Emma 5 User Manual

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EMMA Application 4.9.5 User Manual

EMMA Application

v. 4.9.5
User Manual

Prepared by:

Booz Allen Hamilton/DMDC
Document History

Document Version




March 2009



July 2010

Updated to include all changes for EMMA 4.0


January 2011

Updated to include all changes for EMMA 4.1


August 2011

Updated to include all changes for EMMA 4.3


March 2012

Updated to include all changes for EMMA 4.3.6


June 2012

Updated to include all changes for EMMA 4.5


August 2013

Updated to include all changes for EMMA 4.9


May 2015

Updated to include all changes for EMMA 4.9.5

Table of Contents

1.0Introduction 4

1.1Purpose 4

1.2Overview of the EMMA System 4

1.3System Requirements 4

1.4Screen Captures and Prints 4

1.5Support Contact Information 5

2.0Hierarchical Structure of EMMA 5

3.0Performing Functions in EMMA 5

3.1Logon Functions 5

Redeeming Your Token and Logging In 5

Logging In to EMMA 9

Selecting a Role 9

3.2Organization Functions 10

Adding an Organization 11

Viewing an Organization 13

Updating an Organization 16

Removing an Organization 17

3.3Role Functions 18

Adding a Role 18

Removing a Role 21

3.4User Functions 23

Adding a User 23

Removing a User 29

Viewing User Details 32

Updating User Permissions 35

Resending a Token 39

Unlocking a User 44

3.5Surrogate User Functions 48

Adding a Surrogate User 49

Resending a Surrogate Token 50

Removing a Surrogate User 52



The purpose of the Enterprise Monitoring and Management of Accounts (EMMA) Application User Manual is to assist authorized users of the application by providing a concise, accessible instruction guide that explains the functionality of the application as well as key business rules behind provisioning Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) application users.

1.2Overview of the EMMA System

EMMA is a DMDC web application that allows users to be provisioned for other applications. As part of the provisioning process, users can:

1.3System Requirements

The following components are required on your workstation in order to use EMMA:

  • Internet Browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0, or later, recommended)

    • The minimum screen resolution should be 1024x768 (see Appendix C: Frequently Asked Questions for additional details)

    • Pop-up settings should be configured to “Let Internet Explorer decide how pop-ups should open”

    • If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, your browser must be in “Compatibility Mode” to use the scroll control on the “Provisioning” screen

  • For Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card and Common Access Card (CAC) users only:

1.4Screen Captures and Prints

Due to Privacy Act considerations, protected information such as addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses have either been fabricated or erased in the examples used throughout the manual.

1.5Support Contact Information

If you need help with the EMMA application, contact the DSC helpdesk at:

  • US (CONUS) – Commercial: 1-800-538-9522

  • OCONUS – DSN: 698-5000

This information can also be found within the application at the bottom of the page.

2.0Hierarchical Structure of EMMA

The EMMA system was set up with a hierarchical structure. Each role has specific permissions assigned to them − users are only able to provision the role and create or modify organizations directly below their own level.

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