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For more information contact:

Beth Wingert, Director of Education and Outreach
(515) 992-4211

Spring is Flowering at The Brenton Arboretum

Spring is finally here! There are many trees and shrubs in bloom including serviceberries, redbuds, buckeyes, dogwoods, viburnums and the Arboretum’s signature collection of crabapple trees.  The trees and shrubs on display at the Arboretum are identified with a tag that includes a botanical name, to assist visitors with tree identification. A free pocket guide to trees is also available at the informational Kiosk located at the entrance.

The Arboretums crabapple collection is a favorite among visitors, with 90 trees on display.  This is a great time of year to observe the wide variety of pinks, whites and rose-colored blossoms that make the crabapple tree such a valuable addition to gardens and yards. The Arboretum’s collection includes 25 different cultivars, such as ‘Prairifire’, ‘Golden Raindrops’, the upright variety ‘Adirondack’ and the weeping tree forms of ‘Louisa’ and ‘Molton Lava’.

The Brenton Arboretum includes over 140 rolling acres planted with nearly 2,200 trees and shrubs surrounded by a natural landscape that includes native short and tall grass prairies, streams and ponds, footbridges and walking trails, restful chairs, a pavilion for picnics and central Iowa’s only Certified Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom. The Brenton Arboretum is an oasis beauty and tranquility!

The Arboretum is located about 2 miles southwest of Dallas Center, about 10 miles west of Des Moines. A map is available along with other information on our web site
Beth Wingert, Director of Education and Outreach
25141 260th St.
Dallas Center, IA 50063
(515) 992-4211
Photo by Deb Wiley

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