Gaia community Betterment Grant Program

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GAIA Essential Service Worker Housing Renovation Grant Program
Purpose: The purpose of this program is to provide an incentive to property owners of rental property to provide for quality affordable rental housing for essential service workers. Essential service worker is defined as “individuals employed by the City of Garrison, McLean County, Garrison School District, a local medical or long term care facility, the state of North Dakota, or others who fulfill an essential public service in Garrison or the immediate surrounding area as determined by the GAIA Board of Directors
Eligible Locations: Any location in the immediate Garrison area where the applicant has rented or leased a residential property to an essential service worker and has a signed lease/rental agreement.
Eligible Person/Entity: Individuals, civic and non profit groups, businesses, city and county government.
Maximum Grant: The maximum amount per grant per year is $1000. The grant is a 1:1 matching grant and would require documented expenditures for property renovation in order to receive the approved grant amount.
Subsequent Grants: A property owner may apply for a maximum of 3 grants per property under this program and may receive a maximum of $3,000 in matching grant funds for an individual property. Only one grant application may be submitted for a property during a calendar year period. Grants may be for the same or a continuing renovation project as long as sufficient documented expenses are submitted.
Grant Application: To be considered a completed application must be submitted to the GAIA Board of Directors.
Grant Approvals: All applications are reviewed by the GAIA Board of Directors who approve or deny a grant application and if approved, determine the grant amount and any special conditions for the grant.
Payment of Funds: Payment of funds will be made upon submission of the required documentation of expenditures for renovation of the residential property in accordance with any other special conditions that may exist for the grant.


  • All applicants must make an appointment with the GAIA executive director for a short interview and to obtain an application form.

  • All applicants must submit an application form accompanied by any supporting information requested by the executive director or the board of directors.

  • Applicants will be notified by the GAIA office as to board decisions within one week of review.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer

Name of applicant: _________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________
Phone Number: ____________________________________________________
Amount requested (not to exceed $1000): ________________________________
Address of property: _________________________________________________
Do you have a signed lease/rental agreement with an essential service worker?
Yes ________ No ________ What is the effective date? __________________

*A copy of the signed lease/rental agreement must be attached.

What agency is the essential service worker employed with? ________________
Length of the lease/rental agreement: ____________________________________
As a recipient of GAIA Renovation for Essential Service Worker Housing Grant funds, I (we) agree to the grant requirements as outlined in the guidelines I (we) received.
X______________________________________ _____________

Grant Applicant Date


Amount of funds granted: ________________________ Date: ___________

Disbursement approval date: _________________

X ___________________________________________ Date: ___________

GAIA Representative

This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer

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