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Chapter 136

The Son of God speaks to the bride, saying: ”Write these words from me to Pope Clement: I exalted you and let you ascend through all the ranks of honor. Rise up and establish peace between the kings of France and England, who are like dangerous beasts, betrayers of souls. Then come to Italy and preach the word there and proclaim a year of salvation and divine love! Look on the streets paved with the blood of my saints, and I shall give you an everlasting reward. Think of times past when you had the audacity to provoke my anger, and I kept silent, when you did what you wanted and what you should not have done, and I was patient, as though I did not hear.

Indeed, my time approaches, and I shall require an account of you for the negligence and audacity of your time. In the same way as I let you ascend through the ranks, you will descend through other ranks that you will truly experience in soul and body, unless you obey my words. Your grandiloquent tongue will be silent. The name by which you are called on earth will be held in oblivion and reproach before me and my saints. I shall also require an account of you as to how unworthily you rose through the ranks, though it was with my permission, which I, God, know better than your negligent conscience can recall.
I shall seek an account from you with regard to your lukewarmness in reestablishing peace between the kings and your preferential treatment of one of the two parties. Moreover, it shall not be forgotten how greed and ambition flourished and increased in the church during your time, or that you could have reformed and set many things right but that you, lover of the flesh, were unwilling. Get up, therefore, before your fast approaching final hour arrives, and extinguish the negligence of your past by being zealous in your nearly final hour! If you are in doubt about to which spirit these words belong, that kingdom and that person are well known in which amazement and wonders have been wrought.
The justice and mercy of which I speak are drawing near everywhere on earth. Your own conscience tells you that my exhortation is rational and my proposal charitable. Had you not been saved by my patience, you should have descended lower than all your predecessors. Examine, then, the book of your conscience and see if I am telling the truth!”
Christ's words to the bride making mention of Pope Innocent the sixth who was pope after Clement.

The Son speaks to the bride and says: ”This Pope Innocent is of better metal than his predecessor and is a fit canvas to receive the finest colors. However, the wickedness of humankind demands that he should soon be taken from their midst. His good intention will be taken into account for his greater reward and glorification. Nevertheless, if he listens to my words given to you and written down in books, he will become better, and those who bring those words to him will receive a more lofty reward.”

A revelation touching on Pope Urban, received by the bride of Christ in Rome and concerning the confirmation of the Rule of the Holy Savior and the indulgences of St. Peter in Chains granted by Christ to the cloister of the Blessed Virgin in Vadstena.

      1. Chapter 137

The Son of God speaks to the bride: ”A person who has a ball of yarn containing fine gold inside does not stop unwinding it until he finds the gold. Once it is found, the owner uses it for his own comfort and honor. This Pope Urban is gold that is malleable for good ends but is surrounded by worldly cares. Go, therefore, and tell him this from me: Your time is short. Rise up and consider how the souls entrusted to you can obtain salvation. I gave you as coming from my very own lips the rule of an order that should be founded and begun in Vadstena, Sweden.

Now I want you not only to confirm it by your authority but also to give it the strength of your blessing, for you are my vicar on earth. I dictated it and endowed it with a spiritual endowment by granting it the indulgences attracted to the Roman church of St. Peter in Chains. Approve, therefore, in the sight of men that which has been sanctioned in the sight of my heavenly host. If you seek a sign that it is I who am saying this, I have already showed you that, when you first heard my words, your soul was spiritually comforted at the coming of my messenger. If you seek a further sign, none shall be given you but that of the prophet Jonah.
You, my bride, to whom I showed this grace, if you cannot get the letter and favor of the pope and his seal upon the concession of the indulgences without payment in advance, my blessing is enough for you. I shall approve and confirm my words and all the saints shall be your witnesses, and let my Mother be your seal, my Father your guarantor, and the Holy Spirit the comforter of those who come to your cloister.”

This is a revelation that the bride of Christ received in Rome concerning the same Pope Urban before his return to Avignon in the year of the Lord 1370. She presented it to him herself in Montefiascone.

      1. Chapter 138

While the aforesaid person was at prayer during a night vigil, it appeared to her as if a voice came to her out of a ring of splendor like the sun. The voice spoke the following words to her. ”I am the Mother of God, because thus it was pleasing to him. I am also the Mother of all those who live in heavenly joy. Even though infant babies get what they need as they wish, still their joy grows with an increase of happiness when they see their mother's gentle face. So it pleases God to give all those in the heavenly court the joy and exultation of the purity of my virginity and the beauty of my virtues, even though they possess every good thing through the divine power in an incomprehensible way. I am also the Mother of all those in purgatory, for all the pains they must suffer for the purification of their sins are in some way mitigated because of my prayers at any time. Thus it pleases God to decrease some of the punishments due them according to the strictness of divine justice.

I am also the Mother of all the justice that is in the world - the justice my Son loved with a most perfect love. As a motherly hand is always ready to ward off dangers in defense of her child's heart should someone try to injure it, so too I am constantly ready to defend just people in the world and free them from every spiritual danger. I am also like a mother to all sinners who want to reform and have the intention of not sinning anymore against God. I am willing to take such a sinner into my protection, just like a loving mother who sees her naked son encountering enemies armed with sharp swords. Does she not then bravely step in the way of danger to free her son from the hands of his enemies and snatch him away and hold him joyfully in her arms? This is what I do and what I shall do for all sinners who pray for my Son's mercy with true contrition and love for God.
Listen and pay close attention to what I want to tell you concerning two sons of mine whose names I will mention to you. The first one I mean is my Son Jesus Christ, who was born from my virginal flesh in order to manifest his love and redeem souls. Accordingly, he did not spare his body toil and bloodshed or disdain to hear insults and endure the pain of his death. He is God himself, almighty in eternal happiness. The second whom I count as my son is he who occupies the papal See, God's see in the world, provided he obeys God's precepts and loves him with perfect charity.
Now I want to say something about this pope named Urban. Thanks to my prayers, he received the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that he should go back to Rome and Italy for no other purpose than to carry out mercy and justice, strengthen the catholic faith, reestablish the peace and, in this way, renew the Holy Church. As a mother carries her child to the place she likes before uncovering her breasts for him, so I led Pope Urban by my prayer and the work of the Holy Spirit from Avignon to Rome without any physical danger whatever. What did he do to me? He turns his back on me rather than face me, and he intends to go away from me. An evil spirit has brought him to this by deceiving him. He is weary of his divine work and wants his own physical comfort. Moreover, the devil is attracting him with worldly pleasure, for he longs too much for his native country after worldly fashion. Likewise, he is led on by the advice of carnal-minded friends who think more of his likes and pleasure than he does of God's likes and glory and the good and salvation of his soul.
If it does happen that he returns to the country where he was elected pope, within a short time he shall be struck with a blow that will knock his teeth out. His sight will become cloudy and darkened, and he will tremble in every limb of his body. The fire of the Holy Spirit will gradually cool in him and depart, and the prayers of all the friends of God, who had decided to pray for him with tearful sighs, will grow sluggish, and their hearts will grow cold to his love. He will render an account concerning two things before God: first, what he did while occupying the papal See; second, what he omitted among the things he could have done for the glory of God by means of his great authority.”

The following is the first revelation sent to Pope Gregory XI through his Lordship Latinus Orsini.

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