From Cosmopolitans to Cosmopolitanisms” «Des Cosmopolites aux cosmopolitismes» program / programme the Program at a Glance / Aperçu du programme

Approaches to Teaching and Researching Eighteenth-Century

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Approaches to Teaching and Researching Eighteenth-Century Literary Illustration

Chairs / Présidentes: Leigh DILLARD (University of North Georgia) & Christina IONESCU (Mount Allison University)

Ileana BAIRD (Zayed University)

Lauren BECK (Mount Allison University)

Kevin BOURQUE (Elon University)

Leigh DILLARD (University of North Georgia)

Teri DOERKSEN (Mansfield University)

Christina IONESCU (Mount Allison University)

Sandro JUNG (Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel)

Rachel SCHMIDT (University of Calgary)

Guy SPIELMANN (Georgetown University)

Catherine THEOBALD (Brandeis University)


Chair / Président: Paul DOWNES (University of Toronto)

Michael GENOVESE (University of Kentucky),

The Lost Profits of Slavery

Kathryn READY (University of Winnipeg),

”From Golden Chains to Expanding Circles of Community: The Aikin Family and the Cosmopolitan Critique of Commerce

Peter WALMSLEY (McMaster University),

Christian Industry in a Commercial Age

David Chan Smith (Wilfrid Laurier University),

Spaces of Competition: Brandy Smuggling, Market Morality, and Ideas of Fair Trade in Eighteenth-Century Britain
Gale Primary Sources
Roundtable / Table ronde - Cosmopolitan Feminisms

Chair / Présidente: Eugenia ZUROSKI (McMaster University)

Regulus ALLEN (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo)

Alison CONWAY (Western University)

Slaney CHADWICK ROSS (Fordham University)

Katie GEMMILL (Vassar College)

Kathleen LUBEY (St. John’s University)

4:45 / 16h45h Plenary lecture / Conférence plénière

Chair/Président: Thomas KEYMER (University of Toronto)

David WOMERSLEY (University of Oxford), “Gibbon’s Cosmopolitanisms”
6:30 / 18h30 Graduate Student Roundtable / Table ronde des étudiant.e.s de deuxième et troisième cycles

Duke of Somerset, 655 Bay Street

8:00–5:00 / 8h– 17h Registration & Book Exhibits / Inscription & Exposition de livres
8:30–10:00 / 8h30–10h Session 9 / Séance 9
Aventuriers cosmopolites I

Chair / Président: Swann PARADIS (Université York)

Nicholas DION (Université de Sherbrooke),

Le vampire dans le "Traité des apparitions" de Dom Calmet, de la réalité balkanaise à la fiction française

Natalie LAFLEUR (Université de Montréal et Université Paris4-Sorbonne),

Les tableaux de machinations par les "magiciens" dans les romans du tournant des Lumières : L’Aventurier français; Nos folies, ou Mémoires d’un musulman connu à Paris et Les Aphrodites

Michael J. MULRYAN (Université Christopher Newport),

La Ville comme bête féroce chez L-S Mercier : le Reflet de Narcisse et son antipode

Defoe 1

Chair / Président: David RICHTER (Queens College; CUNY Graduate Center)

Katharine CAMPBELL (University of California, Santa Barbara),

Robinson Crusoe and the Shadow of Absolutism

David HOU (McMaster University),

Crusoe's Smiles

Nicholas HUDSON (University of British Columbia),

“The great classic of bourgeois literature”?: Reassessing the Ideology of Robinson Crusoe

Andrew McKENDRY (McMaster University),

The Canoe, the Wheelbarrow, and Liberty of Conscience: Technologies of Toleration in Cavendish and Defoe
Gale Primary Sources

Chair / Président: Mark McDAYTER (Western University)

Jes BATTIS (University of Regina),

Love and Mischief: The Sly Eunuch in Restoration Drama

Mitchell CROUSE (Queen’s University),

Vultures, Pygmies, and Fleas: Emotional Performativity and Alterity in John Dryden's All for Love

Alex HERNANDEZ (University of Toronto),

Cosmopolitanism or Class Struggle: Bourgeois Tragedy in Translation
Tye LANDELS-GRUENEWALD (Queen’s University),

Toryism, Jacobitism, and Other Suppositions in Nahum Tate’s King Lear


Chair / Présidente: Morgan VANEK (University of Calgary)

Catherine NYGREN (McGill University),

Descriptive Language in Travel Writing (1700-1830): A Computational Analysis

Hélène PALMA (Université Aix-Marseille),

Lady Hester Stanhope, a female cosmopolitan?

Norbert PUSZKAR (Austin Peay State University),

Travel, Literature, Business: Karl Philipp Moritz’ Travels Chiefly on Foot, Through Several Parts of England in 1782

Gale Primary Sources
Popular Performances: Puppies, Placards, Puppets

Chair / Présidente: Anne MILNE (University of Toronto Scarborough)

Darryl P. DOMINGO (University of Memphis),

‘The Charm that Gathers all the Town’: Fairground Cosmopolitanism and Pinkethman’s Dancing Dogs

Dorothée POLANZ (James Madison University),

Apollo at the Fair: Staging a Placard Play from the French Fairground Theater

John ROMEY (Case Western Reserve University),

Apollon à la Foire: Breathing Life into A Pièce par écriteaux

Hayley M. L. EAVES (McGill University),

Keeping Commedia Alive: The Cosmology of Puppet Theatre in Eighteenth-Century Venice
Gale Primary Sources
The “Anthropologie” and the Dialogue between Images, Objects and Texts in the 18th Century

Chair / Président: Andreas MOTSCH (University of Toronto)

Claire BRIZON (University of Bern),

Foreign Artifacts and Cosmopolitanism in Swiss Collections during the 18th Century

Sara PETRELLA (University of Bern),

Thinking through Images. Cosmopolitanism in the 18th and the "Anthropologie" of A. C. Chavannes (1788)

Alberto LUIS LÓPEZ (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México),

The Philosophical Anthropology of Cornelius De Pauw
Gale Primary Sources

America 2

Chair / Président: Peter DeGABRIELE (Mississippi State University)

Chiara CILLERAI (St. John’s University),

Cosmopolitanism and Nostalgia in Elizabeth Ferguson’s Commonplace Books

Lenka FILIPOVA (Freie Universität Berlin),

Place and Cosmopolitanism in Janet Schaw’s Travel Writing from the West Indies and North Carolina (1774-1776)

Greg MORGAN (University of British Columbia),

Class Conflict and Political Economy in Eighteenth-Century Labrador: The Plight of the Gentleman in Captain George Cartwright’s Labrador Journal (1792)
Gale Primary Sources

Roundtable / Table ronde - Scholarly publishing: questions and answers for early career researchers

Chair / Président: Albert J. Rivero (Marquette University)

Brian COWAN (McGill University)

Thomas KEYMER (University of Toronto)

Eugenia ZUROSKI (McMaster University)

Mark THOMPSON (University of Toronto Press)
10:30–12 / 10h30–12h Session 10 / Séance 10

Aventuriers cosmopolites II - Voyageurs et sociabilité

Chair / Président: Andreas MOTSCH (Université de Toronto)

Céline BONNOTTE (Université de Toronto),

Les interprètes du XVIIIe siècle : rupture ou continuité ?

Eleonora NICOLOSI (Université Laval),

La Sicile du Grand Tour : Représentations et stéréotypes de la société sicilienne au milieu du XVIIIe siècle

Mathieu PERRON (Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières),

"On ne se réunit à peu près jamais dans les auberges des villes" : approche connectée des espaces de loisirs semi-publics au Québec et au Bas-Canada (1760-1837)
Gale Primary Sources
Defoe 2

Chair / Président: Kim MICHASIW (York University)

Craig PATTERSON (Humber College),

He “makes love like Italians, as He rules like a Turk”: Sodomy and the Cosmopolitanism of William III

Morgan VANEK (University of Calgary),

“That Cursed Place…Half Peoples This Colony: Moll’s America and the South Sea Bubble
Stephen R. ZIMMERMAN (Northern Virginia Community College),

Terror and Travel: Transformational Pilgrimage in A Journal of the Plague Year and The Pilgrim’s Progress

Gale Primary Sources
Adaptation and the Cosmopolitan Stage

Chair / Présidente: Heather LADD (University of Lethbridge)

Daniel CRAIG (Independent Scholar),

A British Comedian on the American Stage, 1795-1811

Angelina DEL BALZO (University of California, Los Angeles),

“From Foreign Shores are rich materials brought”: Cosmopolitan Adaptation on the London Stage

Nevena MARTINOVIC (Queen’s University),

Gender and Geography: Irish and English Representations of Female Aging

Steven W. THOMAS (Wagner College),

The Cinematic Eighteenth Century: Reconsidered
Gale Primary Sources
Poetic Forms

Chair / Présidente: Melissa SCHOENBERGER (College of the Holy Cross)

Deseree CIPOLLONE (McGill University),

Voltaire’s Praise of Milton’s Transcendent Epic

Leah ORR (University of Louisiana),

Laurence Eusden’s Art of Political Propaganda

Aurora Faye MARTINEZ (University of Birmingham),

Reflecting upon a Pastoral Ideal in William Collins' Persian Eclogues
Gale Primary Sources
We are but the particles moving with the general mass”:  Eliza Fenwick’s Cosmopolitan Life

Chair / Présidente: Lorna CLARK (Carleton University)

Stephanie TUCKONIC (Independent Scholar),

From Cosmopolitan to Colonial: The Unanticipated Consequences of the Registry Bill

Murray WILCOX (Brock University),

Signs of Cosmopolitan Life: Dancing in the Colonies

Lissa PAUL (Brock University),

From the Centre to the Margins: Eliza Fenwick and John Whitaker
Gale Primary Sources

Chair / Président: John BAIRD (University of Toronto)

Justin GAGE (U.S. Military Academy Preparatory School),

Satire and the War for Empire in Smollett’s Adventures of an Atom
Christopher HALL (Algonquin College),

Universal Darkness: Lovecraft, Pope, and Cultural Apocalypse

Mary Ann PARKER (University of Toronto),

Hurdy-Gurdy Monkey: French Satire and the Meissen Menagerie

Don NICHOL (Memorial University of Newfoundland),

Pope v. Trump; or, How to Find Consolation in the Midst of Chaos

Gale Primary Sources
London 1

Chair / Présidente: Caryl CLARK (University of Toronto)

Mark McDAYTER (Western University),

Fake “Newes” and “Lame Iambics”: Royalist Street Ballads on the Eve of the Restoration

Allison MURI (University of Saskatchewan),

Ned Ward’s Metropolis: The “Worthy Citizens” of Cosmopolitan London

David OAKLEAF (University of Calgary),

The Proto-Cosmopolitan Text? The Restoration Fortunes of The History of Richard Whittington, with a Glance at Ned Ward’s A Trip to Jamaica
Gale Primary Sources
A Woman’s World is in the Theatre

Chair / Président: Daniel O’QUINN (University of Guelph)

Kristina STRAUB (Carnegie Mellon University),

Elizabeth Boyd's Don Sancho Conjures Shakespeare in Oxford

Mattie BURKERT (Utah State University),

Women at the Theater-Finance Nexus: Competing Publics in the Works of Susanna Centlivre

Lisa A. FREEMAN (University of Illinois at Chicago),

Elizabeth Inchbald and the Art of Dramatic Probability
Gale Primary Sources
Teaching France in England: Lessons from the Osborne Collection

Chair / Présidente: Carol PERCY (University of Toronto)

Amy KALBUN (University of Toronto),

Servants, Sensibility, and Selfhoods: Pilkington’s New Tales of the Castle and the Construction of Transnational and National Identities

James HYETT (University of Toronto),

R is for Revolution: Regular Sound Change and Pedagogical Problems in Eighteenth-Century French Teaching in England

Kiley VENABLES (University of Toronto/Ryerson University),

Learning Englishness: Teaching Political Geography and National Values in early 19th Century England
Gale Primary Sources

12:00–1:30 / 12h–13h30 Lunch / Repas de midi

12:00–1:30 / 12h–13h30 Tour & Lunch / Visite et déjeuner, Osborne Collection of Early Children’s Books, 4th floor and basement / 4e étage et sous-sol,
Lillian H. Smith Library, 239 College Street Co-sponsored by the Friends of the Osborne Collection and by the Toronto Public Library

1:30–3:00 / 13h30–15h Session 11 / Séance 11

Cosmopolitanisme et colonialisme

Chair / Présidente: Isabelle TREMBLAY (Royal Military College of Canada)

Florian VAULEON (Purdue Northwest),

La Grammaire de l’esclavage : effets suppressifs de la voix passive dans l’Histoire des Deux Indes de Raynal

Anoush F. TERJANIAN (East Carolina University),

Political Economy: Cosmopolitanism's Neglected Context

Michelle BOCQUILLON (Hunter College and the Graduate Center of CUNY),

Morgan, le “négrillon” de Chateaubriand

Restoration Comedy

Chair / Présidente: Leslie RITCHIE (Queen’s University)

Marcie FRANK (Concordia University),

Congreve’s Urbanity

Heather LADD (University of Lethbridge),

“The Poetical She-Philosopher”: Reframing the Female Platonic in Mary Pix’s The Innocent Mistress and Susanna Centlivre’s The Platonic Lady

Natalia VESSELOVA (University of Ottawa),

A Continental Recipe for English Comedy: George Etherege and “all the Foolish French Words”
Gale Primary Sources
Health and Medicine

Chair / Président: Alan BEWELL (University of Toronto)

Lucia DACOME (University of Toronto),

Liminal Spaces: Quarantine Stations in Eighteenth-Century Italy

Heather MEEK (Université de Montréal),

Jane Barker: Nerve Theorist or Humouralist?
Gale Primary Sources


Chair / Présidente: Susan Paterson GLOVER (Laurentian University)

James P. BARRY (Dalhousie University),

An Analysis of the English Response to Jean Dumat’s Les Lois Civiles dans Leur Ordre Naturel

Catherine FLEMING (University of Toronto),

Fielding and the Ownership of Law

Kalin SMITH (McMaster University),

Breakfast at Fielding’s: Matinée Reviews and the 1737 Licensing Act

Simon STERN (University of Toronto),

Fanny Hill and the “Laws of Decency”: Investigating Obscenity in the Mid-Eighteenth Century
Gale Primary Sources
Back to the Future of Financial Crises: The Political Thought of Montesquieu and his Contemporaries in the Context of the ‘John Law System’ and the ‘South Sea Scheme’

Chair / Président: Edward A. ANDREW (University of Toronto)

Michael MOSHER (University of Tulsa),

The European Financial Crisis of 1720 and the Future of Inequality: The Problem None of Montesquieu’s Successors Solved

Emily NACOL (Vanderbilt University),

“A Tangled Husk of Emptiness”: Public Formation and the South Sea Crisis in 18th-Century Britain

Constantine VASSILIOU (University of Toronto),

‘Le système de John Law’ and the Spectre of Modern Despotism in the Political Thought of Montesquieu
Gale Primary Sources
The Spatial Fantasies of Cosmopolitanism 3

Chair / Présidente: Barbara ABRAMS (Suffolk University)

Ourida MOSTEFAI (Brown University),

From Exile to Emigration: Cosmopolitanism in the Age of Revolutions

Giulia PACINI (College of William & Mary),

Liberty Trees and the French Body Politic

Chanelle REINHARDT (Université de Montréal),

Imagining the Space of the Displacement. On the Voyage of the Objects Seized by the French Army During the Italian Campaign (1796-1797)

London 2

Chair / Présidente: Julia FAWCETT (University of California, Berkeley)

Jerremy LORCH (University at Buffalo—SUNY),

Orpheus and Oysters: Xenophobia Mocked in John Gay's ‘Trivia’

Jenny McKENNEY (University of Calgary),

Swimming in the City: Rediscovering London’s Pleasure Baths
Gale Primary Sources
Roundtable / Table ronde - “Enlightened” Academic Leadership: Eighteenth-Century Scholars as Administrators

Chair / Président: Joseph BARTOLOMEO (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

Diane BEELEN WOODY (York University),

Pre-Revolutionary French literature as a framework for the role of department chair or associate dean

Shawn Lisa MAURER (College of the Holy Cross),

Everything I Learned, I Learned from the Eighteenth Century

Shelley KING (Queen’s University) and Joseph B. Pierce (Queen’s University),

Research on Borrowed Time: Editing Amelia Opie

Natasha DUQUETTE (Tyndale University College),

French Literature and Visual Art: Program Development as an Eighteenth-Century Scholar

Katherine QUINSEY (University of Windsor),

Fillable PDFs and the uncreating word

Tara Ghoshal WALLACE (George Washington University),

‘Enlightenment Interdisciplinarity and Engaged Administration’

Miriam L. WALLACE (New College of Florida),

The Department Chair as Salonnière
Object Lessons and Cautionary Tales: Teaching Children in the World

Chair / Présidente: Carol PERCY (University of Toronto)

Emily WEST (University of Windsor),

Speaking Objects: Animal Meaning and Children’s Education

Rebecca SHAPIRO (City University of New York),

Learning and the Ordinary in the Nursery

Jacqueline REID-WALSH (The Pennsylvania State University),

Harlequin’s miniaturized, comic invasions of London: Harlequin’s Invasion (1770) and Harlequin Cherokee (1772)

Chantel LAVOIE (Royal Military College of Canada),

No Future on Paper: Boy Condemned to Hang at the Old Bailey and the Cautionary Tale
Gale Primary Sources
3:30–5:00 / 15h30–17h Session 12 / Séance 12
Théâtre - Identités nationales et cosmopolite mises en scène/au théâtre

Chair / Président: Joël CASTONGUAY-BÉLANGER (Université de Colombie Britannique)

Sébastien CÔTÉ (Université Carleton),

Un cosmopolitisme décalé en Nouvelle-France: le théâtre de Lesage (1720-1734)

Jeanne HAGEMAN (Université de l'État du Dakota du Nord),

De Rousseau à Favart à Mozart : une pièce de théâtre cosmopolite
Gale Primary Sources

Cosmopolitan Knowledge

Chair / Présidente: Birgit TAUTZ (Bowdoin College)

Claire BALDWIN (Colgate University),

Developing Cosmopolitan Knowledge: Wieland’s Teutscher Merkur

Rachel CARNELL (Cleveland State University),

Delarivier Manley’s Cosmopolitan Response to Bacon’s Utopian Science

John SAVARESE (University of Waterloo),

Translation, Invention, and Experiment in Vathek

Renate SCHELLENBERG (Mount Allison University),

Sophisticated Scrutiny: Goethe’s Scientific Method

Garrick and Woffington

Chair / Présidente: Heather McPHERSON (University of Alabama, Birmingham)

John BAIRD (University of Toronto),

Garrick’s Chinese Festival, the French Connection, and the Remoteness of China

Leslie RITCHIE (Queen’s University),

The Case of the Foreign Fruit-Knife: Or, David Garrick as Character Witness in the Baretti Trial

Willow WHITE (McGill University),

Margaret Woffington's Cross-Dressing in George Farquhar’s The Constant Couple and The Recruiting Officer
Gale Primary Sources
Cosmopolitan Spectators

Chair / Présidente: Isobel GRUNDY (University of Alberta)

Rachel HUIZAR (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign),

Reimagining Spectatorship in Lady Mary Wortley Montagu’s The Turkish Embassy Letters

Emma NEWPORT (University of Sussex),

Barrenness and Sterility: Rethinking English Cosmopolitanism

Karenza SUTTON-BENNETT (University of Ottawa),

Freedom in the Eye of the Beholder: The Formation of the Counterpublic in The Turkish Embassy Letters
Gale Primary Sources


Chair / Président: John SAVARESE (University of Waterloo)

Peter DeGABRIELE (Mississippi State University),

The Cosmopolitan Page: Occupation and Translation in Samuel Pufendorf

William MILLER (University of Rochester),

John Locke, Refugee: Language and Cosmos in the Late Seventeenth-Century British Diaspora

Torrey SHANKS (University of Toronto),

The Uses of Impropriety
Gale Primary Sources
The Two R’s: Engaging Demands for “Relevance” and “Relatability” in Teaching the Eighteenth Century

Chair / Présidente: Tiffany POTTER (University of British Columbia)

Melissa SCHOENBERGER (College of the Holy Cross),

The Other Side of Boredom: The Radical Possibilities of Teaching Long Poems

Tiffany POTTER (University of British Columbia),

Using Popular Culture Theory to Teach the Eighteenth-Century Novel

Christine D. MYERS (Monmouth College),

Enlightened Scots of the 18th Century Enlightening Scots of the 21st

Roundtable / Table ronde - Emotions and the Eighteenth Century

Chairs / Présidents: Brian COWAN & Fiona RITCHIE (McGill University)

Brian COWAN (McGill University),

The History of Eighteenth-Century Emotions

Julia FAWCETT (University of California, Berkeley),

Against Interiority: A Performance Studies Approach to Madness in the Enlightenment

Wendy Anne LEE (New York University),

Emotions & the Novel

Fiona RITCHIE (McGill University),

Emotions and the Eighteenth-Century Theatre Audience

Terry F. ROBINSON (University of Toronto),

Emotions and Eighteenth-Century Visual Culture
5:00–5:45 / 17h–17h45 CSECS General Meeting / Assemblée générale de la SCEDHS
NEASECS Business Meeting / Assemblée générale de la NEASECS

6:00-7:00 / 18h-19h Reception / Réception

Sponsored by GALE, A Cengage Company / Avec le soutien de GALE, A Cengage Company
7:30-9:30 / 19h30-21h30 Banquet / Banquet
Chelsea Hotel / hôtel Chelsea

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