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Press Release – August 2016

Compact and Sturdy SMT PCB Connections with a Pitch of 1.27 mm

Assemblies can be designed with more flexibility thanks to a variety of model heights, up to 80 pins, and various connection options.

Is it possible to connect PCBs safely and reliably to one another, keeping space requirements to a minimum? It is, with the One27® SMT PCB connectors from ept. But there’s more: With a pitch of only 1.27 mm, they can be used to connect PCBs mezzanine, horizontally board-to-board or perpendicularly. You can use the female One27® IDC connectors for sturdy board-to-cable applications. With all of these options, the One27® connectors are proven to be compatible with all currently available SMT connectors with a pitch of 1.27 mm from other manufacturers.

PCBs can be reliably connected with one another in a wide variety of ways using the One27® SMT connectors.

When designing assemblies, the board-to-board distances need to be designed to be variable in order to provide maximum flexibility. Parallel PCB connections with distances ranging from 8 mm to 13.8 mm can be implemented with the One27® connectors thanks to their absolutely secure mating. To this end, the straight connectors (male and female) are available as either mid-profile or low profile. The angled One27® connectors (male and female) can be used for perpendicular or horizontal PCB arrangements. Ribbon cables can be connected to the PCB using the female IDC connectors. Just like all connectors from the One27® product family, female IDC connectors are available with pin counts ranging from 12, 16, 20, 26, 32, 40, 50, 68, to 80 pins. ept will deliver them individually or as a customized cable assembly.

For optimal handling, ept guarantees that the deviation from coplanarity is only 0.1 mm. For this reason, it is unbelievably easy and safe to solder. Board locks, i.e., lateral metal brackets, that are also soldered onto the PCB ensure that the connectors can withstand heavy load capacity between the connector and the PCB. After soldering, the quality of the solder can be checked using AOI from only one side when using angled One27® connectors, thanks to the offset arrangement of the optimized contact design. The PCB connectors are shipped in tape-and-reel packaging to facilitate automatic SMT assembly.

It is also easy and safe to connect the One27® SMT connectors thanks to the large capture range: The permissible center offset is 0.7 mm along both the longitudinal and the transversal axis. The tolerance for angular inclination is 4° longitudinally and 2° transversally, which means the connection between the male and female connectors is particularly reliable. This is ensured by the double-sided female contacts on the female connector, which envelops the contact pins of the male connector from two sides, ensuring a safe connection in any application. Moreover, the connector is plugged on the smooth, rolled surface of the female contact. Excessive wear and tear of the contact surfaces and shavings become a thing of the past when using the One27® connectors for plugging applications.

Visit us at electronica in hall B2, booth 139 to experience the One27 connectors live!

For more information go to www.ept.de/One27-en

Press Contact
ept GmbH • Irina Nowomiejski • Bergwerkstasse 50 • 86971 Peiting, Germany • (+49-8861) 250-1340 • irina.nowomiejski@ept.de

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