For Immediate Release 28 February 2016 qta holds ‘Qatar Day’ in Milan

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For Immediate Release

28 February 2016

QTA holds ‘Qatar Day’ in Milan

Extended Caption: Chief Marketing and Promotion Officer at Qatar Tourism Authority, Rashed Al Qurese, welcome guests at ‘Qatar Day’, an event to introduce key Italian tour operators, travel professionals, and travel media to Qatar’s tourist offerings.
The event was held in GRANDI STAZIONI - Piazza Luigi di Savoia, Milan – the Royal Pavilion of Central train station in Milan which opened in 1931, and was recently restored and reopened. Guests were welcomed by Qatar Airways crew.

“The strong attendance at the event clearly indicates the interest of the Italian travel trade and media. A selection of the guests will be visiting Qatar during March to experience the destination first hand. During the last five years there has been an average increase by 11% per year in arrivals of Italian tourists, who were nearly 34,000 in 2015,” stated Al Qurese. “The destination is well known by business travellers in Italy and our aim is to attract more leisure visitors, who wish to experience cultural and artistic attractions in Qatar.”

The event follows the opening of QTA’s representative office in Milan, which is reaching out to travelers and tour operators in Italy, one of the country’s fastest growing visitor source markets.

The office in Italy is in the fourth to open in Europe and sixth worldwide. It joins an international network currently covering the UK, France, Germany, the GCC markets and South East Asia.


For further information, please contact:

QTA Press Office

+ 974 44997248

+974 6679 4292

About Qatar Tourism Authority

As the Qatari government’s tourism planning, regulation and promotion arm, Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) works in partnership with stakeholders to plan, regulate and promote the development of a sustainable and mature tourism sector that contributes to Qatar’s future and positions the country as a leading tourism destination.

Chaired by H.E. Mr. Issa Bin Mohammed Al Mohannadi, QTA works on showcasing all that Qatar has to offer, reinforcing the country’s position on the world tourism map as a premium destination for authentic experiences, business facilitation, and family-focused recreation.


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