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Contact: Julie Goetz,, 952-452-3663

Titan™ Introduces the PowrLiner™ 3500 Sealed Hydraulic Line Striper
MINNEAPOLIS — May 25, 2017 — Titan™ has expanded its PowrLiner™ Series of line stripers with the introduction of the PowrLiner 3500. The PowrLiner 3500 features PermaStroke Technology™, with no piston, packings or clutch to replace. Backed by Titan’s lifetime WearGuard® Elite™ fluid pump warranty, the PowrLiner 3500 delivers an exceptionally sharp line with very few inconsistencies, even on jobs that require highly precise application, like smooth concrete.
PermaStroke Technology delivers consistent pressure from 300 to 3,300 PSI, providing top performance even when using smaller tips. Maintenance is minimal with only two wear parts, the inlet and outlet valves, which are field serviceable and can be changed with common tools. The PowrLiner 3500 also holds less paint in the system, simplifying the cleaning process.
The PowrLiner 3500 features a FlatLine Pulsation Dampener that eliminates fluctuations and deadband in the system for steady operation and precise lines. In addition, the Sureflo™ pusher valve guarantees the sprayer primes every time it’s started, and a vertical filter keeps the system running smoothly.
“Our new PowrLiner 3500 is setting a new standard for line striping,” said Chuck Flower, product manager for Titan. “Lines from this unit are crisp and consistent, even when striping on extremely smooth surfaces.”
Powered by a Honda® engine, the PowrLiner 3500 comes standard with a Titan RX-80 gun, TR1 line striping tip and 50-foot hose. The cart is built with a swing-back design making it easier to move from line to line, and two tip holders for convenience. Large 16-inch pneumatic tires increase the unit’s portability and make travel over rough surfaces easier.
The PowrLiner 3500 is available in the U.S. and Canada at professional equipment and industrial supply distributors. MSRP is $5500. Visit for more information.
About Titan

As a leader in spraying technology, Titan manufactures and markets a full line of professional-grade sprayers for applying a variety of coatings. Titan products include airless and air powered paint sprayers, fine finishing sprayers, sprayers for applying texture, roofing and corrosion control and protective coatings, and line stripers for sports fields and asphalt. For nearly half a century, contractors and maintenance professionals have relied on Titan products for world-class, end-to-end solutions that are dependable and easy to use. Visit

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