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Material Costing Questions

Labor Costing 
Question 1 
The existing incentive system of a certain factory is: 
Normal working week 5 days of 9 hours plus 3 late shifts of 3 hours each 
Rate of payment Day work = Tshs10.00 per hour 
Late shift = `15.00 per hour 
Additional bonus payable Tshs25.00 per day shift Tshs15.00 per late shift 
Average output per operative for 54 hours week i.e., including 3 late shifts 120 articles 
In order to increase output and eliminate overtime it was decided to switch on to a system of 
payment by results. The following information is obtained: 
Time rate (as usual) Tshs10.00 per hour 
Basic time allowed for 15 articles 5 hours 
Piece-work rate Add: 20% to piece 
Premium Add: 50% to time 
You are required to show: 
(i) hours worked; 
(ii) weekly earnings; 
(iii) number of articles produced; and 
(iv) labour cost per article for one operative under the following systems: 
(a) Existing time rate. 
(b) Straight piece-work. 
(c) Rowan system. 
(d) Halsey-Weir. 
Assume that 135 articles are produced in a 45-hour week under (b), (c) and (d) and that the 
worker earns half the time saved under the Halsey-Weir System. The additional bonus under 
the existing system will be discontinued in the proposed incentive scheme. 
Question 2 
In a factory guaranteed wages at the rate of Tshs18.00 per hour are paid in a 48-hour week. 
By time and motion study it is estimated that to manufacture one unit of a particular product 
20 minutes are taken. The time allowed is increased by 25%. During one week Abraham 
produced 180 units of the product. Calculate his wages under each of the following methods: 
(a) Time rate, (b) Piece-rate with a guaranteed weekly wage, (c)Halsey premium bonus and 
(d) Rowan premium bonus. 
Question 3 

A worker under the Halsey Plan of remuneration has a day rate of Tshs1,200 per week of 48 
hours, plus a cost of living bonus of Tshs10 per hour worked. He is given an 8-hour task to 
perform, which he accomplishes in 6hours. He is allowed 30% of the time saved as premium 
bonus. What would be his total hourly rate of earnings, and what difference would it make if 
he were paid under the Rowan Plan? 
Question 4 
Calculate total monthly remuneration of three workers X, Y and Z from the following data: 
(a) Standard production per month per worker - 1,000 units. 
Actual production during the month 
X - 850 units, Y - 750 units and Z - 950 units. 
(b) Piece work rate Tshs1.00 per unit (actual production). 
(c) Additional production bonus is Tshs50 for each percentage of actual production exceeding 
80% over standard (e.g., 79% nil, 80% nil, 81% - `50, 82% - `100 and so on). 
(d) Dearness pay fixed `200 per month 

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