4.8
      • However, no final research results will be presented in this book. Without exceptions, this only happens in selected and peer-reviewed science journals. The mainly expectations are to spread the experimental instructions and to give suggestions for fu...
        • Fig. 3: Scalar wave transmission line according to Tesla (1999); from left to right: M.Andresen (MSc), author (TZ-head), Dipl.Ing.M.Rehm (project leader)
      • Fig. 4: Measurement record for scalar wave transmission line
    • 4 André Kurs, Aristeidis Karalis, Robert Moffatt, J. D. Joannopoulos, Peter Fisher, Marin Soljacic: Wireless Power Transfer via Strongly Coupled Magnetic Resonances, Science 7 June 2007
    • 6 D.J.P.Morris et al: Magnetische Monopole in magneti-schem Festkörper entdeckt, Pressemitteilung vom 3.9.09 der Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft e.V. Berlin, und:
    • Dirac Strings and Magnetic Monopoles in the Spin Ice Dy2Ti2O7 , Science 16 October 2009, Vol. 326. no. 5951, pp. 411 - 414
    • 9 K. Meyl, “Task of the introns, cell communication explained by field physics”,
    • Journal of Cell Communication and Signaling, Vol. 6, No. 1, 2012, pp. 53-58. DOI: 10.1007/s12079-011-0152-0
    • 10 K. Meyl, “DNA and Cell Resonance, Communication of cells explained by field physics including magnetic scalar waves”, INDEL Publ. Villingen, 2nd ed. 2011.
    • 11 K. Meyl, “DNA and Cell Resonance: Magnetic Waves Enable Cell Communication”, DNA and Cell Biology, Vol.31, No. 4, 2012, pp. 422-426. doi:10.1089/dna.2011.1415.
  • O
  • COOH
  • HO
  • CO
  • H
  • OH
  • 16 A. Waser: Elektrische Skalarwellen Review zum Meylschen Experiment, Raum & Zeit 107, 2000

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