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B.A. Colgate University, Hamilton, New York (1947)

University of Stockholm, Sweden (1948)

M.S. Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah (1949)

Ph.D.University of Wisconsin, Madison (1953)


1971   Department of Criminology, Law and Society, School of Social Ecology, University of California, Irvine. (Visiting Professor, 1971 72; Professor, 1972 1987; Acting Director, 1974-75; Professor Emeritus, 1987  ).

Fall 1996 Department of Law, Police Science, and Administration of Justice, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York (Distinguished Visiting Professor).

Spring 1981 College of Human Development, Pennsylvania State University. (Distinguished Visiting Professor).

Winter 1979 Faculty of Law, University of Sydney. (Visiting Professor).

1976   1977 Institute of Criminology, Cambridge University. (Visiting Fellow) (also Visiting Fellow, Wolfson College).

1957   1972 Department of Sociology, California State University, Los Angeles. (Assistant Professor, 1957 60; Associate Professor, 1960 63; Professor, 1963 72).

1969   1970 School of Criminal Justice, State University of New York, Albany.

(Visiting Professor).

1952   1957 Department of Sociology, University of Oklahoma, Norman.

(Instructor, 1952 55; Assistant Professor, 1955 57).

2008 Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Professional Contributions

in the field of White-Collar Crime, National White-Collar

Crime Center/White-Collar Crime Research Consortium (hereafter “Geis Award”)

1992 Donald R. Cressey Award for Excellence in Fraud Detection and Deterrence, National Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

1989 Richard A. McGee Award for Distinguished Contribution to Research on Criminal Justice, American Justice Institute.

Spring 1987 Fulbright Award, Lisbon, Portugal; Consultant, Ministry of Justice.

1985 Edwin H. Sutherland Award for Outstanding Contributions to Theory or Research in Criminology, American Society of Criminology.

1980 Distinguished Faculty Lectureship Award, University of California, Irvine.

1980 Paul Tappan Award for Outstanding Contributions to Criminology, Western Society of Criminology.

1980 Stephen Schafer Award for Outstanding Achievement in Victim/Witness Research, National Organization for Victim Assistance.

Winter 1979 Senior Scholar Grant for Australia, Council for International Exchange of Scholars.

1971 Outstanding Professor Award, California State Universities and Colleges.

1967-1968 Distinguished Professor Award, California State University, Los Angeles.

1964-1965 Liberal Arts Fellowship in Law and Sociology, Harvard Law School, Cambridge.

Summer 1960 Summer Research Training Institute in the Administration of Criminal Justice, University of Wisconsin (Social Science Research Council).

Summer 1958Summer Research Training Institute in the Judicial Process, University of Wisconsin (Social Science Research Council).

1951   1952 Area Training Fellowship, Social Science Research Council, and Fulbright Fellowship, Oslo, Norway.

1949   1951 Carnegie Fellowship, University of Wisconsin.


1982   1983 Co Principal Investigator, Practitioner Fraud and Abuse in Government Medical Benefit Programs, National Institute of Justice, U. S. Department of Justice (82 IJCX 0035).

1980   1981 Principal Investigator, Employers' Attitudes and Actions in Regard to Occupational Health in California, Division of Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Department of Industrial Relations, State of California.

1979   1980 Principal Investigator, Deterring Automobile Repair Fraud: A Field Investigation, Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, U. S. Department of Justice (79 NI AX 0050).

1976   1978 Principal Investigator, Forcible Rape in England and Sweden, National Institute of Mental Health (MH 28868).

1975   1977 Co Principal Investigator, Bystander Intervention in Crime, National Institute of Mental Health (MH 26667).

1973   1975 Co Research Director, Parole Volunteer Project, California Council on Criminal Justice (#1746-2)

1971 - 1974 Co Principal Investigator, Public Compensation for Victims of Crime, Ford Foundation.

1969   1970 Principal Investigator, The Use of Ex Narcotic Addicts as Streetworkers, National Institute of Mental Health (MH 16323).

1969   1971 Research Director, Evaluation of Aftercare Program of Narcotic Addict Rehabilitation Act (NARA), Federal Bureau of Prisons (JIC-22030).

1969   1970 Co Project Director, Explorations in Deterrence and Criminal Justice: Phase I, New York Office of Crime Control Planning (OCCP #186).

1968 - 1971 Contact, Center for the Study of Crime and Delinquency, National Institute of Mental Health, for preparation of a manuscript on

victimless crimes (NIH 69-283).

1967   1969 Research Director, Boyle Heights Narcotics Research and Demonstration Project, Office of Economic Opportunity.

1966   1969 Project Director, Study of Compensation to California Victims of Violent Crime, Walter E. Meyer Research Institute of Law.

1962   1965 Project Director, A Halfway House for Narcotic Offenders, National Institute of Mental Health (MH 808).


Editorial Board, Open Law Journal, 2007-

International Board of Advisors, Criminal Studies Center (Portugal), 2006-

Advisory Board, Crime and Delinquency, 2000-

Member, Advisory Committee, National White Collar Crime Center, 1997-2002

Editorial Board, American Journal of Criminal Justice, 1993-2002

Editorial Advisor in Criminal Justice, Northeastern University Press, 1992-2003

Overseas Correspondent, Current Issues in Criminal Justice, Sydney, 1991-96

Member, Editorial Advisory Board (Sociology), University Press of America, 1989-91

President, Institute for Financial Crime Prevention, 1988-90.

Member, Board of Regents, National Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, 1988- 1990; President, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, 1992-2002

Member, Advisory Board, Edward Sagarin Institute for the Study of Deviance and Social Issues, 1988-

Member, International Editorial Board, International Review of Victimology, 1987 2000

Editorial Advisory Board (sociology), Peter Lang Publishing Co., 1986 89.

Associate Editor, Criminal Justice Policy Review, 1984 90.

Associate Editor, Justice Quarterly, 1984 85.

Editorial Board, Criminal Justice and Behavior, 1983 88.

Advisory Board, Crime and Social Justice (later Social Justice), 1982-90.

Criminology Editorial Consultant, Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, 1980 1993.

Co Editor, Series on Contemporary Criminology, State University of New York Press, 1980 88.

Executive Committee, World Society of Victimology, 1980 88.

Member, Advisory Committee, National Organization of Victim Assistance, 1979 82.

Member, Advisory Panel, National Crime Survey Redesign Program, 1979 83.

Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Criminal Justice Contemporary Issues, 1979 84.

Consultant Editor, The Company Lawyer, 1979 87.

Associate Editor, Criminology Review Yearbook, 1979 82.

Member, Editorial Board, Law and Human Behavior,1977 82.

Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Sage Annual Reviews of Alcohol and Drug Abuse, 1977 80.

Member, Board of Consulting Editors, Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, 1976-81.

Member, Criminal Justice Advisory Board, Rand, Santa Monica, CA, 1976 77.

Associate Editor, Victimology: An International Journal, 1976 79.

Assistant Editor, Criminology, 1974 79.

Member, Editorial Board, Addictive Diseases, 1974 78.

Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of Criminal Justice, 1972 

Member, Narcotics Addiction and Drug Abuse Review Committee, National Institute of Mental Health, 1970 1974. (Chairman: 1973 74).

Faculty, National College of the State Judiciary, Reno, NV, 1972 74.

Consultant, National Commission on Causes and Prevention of Violence, 1968 70.

Consultant, Joint Commission on Correctional Manpower and Training, 1967 69.

Associate Editor, Pacific Sociological Review, 1967 70.

Consultant, President's Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice, 1/2 time, February September, 1966.

Consultant, Job Corps, Office of Economic Opportunity, 1964 66.

Advisor, President's Committee on Narcotic and Drug Abuse, 1963 64.

Training Faculty, National Council of Juvenile Court Judges, 1963 65.

Research Director (part time), Oklahoma Crime Study Commission, 1954 56.

Reporter, New Brunswick, NJ, Daily Home News, 1947 48.

Reporter, Hartford, CT, Times, Summer, 1946.

Radioman 2/C, V-12, ROTC, U. S. Navy, 1942 45.


American Bar Association: Chair, Subcommittee on White Collar Crime, Committee on Criminal Justice, 1984 85.

American Society of Criminology: President, 1975 76; Member, Executive Committee, 1971 72.

American Sociological Association: Section on Criminology: Chair, 1970 71; Secretary Treasurer, 1966 69; Member, Executive Council, 1973 76, 1983 86.

Association for Criminal Justice Research (California): Member, Executive Council, 1973 76; 1978 81; 1985 88; 1988-91.

British Institute of Securities Laws: Honorary Member, 1977 90.

National Council on Crime and Delinquency: Member, Professional Council, 1973 76.

Society for the Study of Social Problems: Member, Executive Committee, 1970 75; Chair, Committee on Crime and Juvenile Delinquency, 1964 67; Member, Committee on Standards and Freedom of Research Publications, 1958 59.



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