Elena Gavor (from Australia) visited the Moscow State Library in May 2010 and scanned two books which contained extre,ely valuable information about the Ekaterinoslav colonies

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L. Uleinikov [Binshtok], Jewish Agricultural Colonies in Ekaterinoslav Province in 1890, St Petersburg, 1891;

I. Kankrin, Jewish Agricultural Colonies of Aleksandrov Uyezd Ekaterinoslav Province, Ekaterinoslav, 1893.

(English translation of Russian Titles)
Elena Govor (from Australia) visited the Moscow State Library in May 2010 and scanned these two books which contain extremely valuable information about the Ekaterinoslav colonies.
The books are the result of a very detailed census of the colonies made by Uleinikov in 1890 and Kankrin in 1893. Each book has an introduction with a general overview and statistics. The authors are quite biased - Uleinikov is a supporter of Jewish agricultural colonies and Kankrin is a severe critic. The most valuable feature of these books is the detailed census of the colonists' households. The books have also a brief overview of each colony with summary of history and facilities. Kankrin's book has detailed house/street handwritten plans of the ten colonies he studied, including sketches of the types of buildings.
Uleinikov has complete lists of heads of all families (surname, name and patronymic) in 17 colonies of Ekaterinoslav Province, Aleksandovsk and Mariupol Uyezds, with detailed record of family composition, military service, type of house, agricultural implements, livestock, land and its subdivision within family and notes about profession etc.

Kankrin studied in a similar fashion 10 colonies in Aleksandrovsk Uyezd and has even more information about colonists' families. He was obssessed with the idea that our colonists in reality remained artisans and have not worked much as griculturalists. That is why he was interested in colonists' skills, their sewing machines etc

The scanning was carried out by Elena Govor and financed by Mel Comisarow (Canada), Pavel Bernshtam (Israel), Michoel Ronn (USA), Yaakov Pasik (Russia), Sasha Farber (Russia).
Pavel Bernshtam converted the scanned files to HTML format, indexed them, and put them on line on his site:

A zip file of the entire books can be downloaded here.


NOTE: The books are in Russian. Key words can be translated using an on-line translator or Russian dictionary. An English translation of the names is being prepared.

A key to the column titles in the Uleinikov book was prepared by Pavel Bernshtam:
1. Number
2. Surname, Name, Paternal name of colonists
3. Children number (male/female)
4. Of these children, workers and non- workers (male/female)

5. Number on military service

6. Colonists' building (house, barn etc).
7. State of the building: bad, good, decent ( best)
8. Agricultural equipment (machinery, manual), vehicles.
9. Livestock (working, non working)
10. Working only on own land or also renting land, how area and from whom
11. Working for himself or with help of hired workers
12 Assessment of farming quality by model German farmers.
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