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Lieutenant Governor
Energy Advisor

Executive Director

TO: Utah Energy Infrastructure authority (UEIA) Board

LOCATION: STEM Action Center, Salt Lake City, UT

DATE: July 12, 2017, 10:00am – 12:00pm (MDT)

SUBJECT: Utah Energy Infrastructure Authority Board Meeting Minutes
In attendance: Public attendees:

Board Members Glade Sowards

David Ure Jim Webb

Cameron Cuch Steve Styler

Colleen Bell Brad Bailey

Greg Todd Brad Shafer

Lynn Jackson (phone)

Ben Hart

Scott Gutting

OED Staff:

Rob Simmons

Jordan Clark

Daniel Royal

Michele Pasker

Brooke Tucker


Dr. Laura Nelson

Laura Lewis

Conducting: Rob Simmons
Items Discussed

  1. Welcome: Rob welcomes the Board and excuses Dr. Nelson. He gives a thank-you for serving on the board. He has each board member introduce themselves as well as the public in attendance, and then also gives a quick overview of the board’s duties as well as the purpose of the HCITC, and its importance to the Governor, and Legislature. He lauds the talent and experience that is found on the UEIA board. He confirms that the board will have its first application from a refinery, and has invited Glade Sowards of the Utah Department of Environmental Quality to give a presentation on Tier 3 fuels. He reminds those in attendance that it is a public, recorded meeting.

Greg Todd makes a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Scott Gutting. The vote was unanimous.

  1. Presentation: Utah Division of Environmental Quality

Discussion: Glade Sowers gives a presentation on Tier 3 Fuels, why they’re important, how they can help advance the State’s goals around air quality and what can be expected once those fuels are on the market.

  1. HCITC: Fuel Standard applications – Daniel Royal

Discussion: Since the Board would be reviewing its first fuel standard application, Daniel Royal takes a few minutes to remind the board, using the statute, of the differences between regular HCITC applications and fuel standard HCITC applications when it comes to the calculation of the tax credit.

  1. Application Review: Endeavor

Discussion: Rob Simmons invites Brad Schafer to give some the basics of the application. He defers to Daniel to give the information. Daniel takes a couple minutes to talk about the details of the project and applications. Brad then gives some more details on permitting, construction date, process, and timelines. Rob reminds the board that the incentive is retroactive to spring, 2015.
Colleen Bell asks Brad to elaborate on the capital expenditure, which he does. Rob reminds the board that the board would receive actual numbers (instead of estimates) once the project is complete. Endeavor will also have to provide certification that their gasoline does meet Tier 3 requirements.
Colleen Bell reads the motion, which is seconded by Greg Todd. The vote was unanimous.

  1. Application Review: Smithfield

Discussion: Rob Simmons gives a bit of background of the agricultural aspect of the HCITC, and then defers to Daniel to give the information on the project. Daniel takes a couple minutes to talk about the details of the project and applications. Daniel then turns the time to Jim Webb, who has a slide show presentation.
Jim starts by giving a company overview, including locations, brands, markets, sales, etc. He then gives a history on how they arrived in Milford valley and their current production there, workforce, permitting, and shows a map on how the new barns will be situated and the nearby infrastructure. He is then asked about their corn consumption, which he answers.
Ben Hart reads the motion, which is seconded by Colleen Bell. The vote was unanimous.

  1. HCITC Updates: Pipeline and next meeting – Daniel Royal

Discussion: Daniel gives a quick overview of applications in the pipeline. The board then discuss changing the date of the next meeting.

  1. The motion to adjourn is made by Cameron Cuch, seconded by Colleen Bell

Office of Energy Development | 60 East South Temple Street | Suite 300, SLC, UT 84111

Phone: 801-538-8732 |

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