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 Forensic for Law Enforcement

Every Investigation Matters

The computer is an infallible witness; it cannot lie. Digital evidence contains an unfiltered 

account of a suspect’s activities, recorded in his or her direct words and actions. This type 

of evidence can provide the pivotal data investigators need to turn an open investigation 

into an open and shut case.

In order to obtain and analyze this information in a rapid, cost-effective manner, 

investigators need a powerful technology solution to help them produce evidence for 

existing charges, identify accomplices, add to charges and/or counts and provide leads for 

other unsolved investigations.

Get More Out of Every Investigation  



 Forensic is the industry-standard technology solution for capturing, analyzing and 

reporting on digital evidence. Powerful filters and scripts enable investigators to build a 

case based on forensically sound evidence. Investigators can collect actionable intelligence 

from Internet activity, chat sessions, email, documents, graphics, address books and over 

two hundred additional file formats. They can recover digital evidence residing in deleted 

files, reformatted disks, swap and slack space, hidden files, print spools and more. In 

addition, EnCase Forensic helps investigators review data that other tools cannot access, 

including system files and encrypted data.  

Save Money and Reduce Liability

By shortening the investigation life cycle, EnCase Forensic helps organizations save 

money and reduce risk of liability. Investigators can save time by using flexible search 

options, canned filters and customized scripts to help them automatically parse out and 

present relevant data. Within a few hours, they can obtain the same actionable evidence 

that typically takes days or even months to collect using traditional methods. With a more 

accurate, efficient and rapid digital evidence review processes, organizations can improve 

public safety and ultimately reduce the risk of liability for the agency. 

Proven, Court Validated Technology

Investigators know they can act on digital evidence only when they are careful to use 

proven, court validated collection and preservation methodologies. Guidance Software 

developed EnCase Forensic in cooperation with law enforcement. For over a decade, 

EnCase Forensic’s forensically sound collection and preservation procedures have 

withstood thousands of court challenges in local, state and federal jurisdictions worldwide. 




Who benefits from EnCase



- Case Developers

- Computer Forensic Examiners

- Prosecutors

- Child Exploitation Units

- Fraud Examiners

- Language Specialists

- White Collar Crimes Units

- Sex Crimes Units

- Robbery/Homicide Units

- Gang Units

- Missing Persons Units

- Homeland Security

- Narcotics/Vice Units

- Legal Units


Case Study: Digital Evidence Reduces Violent Crime

A police department in a small Southern California town received a call reporting a 

nighttime robbery in a secluded parking lot. The suspect nabbed the victim’s purse 

while she was getting into her car. Officers began surveillance of the parking lot. 48 

hours later the suspect attempted to strike again and was arrested. His arrest led to the 

seizure of a computer. 

Using EnCase


 Forensic, investigators found information on the suspect’s hard drive 

that led to evidence of a series of gang-related robberies, drugs and weapons violations 

and critical new evidence pertaining to several gang-related incidents in the area. Police 

were able to add more charges to the initial robbery charge, with longer sentences due 

to the state’s tough gang laws. Using actionable intelligence collected from the hard 

drive, police were able to apprehend additional subjects on multiple charges far beyond 

purse snatching.

Case Summary


It is important to note that the initial robbery did not directly involve a computer, 

but digital evidence collected from the suspect’s computer proved to be a great 

facilitator. Because investigators were able to obtain actionable evidence so quickly

they apprehended several gang members, effectively neutralizing an active gang and 

increasing safety in the community.  Overall, the town experienced a reduction in 

violent crime after using EnCase Forensic to support all types of investigations, not just 

computer-related crimes.

Benefits & Features



 Forensic helps you...


 Solve more cases 

• Find evidence for additional 

charges (in the same 



 Obtain longer sentences


 Increase the number of plea 



 Build a comprehensive 

affiliate database (e.g., gangs, 

organized crime)


FastBloc SE



































 Forensic Platform


Guidance Software Training

Maximize Your Use of EnCase



Guidance Software is the industry leader in 

computer forensic training, covering the latest 

methodologies and techniques. EnCase



Demand gives you the option to learn from 

home or you can visit a GSI training center 

and learn from qualified instructors. All EnCase 

instructors have extensive computer forensic 

investigation experience. 



 Forensics Series 

• Computer Forensics I 

• Computer Forensics II

• Advanced Computer Forensics

• Field Intelligence Model Network Forensics 

Government Training Option

Receive a Substantial Discount in Course Fees

Guidance Software gives you the option to 

purchase five or more seats for your entire 

agency at a reduced rate. You have complete 

flexibility in how your organization can distribute 

its seats. If all members of a single department 

require EnCase training, five or more people can 

opt to take the same course separately during 

different sessions, even at different training 

centers or On Demand. Organizations can also 

use their seats for one or two people who need 

to take multiple courses. You have eighteen 

months to use your organization’s seats at any 

Guidance Software training center: Los Angeles, 

Washington D.C., Chicago, Houston, London or 

The Woodlands, TX (CyberEvidence).

EF BR 8090-30002

Our Customers

Guidance Software’s customers are corporations and government agencies in a wide variety of industries, such as financial and insurance services, 

technology, defense contracting, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and retail.  Our EnCase


 customer base includes more than 100 of the Fortune 500 and over 

half of the 50, including: Allstate, Chevron, Ford, General Electric, Honeywell, Mattel, Northrop Grumman, Pfizer, UnitedHealth Group, Viacom and Wachovia.

About Guidance Software (GUID)

Guidance Software is recognized worldwide as the industry leader in digital investigative solutions. Its EnCase(r) platform provides the foundation for 

government, corporate and law enforcement organizations to conduct thorough, network-enabled, and court-validated computer investigations of any kind, such 

as responding to eDiscovery requests, conducting internal investigations, responding to regulatory inquiries or performing data and compliance auditing - all 

while maintaining the integrity of the data. There are more than 30,000 licensed users of the EnCase technology worldwide, and thousands attend Guidance 

Software’s renowned training programs annually. Validated by numerous courts, corporate legal departments, government agencies and law enforcement 

organizations worldwide, EnCase has been honored with industry awards and recognition from eWEEK, SC Magazine, Network Computing, and the Socha-

Gelbmann survey. For more information about Guidance Software, visit

©2009 Guidance Software, Inc.   All Rights Reserved.  EnCase and Guidance Software are registered trademarks or trademarks owned by Guidance Software in the United States and other jurisdictions and may not be 

used without prior written permission. All other marks and brands may be claimed as the property of their respective owners.

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