Green Acres Winter Jumper Series

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Green Acres Winter Jumper Series

Starting at 10am

February 21st , March 13th

  1. Lead line and walk trot assisted equitation

  2. Walk trot equitation 10 and under with ground poles and cones (group class)

  3. Walk trot equitation 11 and up with ground poles and cones (group class)

  4. Ground pole Gamblers Choice

  5. Cross rail Equitation 11 and under

  6. Cross rail Gamblers Choice 11 and under

  7. Cross rail Equitation 12 and over

  8. Cross rail Gamblers Choice 12 and over

  9. 2 foot Equitation

  10. 2 foot Equitation Redo

  11. 2 foot Gamblers Choice

  12. 2’3 Equitation

  13. 2’3” Gamblers Choice

  14. 2’7” Equitation

  15. 2’7” Gamblers Choice

  16. 3’ Equitation

  17. 3’ Gamblers Choice

  18. 3’3” Equitation

  19. Knock down and out

  20. Bareback knock down and out

$20. a class. $75./day 5 class limit Ribbons 1st-6th and a trophy for first place

Warmup over fences will be allowed for 10 minutes between some of the fence heights

Winter coats acceptable.

Judges will be announced as they get lined up. Potluck lunch!!!
Name: ___________________________ Age: _______________

Address: ______________________________________________

Email: ________________________________________________

Phone #: ______________________________________________

Horse: _________________________
Classes entered: ______ ______ _____ _____ ______ _____ ______
I enclose $__________ for the aforementioned entry. I understand that this is a high risk sport and I am participating at my own risk. I assume this risk and further do hearby release, hold harmless and indemnify the organizer, organizing committee, judges, officials, volunteers, officers, agents, employees, hosts, and their agents of this competition and the owners of the property where the event is being held from all liability and/or negligence resulting in an accident, damage, injury, or illness to myself and/or my agents, to my property including the horse or horses at this event.

Participant Signature


If the participant is under the age of 18 the registration must be signed by a parent or guardian.
All checks need to be made out to Dawn Dascomb-GAS Event Series

Mail Registration Form, Payment and a photocopy of 2015 Neg. Coggins to:

Dawn Dascomb – GAS Event Series

Green Acres Stables 174 Drew Road Madbury, NH 03823

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