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Foetisch, Charles

(b Ballenstedt, 24 Nov 1838; d Pully, nr Lausanne, 13 Oct 1918). Swiss music publisher of German birth. As a resident of St Gallen he formed a quintet under the name of La Chapelle de Saint-Gall, in which he played the double bass. With this group he moved to Lausanne, where he helped to found the Orchestre de la Ville et de Beau-Rivage. In 1865 he started a small music business. He bought the firm of Delavaux in 1877, and later the music firm of Hoffmann. He subsequently sold his business and his house to the four sons of his first marriage, who then founded the firm of Foetisch Frères and in 1905 made it into a joint-stock company. Two grandsons left the company in 1947 to start the business which in 1949 became the publishing house of M.P. Foetisch (to be distinguished from Foetisch Frères S.A., which no longer contains any representative of the Foetisch family).

Foetisch Frères S.A. has published numerous Swiss choral works, a small amount of instrumental music, and works by Honegger (Le roi David, Nicolas de Flue). The firm was bought by Hug & Co. on 7 January 1978. The house of M.P. Foetisch publishes Swiss choral works and Swiss contemporary music; its catalogue also includes works on musicological subjects and music appreciation. It is now owned by Jean-Claude Foetisch who runs the business with his two sons, Jérôme and Grégoire.


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J. Burdet: La musique dans le canton de Vaud au XIXe siècle (Lausanne, 1971)


Fog, Dan

(b Hellerup, Copenhagen, 11 Aug 1919). Danish music antiquarian, writer on music and publisher. He founded the publishing firm known by his name in 1953 when he purchased the Knud Larsen Musikforlag (founded 1906), and added to this an antiquarian business. He studied at the University of Copenhagen (1944–6) and the Royal Danish Conservatory (1948). From 1957 to 1977 he was in charge of the distribution of the publications of the Samfund til Udgivelse af Dansk Musik, active since 1871.

Dan Fog is regarded as the most important Scandinavian music antiquarian. Through the distribution of the Samfund editions the firm represents much 19th- and 20th-century Danish music, including works by J.A.P. Schulz, Niels Gade, Carl Nielsen, Knudåge Riisager and Ib Nørholm. As a writer and musicologist he has presented valuable contributions in the field of Danish music history. Fog is co-editor of the Edvard Grieg-Gesamtausgabe and was also involved in the planning of the complete edition of works by Gade (1986–94). He has also edited catalogues on Edvard Grieg, Niels Gade, Carl Nielsen and other Danish composers. In 1994 his archive was taken over by the Kongelige Bibliotek.


The Royal Danish Ballet 1760–1958, and August Bournonville: a Chronological Catalogue with a Musical Bibliography (Copenhagen, 1961)

with T. Schousboe: Carl Nielsen, kompositioner: en bibliografi (Copenhagen, 1965)

with S. Bruhns: Finn Høffdings kompositioner (Copenhagen, 1969)

Dänische Musikverlage und Notendruckereien: Beiträge zur Musikaliendatierung (Copenhagen, 1972, enlarged 2/1984 as Musikhandel og Nodetryk i Danmark efter 1750; Ger. trans., abridged, 1986, as Notendruck und Musikhandel im 19. Jahrhundert in Dänemark)

with K. Michelsen: Norwegian Music Publication since 1800: a Preliminary Guide to Music Publishers, Printers and Dealers (Copenhagen, 1976)

Komposition von Friedrich Kuhlau: thematisch-bibliographischer Katalog (Copenhagen, 1977)

Dansk musikfortegnelse: en dateret katalog over trykte danske musikalier, i: Del 1750–1854 (Copenhagen, 1979)


Fogel, Johann Christoph.

See Vogel, Johann Christoph.

Fogg, (Charles William) Eric

(b Manchester, 21 Feb 1903; d London, 19 Dec 1939). English composer and conductor. He was the son of Charles H. Fogg, organist to the Hallé Orchestra and himself a minor composer. Much of Fogg's life was centred on Manchester. He was a chorister at Manchester Cathedral from the age of 10 until his voice broke and, from the age of 15, organist at St John's, Deansgate. Encouraged by his parents, he composed from childhood, winning the Cobbett Prize (1919) with his Dance Fantasy for piano and strings. In 1920 he went to Birmingham to study with Bantock. His first published music, a song, appeared in 1919, and before he was 20 he had a substantial published catalogue including the song Peace (with words by Tagore), which became popular. In 1920 he conducted his music at the Queen's Hall.

He joined the BBC in Manchester as a pianist (1924), also appearing on Children's Hour (from 1929). In 1935 he moved to London to direct the newly formed BBC Empire Orchestra, giving concerts during the night for live transmission to distant time zones. He died after falling under a London tube train.

Early in his career Fogg was influenced by Stravinsky's early works and criticized for his modernism; however, his later music owes more to Bantock and Strauss. His success in the 1920s centred on his chamber music and songs, including works written for his wife, the cellist Kathleen Moorhouse. His orchestral works, short and usually lightweight, include the overtures Comedy of Errors (1922), Song of Myself (1929) and September Night (first performed at the Proms in 1935). His delightful Bassoon Concerto (Proms, 1931) was championed by Archie Camden and has been revived by Rachel Gough.

His two choral works, the ballade The Hillside (first performed in 1927) and the Blake setting The Seasons (1931), though both published in vocal score, had been thought unperformable owing to the loss of the manuscript full scores and orchestral parts. However, The Hillside was revived in 1989 in an orchestration by Rodney Newton.


(selective list)

Stage: Hänsel and Gretel, c1928

Vocal: 3 Chinese Songs (L. Henry), op.59 (1921); Songs of Love and Life (R. Tagore), 5 songs (1921) [incl. ‘Peace’]; The Hillside (ballade, Tagore), S, Bar, chorus, orch, perf. 1927, reorchd R. Newton, 1989; The Grizzle Grumble (M. Levy) (1930); The Seasons (W. Blake), chorus, orch, 1931; other songs, solo vocal pieces, choral works

Orch: Dance Fantasy, pf, str, 1919; Comedy of Errors, ov. after W. Shakespeare, 1922; Scenes from Grimm, c1928; Song of Myself, ov., 1929; Bn Conc., D, perf. 1931; September Night, ov., perf. 1935

Chbr and solo inst: Suite, vn, vc, hp, 1920; Poem, pf trio, 1922; Str Qt, A, 1922–3; solo pf pieces


L. Foreman: ‘Fogg out of the Mists …’, Music and Musicians, xxxviii/1 (1989–90), Sept, 8–10


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