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Feyerabend, Sigmund

(b Heidelberg, 1527 or 1528; d Frankfurt, 22 April 1590). German publisher. Much of Frankfurt’s status as the leading city for printing in 16th-century Germany was due to his activities. His father Ägidius was a painter and engraver, and a cousin, Johann, was a printer and bookseller active in Frankfurt from 1559. Feyerabend appears to have started printing in Augsburg, before visiting Venice. He was in Frankfurt before 25 May 1559, when he was made a citizen. He set up there as a wood-cutter, doing commissions for the printers David Zöpfel and Johann Rasch, and a portrait of the Doge of Venice in Andress Keller’s Chronik. Almost immediately he began publishing, employing most of the printers of a lively centre in the following 30 years. In 1563 he entered into an agreement with Georg Rab and the widow of the printer Weigand Han, as a result of which he printed over 60 titles in the next seven years. He employed distinguished craftsmen and artists: his engravers included Jobst Amman and Virgil Solis. He exhibited regularly at the annual Frankfurt fairs, and the extant lists show not only the range of his stock, but also the numbers of copies of individual titles that were taken to exhibition. In 1568 these included seven music titles in 247 copies intended for sale to the trade. He also used agents at the fairs: in 1574 he sold 285 copies of an evangeliary to two agents who took them to the spring fair. Meiland’s two pieces composed in honour of Feyerabend and his son praise them for their support of music.



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Feynberg, Samuil Yevgen'yevich.

See Feinberg, samuil yevgen'yevich.

Fezandat [Faisandat], Michel [Dauphin, Dauphiné]

(fl Paris, 1538–66). French printer and bookseller. He was active in Paris as a publisher from 1538 to 1566, dealing specifically with music between 1551 and 1558. From the Hostel d’Albret on Mont St Hilaire he published literary works by François Habert (1549, 1551, 1557, 1560), Michael Beuther (1551), François Rabelais (1552), Marc-Claude de Buttet (1561) and others, using four different marks: a pheasant and dolphin, a winged Mercury, a snake with the motto ‘Ne la mort ne le venin’ and a heron holding a dolphin in its claws. He collaborated with other publishers including Nicolas Buffet (1543), Jérome de Marnef (c1550), Vincent Sertenas (1551), Jean Vincent (1554), Robert Granjon (1550–51) and Guillaume Morlaye (1552–8).

His activity in music began on 23 December 1550 when he signed a ten-year contract with Robert Granjon. The association may have realized around 14 books between 1550 and 1551. A new agreement for 18 months was signed on 19 November 1551, but the partnership was dissolved 38 days later after producing two guitar books, by Simon Gorlier (155122) and Guillaume Morlaye (155232). Granjon retained the punches, matrices, moulds and type for a small music type he himself had cut, and formed a new association with Gorlier, concentrating on the Lyons market, while Fezandat continued business at Paris in collaboration with Morlaye. On 19 April 1552 Fezandat contracted to print lute music supplied and corrected by Morlaye in maximum sets of 1200 copies; in return for bearing the whole cost of publication Fezandat was to sell half for his own profit. This partnership produced some 15 instrumental tablatures between 1552 and 1558 including further books for guitar or cittern by Morlaye (155233, 155334), four for lute by Morlaye (155234, BrownI 15545, RISM 155818, 155819) and a series of lutebooks by the late Alberto da Ripa, edited by Morlaye (155236, 155434, 155435, 155436, 155536, BrownI 15586). Others listed in the catalogues of Antoine Du Verdier and Fétis are lost. Fezandat secured his own ten-year royal privilege to print music on 8 January 1552 and used it to publish two books of four-voice psalms (15523, repr. 155612; 155318) and two books of four-voice chansons (155620, 155621): the latter include one piece by ‘G. Pelletier’ who may be Guillaume le Pelletier, apprenticed to Fezandat in 1543. In 1561–2 Fezandat printed four editions of the Genevan Psalter, the last being for the publisher Jacques Du Puys (see Noailly, nos.5–9).



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