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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Flip the Page?

What is Flip the Page? Flip the Page is a literary journal written and staffed by Central Ohio teens. Our mission is to showcase the great work of young local writers. This is our eighth year of publication.

What is a literary journal? A literary journal publishes short stories, poetry, essays, and other types of writing. Literary journals sometimes include book reviews and interviews as well (although Flip the Page does not).

How long is Flip the Page? The length of the journal will depend on how many submissions we accept. On average, we accept eighty to ninety pieces, and the journal runs about 200 pages.

Can I get a copy of last year’s Flip the Page? Yes! The 2017 edition of Flip the Page is available for purchase on Additional editions from past years are also available.

How can I get involved with Flip the Page? The best way to get involved with producing and publishing Flip the Page is to join Young Writers’ Studio. You can also email our editor at

What is Young Writers’ Studio? Young Writers’ Studio is an excellent writing workshop for teens who gather to discuss creative writing and critique each other’s work. Any high school student who writes and loves to talk about writing is welcome to join. Young Writers’ Studio meets twice a month at historic Thurber House in downtown Columbus. Click here for more information (or to join!)

Who publishes Flip the Page? The journal is published by Thurber House.

What is Thurber House? Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Thurber House (the home of humorist, author, and New Yorker cartoonist James Thurber) is a non‐profit literary center and Thurber museum. Our mission is to celebrate the written word for the education and entertainment of the broadest possible audience and to continue Thurber’s legacy of humor.

Submitting to Flip the Page

What are your deadlines? We accept submissions for a three-month period beginning on November 2, 2017 and ending on February 2, 2018. This means your entry needs to be in the Flip the Page online mailbox by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, February 2th.

How do I submit my work to Flip the Page? All submissions are done online. If you are submitting more than one piece of writing, please fill out the form for each entry. Submissions will ONLY be accepted in the form of a WORD DOCUMENT or a SHAREABLE GOOGLE DOC. The link to the submission form can be found on the Thurber House website here:

Does it cost anything to submit? Definitely not! Flip the Page is supported by Thurber House and the wonderful people who donate to Thurber House to support creative educational programming. In 2017, Flip the Page was made possible in honor of Larry and Peggy Touvell.

What kind of writing are you looking for? All kinds—short stories, poetry, song lyrics, essays, memoir, plays, book chapters, six-panel comics, and humor. We especially love humor!

How do I submit a comic? We have a handy template available for you. Just download the template file from our page at the Thurber House website:

What qualifies as humor? Anything that makes us laugh.

What ages do you need to be to submit? You must be between 13 and 19 during our submission period. This means that you must be at least 13 years old on February 2, 2018, and no older than 19 years old on November 2, 2017.

Are there any other qualifications for submitting? You must reside in Central Ohio, meaning one of these seven counties: Franklin, Delaware, Union, Madison, Pickaway, Fairfield, and Licking.

How long should my submission be? Since we want to include as many writers as possible in the journal, we have a limit of 800 words per piece. If you have a longer piece, send us an excerpt. Still have questions? Email our editor at

Can I send you more than one piece? Yes, you can submit up to two pieces. They can be from the same category or different categories. Each submission has an 800-word limit.

My friend and I wrote something together. Can we submit it to Flip the Page? Definitely. Just make sure you each fill out separate submission forms and both sign the originality pledge.

My work got published somewhere else. Can I send it to Flip the Page? That depends on the rules of that other publication. Make sure you check with them before sending previously published work to us. If you are not sure, don’t do it.

I want to send my work into another literary publication. Can I do that and still submit to Flip the Page? We don’t mind that at all. In fact, we think that would be awesome . . . and let us know if you get accepted!

If I get my work into Flip the Page, can I put that on my college application? Of course!

Do you have any advice for people who want to submit: Send us your best work. Be original and interesting. Ask other people (friends, teachers, parents) to read your work and to share their reactions with you. Think about their advice. Spend time revising your writing. Carefully edit your work for spelling and grammar.

Why do I need to sign an originality pledge? We ONLY publish ORIGINAL work written by Central Ohio writers, ages 13-19. We want YOUR work—the great stuff that comes from your own imagination. Writers must respect the rights of other writers. Never use someone else’s work without permission. And never submit someone else’s work and lie about it. Plagiarism is just plain wrong. And lame. And illegal.

When do you notify the writers who are accepted? We send out the acceptance and non-acceptance notifications in May, via email.

I see that Flip the Page contains student artwork. Can I submit artwork? Yes—we’d love to consider your work! Our submissions process is different for artwork, so please email our Assistant Editor Geneva Steele for details:

Getting Accepted

Who decides which submissions are accepted? Our Submissions Committee is composed mainly of the members of Young Writers’ Studio who volunteer for the committee. The Committee also includes the editor of Flip the Page and staff members from Thurber House.

What is Young Writers’ Studio? Young Writers’ Studio is an excellent writing workshop for teens who gather to discuss creative writing and critique each other’s work. Any high school student who writes and loves to talk about writing is welcome to join. Young Writers’ Studio meets twice a month at historic Thurber House in downtown Columbus. Click here for more information (or to join!)

Who is the editor of Flip the Page? Katherine Matthews is the editor of Flip the Page. Ms. Matthews is a freelance writer and editor based in Columbus. She has taught extensively at Thurber House and works regularly with teenage writers. She is also one of the artists featured in the Greater Columbus Arts Council’s “Columbus Makes Art” project.

Will you edit my writing? We reserve the right to edit your writing, especially for spelling and punctuation.

Will my work appear online if accepted? We may publish your work online or in another format.

Will my work be copyrighted? We will copyright your work to prevent other people from republishing your stuff without your approval. You can still submit your work for publication elsewhere.

If my work gets published in Flip the Page, will I get a copy? Yes, each writer receives a free copy of Flip the Page.

My grandmother wants a copy! How can I get more copies of Flip the Page? You can order more copies of the literary journal on

Participating in the Columbus Arts Festival

What is the Columbus Arts Festival? Produced by the Greater Columbus Arts Council, the Columbus Arts Festival is the city's welcome‐to‐summer event, pairing the finest artists and craftspeople with continuous entertainment that includes hands‐on art activities, musical performances, and food from the area's finest restaurants. The 2018 Festival takes place downtown along the Scioto Mile riverfront on June 8-10.

What do you mean by “a reading at the Columbus Arts Festival”? If your work is accepted by Flip the Page, you will be invited to read at the Festival. This means that you will have the opportunity to join other teen writers on the outdoor “Word Is Art” stage at the Festival and read all or part of your work in front of an audience.

Yikes! I’ve never read in front of a crowd. What should I do? We will have a rehearsal before the reading where everyone can practice and get tips from our editor. Professional writers often give readings of their works, so this is a great skill to learn. Plus, we have fun. And you can invite your family and friends to cheer you on.

Note: If you can’t participate in the reading at the Columbus Arts Festival, we also hold a book launch party at Thurber Center on June 9, so you will have another opportunity to share your work with the community.

Flip out! Become a fan of Flip the Page

Do you have a Facebook page? Yep. Please stop by the Flip the Page page and Like us!

Can I follow Flip the Page on Twitter? Great idea! For the latest Flip the Page updates and deadlines, follow us at @flipthepage1.

How do I follow Flip the Page on Twitter? Link to Twitter on our Facebook page or start getting Tweets

Who do I contact for more information? Email Katherine Matthews, the editor of Flip the Page, at She always likes to hear from teen writer—and their parents and teachers.
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