Gaia community Betterment Grant Program

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GAIA Matched Marketing Grant

Program Guidelines

Purpose: The purpose of this program is to provide the businesses or organizations of the Garrison trade area assistance in advertising and marketing their business, organization, or special event.
Eligible Locations: Any business or organization in the Garrison trade area where the applicant can provide supporting data to indicate that the marketing effort will be beneficial to that business, organization, or special event and the community of Garrison.
Eligible Person/Entity: Any commercial business operating in the Garrison trade area or a special event as approved by the GAIA Board of Directors.
Maximum Grant: The maximum amount of reimbursement per business application is up to 50% of the direct advertising/marketing costs - not to exceed $1,000.00. Grant amounts will be based on the impact to the community as determined by the GAIA Board of Directors.
Grant Application: To be considered, a written application accompanied by a detailed description of the advertising/marketing campaign shall be submitted to the GAIA Board of Directors.
Eligible Expenses: Any print (newspapers, posters or flyers), television and radio advertising, printing of business cards, signage, logoed clothing for employees and costs for website creation/development. Also eligible are expenses related to special marketing events such as grand openings or open house events that are related to a startup or expansion. GAIA does promote use of local businesses whenever possible and receipts from these businesses will take precedence over those from outside of the area.
Grant Approvals: Approvals will only be granted for requests made prior to the beginning of any advertising/marketing campaign. All approvals are subject to funds being available for this program. Awarded grants are limited to one to start-up businesses or organizations and one to existing businesses or organizations where expansions involving new products and/or services are to be offered. Special grant terms may be available on a case-by-case basis. Projects will be individually reviewed for acceptability by the GAIA Board of Directors before approval.
Payment of Funds: Payment of funds will be made upon delivery of paid advertising/marketing receipts on approved projects.


  • All applicants must submit an application form - a brief synopsis of the advertising/marketing plan should also be attached. Further supporting information may be requested by the Board of Directors. Application forms are available at the GAIA office.

  • All applications must be submitted at least one week prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting of the board of directors. A schedule will be provided to the applicant at the time the application is picked up.

  • Applicants will be notified by the GAIA office as to board decisions within one week of review.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer


Name of business/organization:_______________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________
Phone Number: ___________________________________________________
Name of owner/contact: ____________________________________________
Amount requested (not to exceed $1000 matched): ______________________
Description of marketing project: ______________________________________

Est. date of project start: ____________________________________________

Est. date of project completion: _______________________________________
As a recipient of GAIA Marketing Grant funds, I (we) agree to the grant requirements as outlined in the guidelines I (we) received. I (we) agree to complete the project within twelve months.

X______________________________________ _____________

Grant Recipient or Representative Date


Amount of funds granted: ________________________ Date: ___________

X ___________________________________________ Date: ___________

GAIA Representative

This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer

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