Extract from the constitution of the republic of azerbaijan

The Flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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The Flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan

The Flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan

The national flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan is a symbol of sovereignty of the Azerbaijani state.

The tricolor flag of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was first adopted at a government meeting on 19 November 1918, and was raised over the building of the Council of Ministers of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (present  "Azneft" production association of State Oil Company of the Republic of Azerbaijan) where the meeting was held.

The flag, which had a state status until 27 April 1920, the collapse of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, was lowered outside the building of the Azerbaijani Parliament on 3 May 1920 as a result of the occupation of Azerbaijan by the Soviet Russian troops.

At the same time, the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhichivan Autonomous Republic appealed to the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan SSR to recognize the three colored flag as an official state symbol of Azerbaijan.

On 5 February  1991, the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan Republic considered the application, and made a decision to recognize the three colored flag as a national flag of Azerbaijan.

Later the national leader said: "I think that the decisions taken by the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic had a great impact on the work of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and the Azerbaijani leadership was forced to adopt a number of this kind of decisions. In the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic this flag flew on 17 November 1990, while in Azerbaijan Republic it flied on 5 February 1991."

Under the Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev dated 17 November 2009, November 9 each year marks the national Flag Day in the country.

Addressing the solemn opening ceremony of the National Flag Square in Baku on 1 September 2010, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev emphasized the importance of the national flag: "Our flag is our source of pride. Our flag is our soul, our heart. Today, the national flag is flying in all parts of Azerbaijan. After the restoration of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, our national flag will also be raised in the lands which are still under occupation. Our flag will fly in Nagorno-Karabakh, Khankandi, Shusha. We must bring that day closer and closer by our work every moment, and we do bring. Long live the Azerbaijani flag!" he said.

In April 2016, the glorious Azerbaijani Army, as a result of a successful counter-offensive military operation, raised the flag of Azerbaijan at the Lalatepe height. After that, Azerbaijan's national flag flew in Jojug Marjanli, where the people could safely live after it was retaken from Armenian occupation.

Under the orders of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Jojug Marjanli was restored in a short time, and the "Return Program" of internally displaced persons to their native lands was launched.

Highly appreciating the Azerbaijani army's services in April victory in 2016, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said: "April battles should be put into military textbooks. From the view points of both professionalism and patriotism, the April battles once again demonstrated that the people of Azerbaijan are heroic people ... April battles are our glorious military victory, the victory showing the strength of our state, our people and our army. As a result of the April fights, the flag of Azerbaijan is flying today in the territories of Fuzuli, Jabrayil and Aghdara districts that are liberated from occupation.

These battles show that the people and state of Azerbaijan will never reconcile with the occupation and restore the territorial integrity of the country at any cost ... We will return to the occupied lands. This is our main task. As today we see our flag lying in the lands that were liberated last year, the flag of Azerbaijan will also be raised in all other still occupied territories."

The blue color of the national flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan has the meaning of Turkic origin of the Azerbaijani people, red color reflects the desire to establish a modern society, and develop democracy, and the green color shows belonging to Islamic civilization.

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