Geoid from gravimetric and vertical deflection data on the territory of Poland

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The A10 Absolute Gravimeter - a New Challenge for Geodesy and Geodynamics
Jan Krynski
Institute of Geodesy and Cartography

27 Modzelewskiego St., PL 02-679 Warsaw, Poland

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The A10 is the first absolute gravimeter that allows for the determination of gravity in the field with high precision. Absolute gravity survey with the A10 becomes highly competitive in terms of both efficiency and precision with traditional relative gravity survey. It substantially changes the concept of modern gravity control. It also indicates the growing capability of gravimetry in geodynamics.

The portable A10-20 absolute gravimeter has been installed at the Borowa Gora Geodetic-Geophysical Observatory in September 2008. Since then a number of test laboratory measurements as well as field measurements with the use of mobile gravimetric laboratory developed was conducted. The results obtained indicate high quality of gravity determination with the A10 under laboratory conditions and unprecedented quality under field conditions. They confirm the applicability of the A10 absolute gravimeter to the modernization of gravity control and high precision gravity survey required in modern gravity networks, but also its usefulness in microgravimetry as well as geodynamics.
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